This page presents the Japanese 70's rock artists who linked to (some are not linked to) the subsequent techno pop scene such as Happy End, Hachimitsu Pie, Sadistic Mika Band, Yonin-Bayashi.

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April Fool

<荒特派員からの情報>いろんな資料では、松本氏は当時、松本零と名乗っていたとなってますが、裏ジャケではTakashi Matsumotoになっています。1枚だけで解散しましたが、その理由を細野さんは「ヒロ(柳田博義)と僕が合わなくて・・・」と言ってました。アルバムは、ブルース・ロック中心で、ジミ・ヘンみたいな曲も。でも細野さんの曲は異質で、はっぴいえんどに通じる感じがします。

<Info. from Correspondent Ara> In various materials, it was said that Mr. Matsumoto named himself as Rei Matsumoto, but the backside cover indicated Takashi Matsumoto. They were disbanded with one album only. Mr. Hosono was saying that he was not getting along with Hiro (Yanagida).... The album is centered around Blues Rock and there was a song like Jimmy Hendrix. But, Mr. Hosono's songs were unique and connected to Happy End.

Eiichi Ohtaki(大瀧詠一)

ご存じ元はっぴいえんどで、ナイアガラの創始者である。最近『幸福な結末』で久々のカムバックをした。彼の歴史に興味あるひとは『ALL ABOUT NIAGARA』を読みましょう。テクノポップとは関係ないけど・・・・

As everyone knows, he is ex-Happy End and a creator of NIAGARA. Recently he came back with "Shiawase Na Ketsumatsu = Happy End" If you are interested in his history, read "ALL ABOUT NIAGARA". He is not much related to Techno pop though...

Goto's Team

元サディスティックスの後藤次利氏がコピーライター(杉山恒太郎:「ピカピカの一年生」で知られる)、イラストレーター、エンジニアを加え結成したNEW WAVEバンド。テクノ歌謡仕事で知られる後藤氏の唯一のNEW WAVE時代のバンド活動。タイトル曲はスカを取り入れたNEW WAVE曲。Victorからリリースのオムニバス『Vintage Tracks』に収録

This is a New Wave band formed by Mr. Tsugutoshi Goto, ex-Sadistics with a copywriter (Koutaro Sugiyama known for "Pika Pika No Ichinensei"), an illustrator and an engineer. It's an only New Wave band activitly by Mr. Goto known for his Techno Kayo works. The title tune is a New Wave Ska number. It's included in the omnibus "Vintage Tracks" released on Victor.

Hachimitsu Pie(はちみつぱい)


This is Japanese 70's rock band consisting of Keiichi Suzuki, etc. lining up with Happy End which became a base of Moon Riders. The name came from "Honey Pie" in Beatles White Album.
<Info. from Correspondent Ara> Members are Keiichi Suzuki, Shisuke Honda, Hiromi Wada, Masahiro Takekawa, Tetsuro Kashibuchi, Hiroki Komazawa. Masaru Watanabe left the band before recording the first album, and Hiromi Wada joined instead. Later, it was disbanded due to Komazawa's sudden dissapearance.

Happy End(はっぴいえんど)

<荒特派員からの情報>93年に『はっぴいえんどに捧ぐ』というトリビュート・アルバムがソニーよりリリース。参加アーティストは、チャカ、楠瀬誠志郎、THE 真心ブラザーズ、区麗情、塚本晃/HEAVEN、種ともこ、SCANCH、渡辺満里奈、GARDEN、ズビズバンズ。ディスコグラフィー参照。)

This is a legendary Japanese rock band formed in 1969 which values Japanese lyrics.
<Info. from Correspondent Ara> The tribute album "Happy End Ni Sasagu" was released on Sony in '93. The artists who joined are Chaka, Seishiro Kusunose, The Magogoro Brothers, (??), Akira Tsukamoto/Heaven, Tomoko Tane, Scanch, Marina Watanabe, Garden, Zubizubanz (?)

Kato, Kazuhiko(加藤和彦)

思えば67年にリリースされた加藤和彦の居たフォーク・クルセイダーズの『帰ってきたヨッパライ』は実験的ポップ・ミュージックとしてテクノポップのルーツではなかろうか?ブライアン・フェリーの『東京ジョー』はサディスティック・ミカ・バンドのミカと別れた加藤和彦の事を題材にしたと言われています。SMB解散後もソロでテクノ・レゲエの要素を取り入れたニューウェイヴの影響を受けた多国籍アーバンポップ的作品(上記ディスコグラフィー参照)をリリースし、またEX、イミテーション、スパイ等のプロデュース(Japanese Producersのページを参照)でも活躍した。

As I think back, I feel that "Kaettekita Yopparai" by Folk Crusaders which Kazuhiko Kato used to be in was the root of Techno Pop as experimental pop music. It is said that Bryan Ferry's "Tokyo Joe" is about Kazuhiko Kato who separated from Mika of Sadistics Mika Band. After disbanding SMB, he released New Wave-influenced multi-national urban pop solo works (pls. refer to the above discography) absorbing the elements of Techno and Reggae, and produced the other artists such as EX, Imitation, Spy (pls. go to Japanese Producer Page).

Niagara Triangle(ナイアガラ・トライアングル)


With the leadership of Eiichi Ohtaki, the first and second projects were done with Tatsuro Yamashita and Ginji Ito, Masamichi Sugi and Motoharu Sano, respectively.

Sadistics Mika Band(サディスティック・ミカ・バンド)


It was formed in 1972 consisting of Kazuhiko Kato, Mika, Masayoshi Takanaka, Rei Ohara, Hiro Tsunoda. Later, Yukihiro Takahashi replaced Hiro Tsunoda, Yu Imai joined and Tsugutoshi Goto joined after Rei Ohara left. "Kurofune" produced by Chris Thomas made Japanese rock close to the world standard. In 1975, they joined the British tour of Roxy Music and got good acceptance. In 1989, they reunited having Karen Kirishima as vocal and released "Appare".
<Info. from Correspondent Ara> (Please refer to the discography.)

Tin Pan Alley / Tin Pan


<Info. from Correspondent Ara> (Please refer to the discography.)

Yano, Makoto(矢野誠)

矢野誠氏は、オリジナル・ムーンライダースのオルガニストでもあった。細野晴臣氏と並びはやくからエスノとテクノの融合をはかった。79年にはマコト・ハイランド・バンドの名義で『インジェクション』をリリースした。別名義のプラスティック・ズーでもビーチ・ボーイズのテクノ・カヴァーをした。初期矢野顕子(元夫でもあった)、越美晴、チャクラ等のプロデューサー(Japanese Producersのページを参照)としても優れた作品を残した。

Mr. Makoto Yano was an organist in original Moonriders. He pioneered the fusion of Ethno and Techno in parallel with Mr. Haruomi Hosono. In '79, he released the album "Injection" under the name of Makoto Highland Band. As Plastic Zoo, another named unit, he did a techno cover of Beach Boys' tune. He also created superb works of early Akiko Yano (he was also her husband), Miharu Koshi and Chakra, etc.(pls. go to Japanese Producer Page).



This is a 70's Progressive Rock band called "Japanese Pink Floyd". After disbanding with the last album "NEO-N", each member moved their activity to New Wave & Techno Pop scene. Masahide Sakuma joined Plastics, Yutaka Shigeki worked on solo projects (released "Digital Mystery Tour" in '78 and "Flight Information" in '80) then joined Beef, Mitsuru Sato formed Hero (released "China Girl" in '80) with Jinshu-netsu's Hoppy Kamiyama and others, and Daiji Okai and Hidemi Sakashita formed Pegmo (released "SOS Pen Pen Computer" in '82).
<Info. from Correspondent Ara> (Please refer to the discography.)