米国のニューウェイヴ系雑誌「LEXICON」で80年代のTOP 10アルバムの特集を企画しており、購読者からの投稿を募集していたので、以下のテクノポップに片寄ったTOP 10アルバムをエントリーした。意図的に色々な国からピックアップしました。Filmsを世界に知らしめる絶好のチャンスである。載せてくれたらうれしいのにな〜。

ということで、99年12月6日にLEXICON #13が届いた。なんと、僕の書いたTom Tom ClubのコメントをReader's Commentsとして掲載してくれた。さすがにFilmsは載せてくれなかった。

ちなみに、読者の投票によるTOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE 1980'Sは以下です。
#1. ABC: Lexicon Of Love(元々LEXICONはABCのFANZINEだったから当然といえば当然。)
#2. Duran Duran: Rio(僕はファーストのDuran Duranの方がいいと思う。)
#3. Depeche Mode: Black Celebration(アメリカ人はDMファン多し。)
#4. Yaz: Upstairs At Erics(Erasure MLの宮田さんも喜ぶでしょう!)
#5. Kate Bush: Hound Of Love(好きだけどちょっと意外。夜にヘッドホーンで聞けとの事。)
#6. Human League: Dare(Facinationは想い出の曲。なんで?秘密。)
#7. Tears For Fears: Songs From The Big Chair(これ流行っていた時アメリカに居たんです。)
#8. Depeche Mode: Music For Masses(アメリカ人好きですね。)
Tears For Fears: The Hunting(これはちょっと不思議。)
#10. Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Welcome To The Pleasuredome(Frankie Says....のTシャツ流行りました。)

でも、僕の選曲はABCのみでした。TOP 100でもかろうじてScritti Polittiが入ったのみ。BugglesとNew Musikはどこだ?

The American New Wave magazine "LEXICON" is planning Top 10 Albums in the 80's and asking their subscribers to make entries. I made the following entries of Top 10 Albums biased to Techno Pop. I intentionally picked up from various countries. This is a very good chance to let the world know about Films. I wish they can accept my entry.

Then, LEXICON #13 arrived at my home on Dec. 6th, 1999. It listed my comments on Tom Tom Club as Reader's Comments. However, my comments on Films was not taken.

#1. ABC: Lexicon Of Love (expected as LEXICON used to be ABC's FANZINE)
#2. Duran Duran: Rio (I peronally think the first album "Duran Duran" is better.)
#3. Depeche Mode: Black Celebration (Many American DM fans.)
#4. Yaz: Upstairs At Erics (Mr. Miyata of Erasure ML would be happy.)
#5. Kate Bush: Hound Of Love (While I like her, it's unexpected. It said to listen with headphones at night.)
#6. Human League: Dare (Facination is my song of memory. Why? It's a secret.)
#7. Tears For Fears: Songs From The Big Chair (I was in the U. S. when it was popular.)
#8. Depeche Mode: Music For Masses(Again, American like them.)
Tears For Fears: The Hunting (It's a mystery.)
#10. Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Welcome To The Pleasuredome (T-shirts with Frankie Says.... was popular.)

But, my selection was only ABC. Scritti Politti only charted in TOP 100 in addition. Where are the Buggles and New Musik?

Kraftwerk | Telex | Y.M.O. | Buggles, The | Films | New Musik | Tom Tom Club | ABC | Scritti Polliti | New Order

Kraftwerk: The Man Machine


Kraftwerk from Germany is father of techno pop which influenced many techno-electro pop artists like Y.M.O., New Order, and so on. They started "techno cut" shaving side burns which became very popular among young Japanese men (including myself) due to techno pop musicians such as Y.M.O.

Telex: Looking For Saint Tropez

テレックスはベルギー発の初期テクノポップ・グループの一つです。キッチュでユーモアがある。クレイジーな曲「Moskow Diskow」で今でも踊れます。特に日本における現在のテクノ系アーティスト達に愛されリミックスされています。

Telex is one of the earliest techno pop group from Belgium. It's kitsch and humorous. You can still dance with their crazy tune "Moskow Diskow". They were loved and remixed by many today's Techno artists, especially in Japan.

Yellow Magic Orchestra: Multiplies


It's so hard to pick one album from Y.M.O. I decided to pick this unique 25cm album with a black joke machine "Snakeman Show" as this may be the essence of Y.M.O. - a sense of humour. While I did not choose here, Yukihiro Takahashi's "Murdered By Music" is my choice of the Y.M.O. solo works.

Buggles, The : The Age Of Plastic


While the album did not make the same level of success as the global single hit "The Video Killed The Radio Star" (which was covered by many artists), it's a real masterpiece containing very catchy and futuristic techno pop tunes. The remaster with 3 bonus tracks was issued by Island. Their second "Adventures In Modern Recording" leveraging sampling technique is a commercial failure, but they were simply ahead of everyone else.

Films: Misprint


Besides Y.M.O., I want to choose another techno pop band from Japan. Plastics? Logic System? Salon Music? early Pizzicato Five? No! I choose my favorite Films - a forgotten techno pop band even by Japanese. Chuji Akagi is such a talented composer who knows how to make catchy tunes. The other members such as Takumi Iwasaki, Nobuo Nakahara and Kanji Honma are equally talented and they did very good works as players and producers after Films.

New Musik: From A To B

トレヴァー・ホーンと同様にトニマンは才能の有るプロデューサーかつ英国テクノポップの先生です。ホワイト・ノイズを楽しみましょう!「This World Of Water」はチップ・モンク声のそれはキュートな曲です。なんとか、ニュー・ミュージックの最後のアルバム「Warp」の再発して欲しいものです。

Like Trevor Horn, Tony Mansfield is a master of British techno pop as well as a very talented producer. Enjoy white noise! "This World Of Water" is such as cute tune with chip-monk voice. Please reissue New Musik's last album "Warp".

Tom Tom Club: Tom Tom Club


I felt I should choose at least one American band. Devo or B-52's was my initial thought, but I have chosen Tom Tom Club, a spin-off of Talking Heads who created one of the best rap song collections with an ethnic beat.

ABC: The Lexicon Of Love


ABC is glamorous, funky and electronic. The first album was their best one produced by Trevor Horn of ex. Buggles.

Scritti Politti: Cupid & Psyche '85


This album was very advanced considering its release in 1985. It's the best blue-eyed soul album in the 80's.

New Order: Substance


While New Order's original albums are very good, their singles are the substance of their works.