Ogawa, Mishio(小川美潮) / Wa-ha-ha(ワ・ハ・ハ) / Itakura, Bun (板倉文) / Killing Time / Unita Minima(ウニタ・ミニマ) / Arepos


Ogawa, Mishio(小川美潮)


Killing Time

Itakura, Bun (板倉文)

Unita Minima(ウニタ・ミニマ)


矢野誠氏のプロデュースの元、するめの様に粘りのある摩訶不思議なちょっと音程が(わざと)外れる小川美潮のヴォーカル(福の種をまこう〜)が魅力的だったチャクラです。主要コンポーザーの板倉文のセンスも良くテクノなアレンジのオリエンタル趣味の幼児性に富んだ変な音楽です。小川美潮は90年代になっても細野氏等と交流しアルバムを発表している。長い間チャクラのファーストのCD再発盤を探していましたが、近所の中古屋で480円でゲットしました。ついでにひまつぶし楽団こと、Killing Timeのアルバムもゲットしました。

元チャクラの近藤達郎氏はれいち嬢とキーボードとドラムの最小ユニットUnita Minima(イタリア語で最初単位)として活動。「微笑む」は小川美潮嬢の『4 to 3』にも収録。



Chakra is the band produced by Makoto Yano with attractive and magical a little (intentionally) out of tune Mishio Ogawa's vocal (Fuku No Tane Wo Mako~) which is sticky like Japanese dry squid. It is like oriental taste childish strange music with techno arrangement with good musical sense of Bun Itakura who is a key composer. Mishio Ogawa released albums working with Hosono, etc. in the 90's. I have been looking for Chakra's first album CD reissue for a long time and I finally got it at 480 Yen at the used shop near my home. In addition, I got Killing Time's albums.

Mr. Tatsuro Kondo acted as Unita Minima (minimal unit in Italian), the minimal unit with keyboards and drums with Reichi. "Grinning" is also contained in the album "4 to 3" by Ms. Misho Ogawa.

On July 24, 2002, 3 albums of Chakra and Mishio Ogawa's first album were reissed on AMJ with bonus tracks and remastering.

<Correspondent Ara> The members of Wa-ha-ha in the first album "Shinu Toki Wa Betsu" are 4 only with Sakata, Ogawa, Chino and Kamiya. Shuichi Chino used to be a member of Down Town Boogie Woogie Band. (Pls. refer to the discography on Misho Ogawa.)