Mich Live / Nonaka, Eiki(野中英紀) / Matrix / Cagnet


Mich Live

Nonaka, Eiki(野中英紀)




<MS氏からの情報>沢村満はインテリア脱退(解散?)後、高橋幸宏氏のソロアルバムやツアーに参加、その後85年頃にMICH LIVE(ミッチ・ライブ)を結成します。沢村氏のほか、塚田嗣人(ギター)、グレッグ・リー(ベース)、?(ピアノ)がメンバーとして参加していました。(ピアノ奏者の名前は私も調査中です。)記憶に間違いがなければ、86年の立花ハジメ氏の「LIVE TAIYO-SUN」に沢村氏と塚田氏がいっしょに参加していました。塚田氏はさらにFAIRCHILDになる直前のSHI-SHONENにも参加しています。わずか2ヶ月ほどでしたが正式メンバーとして活動していました。


<オクダケンゴ特派員からの情報>CAGNETを率いている日向大介はキーボードとコンピュータ・プログラミングを担当。CAGNET名義で『groove radio』以前にドラマ『ロング・バケーション』のサウンドトラックを2枚手掛けています。彼らのサウンドを端的に言ってしまえば、ヒップホップ・テイストのポップR&Bって感じです。

The first ambient unit from YENMEDIUM originally from Snow. Later they made an overseas debut from Windomhill by renaming as Interiors. Mr. Eiki Nonaka also joined F. O. E. by Mr. Haruomi Hosono.

<Info. from Mr. MS> Mitsuru Sakamura joined Yukihiro Takahashi's solo album production and his tour after leaving Interior (disbanded?). Later, he formed Mich Live around '85. Additional members are ?? Tsukada (guitar), Greg Lee (bass) and ? (piano) - investigating who was a pianist. The group released the album "Wakusei No Kansatsu" from MIDI record (MIL-1010), then disappeared naturally. If my memory is correct, both Mr. Sawamura and Mr. Tsukada joined "Live Taiyo-Sun" by Hajime Tachibana. Mr. Tsukada also joined Shi-shonen right before it became Fairchild. He was an official member just for 2 months.

<Info. from Correspondent Ara> Mich Live released two albums after "Wakusei No Kansatsu". Mr. Eiki Nonaka released a solo album "Eiki" in '95. Mr. Daisuke Hinata released the album "Matrix" as Matrix, a unit with Mr. Akio Akashi. This is a Techno stuff. He used to be a couple with Naomi Akimoto and I saw moving Daisuke Hinata first time in TV wide show. Mr. Hinata is known to be a brother of Mr. Toshifumi Hinata (who wrote a song for Le Couple).

<Info. from Correspondent Ara> Daisuke Hinata leading Cagnet was in charge of keyboards and computer programming. He worked on two soundtrack albums for TV drama "Long Vacation" before "groove radio" under Cagnet. Their sound is like Hip Hop taste Pop R&B.