F.G.T.H. (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)
Johnson, Holly / Rutherford, Paul / Spitfire Boys

F.G.T.H. (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)

Johnson, Holly

Spitfire Boys

Rutherford, Paul


FGTH from Liverpool who contracted with ZTT released sensational "Relax" produced by Trevor Horn, formally in the Buggles. With the combination of strong marketing support such as T-shirts (I had the one, too) by Paul Morley in ZTT and the broadcasting ban of their video and song (If this is a part of their marketing strategy, they are so smart), it got the strong media attention and recorded over a million copies of sales. The second single "Two Tribes" also became a million seller. If I remember correctly, they appeared in the film "Body Double" by Brian De Palma". I personally like this movie. Unfortunately, they were one hit wonder (maybe three); however, they are the band representing the year of 1984. Relax! Don't do it! I want to see their video again.
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