Cocteauはモダンポップとニュー・ウェイヴの橋渡し的存在の元Be-Bop Deluxeのギタリストでもあったビル・ネルソンが82年に設立したレーベルです。彼のソロや弟のイアンの居たバンドのFiat Lux、メジャー・ブレイクしたA Flock Of Seagulls等の作品をリリースしました。

Cocteau is the label founded in '82 by Bill Nelson, formerly a guitarist of Be-Bop Deluxe, who bridged Modern Pop and New Wave. It released the works of his solo, Fiat Lux that his brother Ian was in, A Flock Of Seagulls that will outbreak in the major scene.

Fiat Flux | Flock Of Seagulls, A | Last Man In Europe | Man Jumping | Nelson, Bill | Orchestra Arcana | Revox Cadets | SCALA NEW! | Takahashi, Yukihiro | To Heaven A Jet
Cocteau Signature Tunes

Fiat Lux

Bill Nelsonの弟のIan Nelsonが在籍したエレポップ・トリオです。

This is an electro pop trio which Ian Nelson, Bill Nelson's younger brother, was in.

Flock Of Seagulls, A


A Flock Of Seagulls were formed by 3 hair stylists. Their hair style is far beyond stylish and strange to be honest. I guess many think they do not deserve to be New Romantics. We need a lot of guts to get hair cut by them. "Wishing" achieved top 10 in the U. S., but their peaked down after this to deserve one-hit wonder and disbanded in 1989. However, they reunited the band in 90's and has been releasing the albums.

Last Man In Europe

<O氏からの情報>当方このバンド(?)のアルバム持ってます。初期のタキシード・ムーンみたいな音です。ゲスト・ミュージシャンのクレジットにビル名前があったので、それだけの理由で買いました。80年代はやたらとビル・ネルソンのレコードを買い漁ってました。99年の夏はRed NoiseのCDも再発され、ファンとしては懐かしいだけでなく再評価もしています。「Sound-On-Sound」はXTCの「Go」、Ultravoxの「Systems Of Romance」と並ぶあの時期の名盤に挙げられても良いはずです。数あるレコードの中でも一番のお気に入りは「Living In My Limousine」の12インチ・シングルです。ジャケットと曲のマッチングが最高。

<Info. from Mr. O> I own the album by this band (?). It's like the early period of Tuxedo Moon. I simply bought it as Bill was credited as a guest musician. In 80's, I was buying Bill Nelson's records a lot. In summer '99, Red Noise's CD was reissued, and I am reappreciating it as well as feeling nostalgic. "Sound-On-Sound" should be a masterpiece comparable to XTC's "GO" and Ultravox's "Systems Of Romance" at that period. Among many of his records, my favorite is 12" single "Living In My Limousine". It's super in good matching between cover art and songs!

Man Jumping

Revox Cadets


To Heaven A Jet


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Cocteau Signature Tunes


01. Yukihiro Takahashi: Bounds Of Reasons, Bonds Of Love
02. Man Jumping: Belle Dux On The Beach
03. Orchestra Arcana: Christ Via Wires
04. Jobson ~ Nelson: Ieyasu
05. Bill Nelson: Portrait Of Jan With Moon & Stars
06. Fiat Lux: This Illness
07. Revox Cadets: Highway 2000
08. A Flock Of Seagulls: Telecommunication
09. To Heaven A Jet: Airfields
10. Fiat Lux: Feels Like Winter Again
11. Last Man In Europe: A Certain Bridge
12. Bill Nelson: West Deep

大阪梅田のFOREVERでは掘り出し物のアナログ盤が良く見つかります。高橋幸宏とネルソンとの共作曲(アルバム『Wild & Moody』に収録)も入っており即ゲット(1、500円なり)。

I can often find the rare vinyl gems at FOREVER in Umeda in Osaka. I immediately got it (at \1,500) as it contains the song by Yukihiro Takahashi and Nelson (from the album "Wild & Moody").