Falco is the electro pop singer who made success in the 80's which Austria is proud of. "Der Kommissar" which was also covered by After The Fire was an international hit. I personally prefer Falco's original with his edgy vocal. "Rock Me Amadeus" , "Vienna Calling", "Jeanny" are also nice tunes. Falco passed away by car accident in Dominican Republic at the age of 40 in February 6th, '98. Amen!

<Mr. MK's Comments> I had been listening Falco's latest album everyday for a month after I bought. It's awesome though I may be biased as I respect him as a master. Do you know that Falco did duet with Brigitte Nielsen, an ex-wife of Silverstar Stalone? It's the song called "Body Next To Body". Somehow, it was not included in the album. It was time that vinyl moved to CD and the single vinyl was released only. I almost gave it up after desperately seeking for it with my friend of Falco fan, but my brother bought it for me at the used record sale in Sun Shine City. I was amazed and shocked and so pleased!