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This seems to be the label by Haruomi Hosono with the things which Haruomi Hosono likes. So, it's hard to classify into a certain genre. As I cannot write more than what's written by the official site, the comments are poor. Forgive me.

Apache 61 | Carbon, Lisa NEW! | Dataside NEW! | HAT | Hosono, Haruomi(細野晴臣) | Koshi, Miharu(コシミハル) | Light In Darkness NEW! | Mixmaster Morris & Jonah Sharp NEW! | Pacific 231 NEW! | Thaemlitz, Terre NEW! | Tipsy NEW! | Vagabond c.p.a. NEW! | World Standard
Omnibus Albums
Daisy World Tour
| HARUOMI HOSONO presents Strange Flowers vol. 1 - the compilation of Daisy Creatures NEW!

Apache 61

細野晴臣氏のDaisyworldレーベルからでたロンドン在住のシミズ・エリコさんのドラムン・ベース・ユニット。アルバム『Apache 61』にはミック・カーンも参加している。 

This is a Drum'n' Bass unit by Eriko Shimizu who is living in London from Haruomi Hosono's Daisyworld label. Mick Karn joined the production of the album "Apache 61".

Carbon, Lisa


Light In Darkness

Mixmaster Morris & Jonah Sharp

Pacific 231

Thaemlitz, Terre


Vagabond c.p.a.

Omnibus Albums

Daisy World Tour

[1996] daisyworld (1st period)

01. swing slow: Etherscape
02. Tetsu Inoue & Jonah Sharp
03. Atom Heart: Overcome The Programming
04. Paul Schutze: Sleep Cruise
05. Machine Paisley: Smoothless Above All Else
06. HAT: Organic Mango
07. swing slow: Daisy *Bicycle Built For Two
08. World Standard: Living Without You
09. Pacific 231: Music For Seashore
10. Tatsuhiko Asano: Piroette
11. Light In Darkness: Sao
12. Mitsuto Suzuki: Medium Feedback

daisyworld discs第1弾リリースとなったHAT(Haruomi Hosono, Atom Heart, Tetsu Inoue)が中心となったレーベル・コンピレーション。swing slowのアルバムはMercuryからリリースされたが、こちらにも収録。

This is a label compilation centered around HAT (Haruomi Hosono, Atom Heart, Tetsu Inoue) as the first release on daisyworld discs. While swing slow's album was released on Mercury, it was included here.

HARUOMI HOSONO presents Strange Flowers vol. 1 - the compilation of Daisy Creatures

[2002] daisyworld (3rd period)

01. Eater (Katsuki Kagawa): Bicycle 100
02. Guerrilla-chang: Frangment Star
03. L.I.D: Miko
04. Smooth Ace: Jingle Daisyworld #1
05. Gutevolk (Hirono Nishiyama): Musical Balloon
06. Masakatsu Takagi: J.F.P.
07. World Standard: Te Na Na
08. Tin Pan & Friends: Queer Notions (Live Production ver.)
09. WOM: Awakening
10. Smooth Ace: Jingle Daisyworld #2
11. Micabox feat. Ayako Takatoh: Hinemosu
12. Miharu Koshi: Bonne Nuit Minouche (Haruomi Hosono Remix)
13. Hair Stylistics: Hair Stylistics Revolution No. 9
14. Pacific 231: The Zero Hour (Haruomi Hosono Remix)
15. Sketch Show (Yukihiro Takahashi + Haruomi Hosono): Gokigen Ikaga 1-2-3
16. Smooth Ace: Jingle Daisyworld #3
17. Vagabond c.p.a.: Forest Friends (Haruomi Hosono Remix)

第3次daisyworld discsの幕開けとなった、新しいdaisyworldのレーベル・コンピ。これを買った多くの人は、「YMO-教授」のSketch Showが目当てかなと思いますが、新旧含めてかなり幅が広いけど、なんとなくまとまっている上質のコンピだと思います。ゲリラチャン、おめでとう!

This is a label compilation by new daisyworld as the opening of the 3rd period daisyworld. Many people who bought this may be for Sketch Show which is "YMO - Sakamoto", and it is a high quality compilation which has a wide range of old and new artists with some kind of tonality. Congratulation to Guerrilla-chang!