Captain Records is an indie label founded by the magazine "Takarajima" in '85. Overall label tone is indie band sound. In a sense, it was a fire-starter of late 80's indie boom. "Kokoro No Tabi" by Uchoten of Nagom was released on Captain.

Amaryllis(アマリリス) UP! | EP-4 | Fairo Vanz | Hip-See-Kid | Hysterics | Ikari | Yumiko Ishijima(石嶋由美子) | Kidorikko(きどりっこ) | Loods, The(ザ・ルーズ) | Metrofarce(メトロファルス) | Min & Klina-Men(ミン&クリナメン) | Nanaki, Satoe(ななきさとえ) | Papaya Paranoia(パパイヤ・パラノイア) | Super Slump(スーパースランプ) | Uchoten(有頂天) | Zoa(ゾア)
Captain Best Selection 1 | Captain Best Selection 2 | Rebel Brain Facory | Kyoto Night 1 | Kyoto Night 2



<Correspondent Kengo Okuda> This is a New Wave trio consisting of Princess Alice (Alice Sailer) and 2 guys formed in Kyoto.


<TK氏>松前氏が抜けた後キャプテンレコードから一枚アルバムをリリースし、Efllaxレーベルからでたオムニバス「Draw Six」に2曲また同レーベルから「常夏娘」(アルバム)をリリースしました。
<荒特派員> 僕が10年くらい前すごく好きで、毎日のように聴いてたのが、きどりっこの、キャプテンからの1stと2ndをカップリングしたCDでした。いかにもインディーズっぽいチープな録音でしたが、曲が良かった。紛れもないテクノポップでしたね。松前公高氏も関わっていたようだが86年に脱退。ライオン・メリー制作による『ザ・テクノ/きどりっこ』という自主制作カセットもあるそうです。きどりっこ解散後は、てんちゆみは「純情部屋」を、佐藤隆一は「ますッパ・ぷるるん釘」を結成。ぷるるん釘には、KBスペシャルとかで記事を書いてたたなべありすさんがいました。

This is an electro pop unit consisting of Yumi Tenchi and Ryuichi Sato related to K-Hin Bros. Co. which Kimitaka Matsumae used to belong to. The song called "Nijiiro Kamen" is contained in the omnibus album "Hare Hare Night".
<Mr. TK> They released one album from Captain Records after Mr. Matsumae left. They gave two songs in the omnibus " Draw Six" from Efllax Label, and released the album "Tokonatsu Musume" from the same label.
<Corresponent Ara> They are one of my favorite since about 10 years ago and I was listening Kidorikko'S CD coupling 1st and 2nd on Captain like everyday. It was a cheap indie recording, but songs were excellent. It's nothing but Techno Pop. Mr. Kimitaka Matsumae seems to have been involved , but left in '86. There is also an independent cassette called "The Techno/Kidorikko" produced by Lion Merry. After Kidorikko was disbanded, Yumi Tenchi formed "Junjo-Beya" and Ryuichi Sato formed "Masuppa Pururun-Kugi". There was Alice Tanabe who wrote articles in KB Special in Pururun-Kugi.

Hip-See-Kid / Hysterics / Fairo Vanz

<佳山慎吾氏>わたしは16才の時、ポップグループとNO NEWYORKを聞いてからいわゆる京都のニューウェイブシーンに5年前まで浸かっておりました。東京ロッカーズの最初の西部講堂から(アントサリーと21センチュリーボーイが関西から参加してた。)、XTCの西部のライブ(P−Modelと東京ロッカーズ)、立花ハジメのHの発売記念ライブ(京都会館 別館)。私個人は、当時拾得というライブハウス内にあったはいから万華店のオーナーでノーコメンツのプロデューサーだった今は亡き北山和可と彼女が亡くなるまでいっしょにいました。当時はEP-4の佐藤氏も北山氏と仲がよくデビュー前のノーコメといっしょでした。その関係で当時の京都のNEW WAVEシーンはよく知っています。私個人のやっていたバンドもメンバーがおもしろいので紹介します。

最初のバンドがHIP-SEE-KID。キャプテンレコードのオムニバス・アルバム『KYOTO NIGHT2』で2曲参加。1と2があり、1はEP-4関係(スタック)で、2が北山氏主宰のマルディグラ関係なり。マルディグラレーベルからアルバム1枚出ています。メンバーとして、現MONDO GROSSOの大沢伸一がBASS、現Cosmic Village の黒羽がDrでした。

HIP-SEE-KIDと平行してやってたのがガールポップバンドのHYSTERICS。これも上記『KYOTO NIGHT2』に参加してます。Guitarに大沢伸一、EP-4のGuitar の好機(チャンス)たつお氏がGuitarでゲスト参加しています。京都ウーピーズというところでやってました。ロリポップ・ソニックやミントサウンドの連中とよくやりました。

次がFAIRO VANZという14人編成のホーン中心のバンドでメンバーが笑えます。Guitarが大沢伸一と現ウルフルズのトータス松本(このバンドはVoがないので彼はよく魂ゆさぶる歌を唄わせろ!と怒ってました。)、Drにジャンク・ジャンル・ジャングル・レニグラード・ブルースマシーンのDrのあさい、Perにノン・カテリアンズ・ローザルクセンブルクのDrのアンディ、Keyにハミングスの上田と言うメンバーで京都メトロ、大阪ダイナマイト等のクラブにでてました。5年前にウーピーズのオムニバスCDに参加してます。10年前くらいから こっちはNEW WAVEというつもりなのに東京のクラブシーンとやらのせいでそんなイベントばっかりになって、やめちゃいました。

<Mr. Shigo Kayama> I had been deeply involved with so called Kyoto New Wave scene until 5 years ago since I listened to Pop Group and No New York at the age of 16. The first Seibu Koudou of Tokyo Rockers (Aunt Sally and 21th Century Boy joined from Kansai), XTC's Seibu Live (with P-Model and Tokyo Rockers), Hajime Tachibana's Live memorial for the release of "H" (Kyoto Kaikan Annex). I had been with the late Mr. Kitayama who an owner of Haikara Banka-ten at the live house "Juttokku" and was a producer for the No Comments, and his girl friend. At that time, Mr. Kaoru Sato got along with Mr. Kitayama and he was with the No Comments before their debut. Because of this, I know about Kyoto New Wave scene well. I also would like to introduce the bands which I was doing.

The first band is Hip-See-Kid. 2 tracks was included in the omnibus album "Kyoto Night 2" on Captain Records. There are 1 and 2. 1 is relate to EP-4 (Stuck), and 2 is related to Maldigra(?) by Mr. Kitayama. The album was also released on Maldigra Label. As members, Shinichi Ohsawa currently in Mondo Grosso played a bass, and Kuroha currently in Cosmic Village played drums. Lives are mainly performed at Kyoto CBGB and the Scene (UB 40's Kyoto Live and at Gojo-Street and the after-live party for PIL's Kyoto Live). Rosa Luxembourg and Shone Knife were alway together at lives. Rosa was produced by Mr. Kitayama at that time (covered Pop Group and Talking Heads).

In parallel with Hip-See-Kid, I was doing Hysterics, a Girl Pop band. It was also included in the above "Kyoto Night 2". Shinichi Osawa was doing a guitar and Mr. Tatsuo Chance, a guitarist of EP-4, was playing as a guest. We were doing at Kyoto Weebeez (?). We were often with Lolipop Sonic and Mint Sound people.

The next is Fairo Vanz, a horn section band consisting of 14 players which members are quite interesting. With the line-up of Shinichi Ohsawa and Totus Matsumoto (He was often angry saying "Let me sing soulful songs" as there was no vocal in this band.) as guitarists, Asai of Junk Genre Jungle Ljeningrad Blues Machine as a drummer, Andy of Non-Caterians Rosa Luxembourg's drummer as a percussionist, Ueda of Hummings as a keyboarder, we played in the clubs such as Kyoto Metro, Osaka Dynamite. We joind the omnibus CD on Weebeez. I stopped doing it as club events became main due to Tokyo Club scene while I intended to do New Wave.


<荒特派員> アルバム『Can Do』では、てんちゆみ(きどりっこ)、原マスミ、横川理彦ら参加。『風狂伝』時点でメンバー大幅に変更。元P-Modelの横川氏が加入し、伊藤ヨタロウ(Vo)、光永厳(G)、ライオン・メリー(Key)、田村玄一(G)、横川理彦(B)、石坪"Boosi"信也(Dr)の6人となる。DRIVE to 2000にも出演ましたが、横川氏を除いたメンバーでの初ライヴだったそうです。

This was formed centered around Yotaro Ito and Gun Mitsunaga of Hot Landing that Ryomei Shirai used to be in. It's an acoustic Tokyo Twisted Pop with some commonality with Moonriders.
<Corresponent Ara> Yumi Tenchi (Kidorikko), Masumi Hara and Tadahiko Yokokawa supported the album "Can Do". At the point of "Fukyouden", the membership has been changed in a big way. Mr. Yokokawa of ex. P-Model joined and it became 6 members consisting Yotaro Ito (Vo), Gun Mitsunaga (G), Lion Merry (Key), Gen Tamura (G), Tadahiko Yokokawa (B), Shinya Bossi Ishitsubo (Dr). They appeared on DRIVE TO 2000 which was the first live act without Mr. Yokokawa.

Min & Klina-Men(ミン&クリナメン)


<Correspondent Kengo Okuda> This is a unit centered around Hisako Min who was called post Jun Togawa.

Nanaki, Satoe(ななきさとえ)


Ms. Saote Nanaki used to be a band called "Nurse". It's Retro Kayo Pop.

Papaya Paranoia(パパイヤ・パラノイア) / Ishijima, Yumiko(石嶋由美子)


Ms. Yumiko Ishijima is also known as a writer for Techno Idol Rumi Shishido.
<Correspondent Kengo Okuda>
This is a Visual Girl New Wave band with Kimono costume. It was formed around Yumiko Ishijima in '83. The activity stopped in '89 and restarted with new members in '92.

Super Slump(スーパースランプ)


This is Super Slump, not Super Tramp. This band later becomes Bakufu Slump by merging with Bappu Gun. In 2000, they will be reunited.

Omnibus Albums

Captain Best Selection 2

[1986] Captain

01. Angee: Rakuda No Kimi Wa Sabaku No Madonna「ラクダの君は砂漠のマドンナ」
02. Papaya Paranoia: Kinyoh Kinpatsu
03. The London Times: Monday To Friday
04. Godout: Hey! Hey!
05. Satoe Nanae: Gasu-Tou「ガス燈」
06. Metro Farce: Testu Sabi Haien「鉄錆廃園」
07. EP-4: Any W.O.O.W!
08. La-Ppisch: Hard Life
09. Jingle Jam: Nozokimi Tom「覗きみTom」
10. Kidorikko: Celelegance Na Tanoshimi「セレレガンスな愉しみ」
11. The Pogo: Histric Generation
12. Angee: Viron
13. Super Slum: Indo De Umarete Indo-jin「インドで生まれてインド人」
14. Metro Farce: Berodashi Tenshi「べろ出し天使」
15. Hey ho, Let's Go's: Blitzkrie Bop
16. The Pogo: Tadoritsuitara Itsumo Ame Furi「たどりついたらいつも雨ふり」

『Selection 1』お持ちの方、曲名リストを教えて下さい。

Please tell me a list of songs if you have "Selection 1".

Rebel Brain Factory

[1989] Captain

01. The Loods: Real World
02. The Loods: Stop Fuckin' Around
03. The Pogo: Chimponess
04. The Pogo: Atama No Uta
05. Rose Rose: You Get A Object
06. Rose Rose: Take back (Your History)
07. Sister Ray: Hitoribocchi No Sekai「独りぼっちの世界」
08. Sister Ray: Motto Aishite「もっと愛して」
09. Ikari: Coloured Soul
10. Zolge: Suicide
11. Zolge: Live For Die
12. The Loods: Loud Machine
13. The Loods: The Wall
14. The Loods: More Loud Machine
15. The Loods: Revenge
16. The Loods: Revenge (Burst Mix)

パンクXハードなロッケンロール・オムニバスです。The LoodsはP-Modelの平沢進のプロデュース曲あり。Ikariの三浦俊一は元P-Model。

This is a Punk x Hard Rock'n' Roll omnibus album. The Loods have the songs produced by Susumu Hirasawa of P-Model. Syun-ichi Miura of Ikari is ex P-Model.