Art Of Noise, The
Art Of Silence / Dudley, Ann & Coleman, Jaz

Art Of Noise, The

Art Of Silence

<荒特派員からの情報>アート・オブ・ノイズのJJのユニットです。ZTT派にはお馴染みのボブ・クラウシャーも関わっています。FGTHの12インチで聴けた展開がチラチラ姿を表します。そして「Yebo」PartU的な曲も。サウンド・エフェクトのフロッピー付き!(Loud 1997 No.27より)

<Info. from Correspondent Ara> A unit by JJ of Art Of Noise. Bob Clawsher (?) who is familar to ZTT fans was also involved. You can hear some elements of FGTH's 12" singles. Also a track like "Yebo" Part II. With sound effect floppy" (from Loud 1997 No. 27)

Dudley, Ann & Coleman, Jaz


Art of Noise is formed centered around Anne Dudley who are involved with the works of ABC, FGTH, etc. as a key person with Trevor Horn as a fixer. They contracted with ZTT by Trevor Horn, but they moved to China Record later. They achieved the 5th position in the U. K. chart with "Kiss", a superb song by Prince, which made uncool Tom Jones cool. Personally, I like "Dragnet 88". Their bold remaking which is a breakthrough as a band who started in 1983 is the model for current House and Techno.
<Info. from Correspondent Ara> (Additional information in the singles discography.)
<Info. from Correspondent Satoru> (Additional information in the discography.)