Chikada, Haruo(近田春夫)
Haruophone(ハルヲフォン) / Vibra-tones(ビブラトーンズ) / Vibrastone(ビブラストーン) / President BPM

Chikada, Haruo(近田春夫)



President BPM


近田春夫は挑戦し続ける男である。プログレ・ロック(羅生門)〜パンク歌謡(ハルヲフォン)〜テクノ歌謡(ソロとジューシィフルーツ)〜ニューウェイヴ歌謡(ビブラ・トーンズ)〜日本語ラップ(プレジデントBPM&ビブラストーン)〜トランス(Afromix,SCSI−TR,No Chill Out)と見事に節操なく時代の流れを先取りしやり続けている。本当に偉い!98年に週間文春に連載していた『考えるヒット』を発刊した。色々悩みましたが、Vibraはヴィブラじゃなくてビブラのオリジナル日本語表記に統一しました。

Haruo Chikada is a guy who has been challenging. He has been doing once step ahead of the age amazingly without shame from Progressive Rock (Rashoumon) ~ Punky Kayou (Haruophone) ~ Techno Kayou (Solo and Juicy Fruits) ~ New Wave Kayou (Vibra-tones) ~ Japanese Rap (President BPM & Vibrastone) ~ Trance (Afromix, SCSI-TR, No Chill Out). Such a great guy! He issued "Kangaeru Hit" which he wrote in Weekly Bunshun in 1998.
<Info. from Correspondent Kengo Okuda> It was said that Chika begged to join Jinshu-Netsu due to fantastic performance of Kubota and it led to Haruophone. I heard about it in the last program of "SOLITON" (Pearl Bros., Togawa, Nomiya, Keiichi and Chikada appeared!). Kubota in Vibra left in the middle for Pearl Bros. Vibra's keyboarder, Yano, was replaced by Hoppy Kamiyama in the middle. => Continue to Pink