<オクダケンゴ特派員>渋谷系重要レーベルとしてはreadymade(Pizzicato Five、FPM周辺)、escalator(Neil & Iraiza、Yukari Fresh等)、Trattoria(コーネリアス、サロン・ミュージック、カヒミ・カリィ周辺)、Wonder Release(Secret Goldfish、penny arcade等)、Suite Supueste(ネロリーズ、b-flower等)、Crue-l(ラブタンバリンズ、カヒミ・カリィ、ポートオヴノーツ等)、Bellissima(コーザノストラやエルマロ等)、Wild Jumbo(小西と桜井と窪田のGIRL, GIRL, GIRL)、Major Force(高木完と藤原ヒロシとGOTAによるHIP HOP系のレーベル)、「米国音楽」編集長である川崎大助によるCardinal(バッファロードーター、ラヴパンダリンズ等)、Clover Records(800 Cherries等)、Akashic(鄭東和、森俊彦)等です。 海外レーベルではMinty FreshMatadorbungalow等も渋谷系とリンクしています。『渋谷系・元ネタ・ディスク・ガイド』という本が出ていますので、より知りたい方は読んでください。

This page presents Shibuya-K (Shibuya-style) artists (Shibuya known as a Japanese youth culture spot). While its definition is hard, they often use the method to reconstruct music using 60's to 90's root music. The word "Shibuya-K" might be dead (though I do not care using the dead word), I collected people who are known as Shibuya-K and people who have the feel of Shibuya-K.

<Correspondent Kengo Okuda> Important labels for Shibuya-Sytle are: readymade (around Pizzicato Five, FPM), escalator (Neil & Iraiza, Yukari Fresh, etc.), Trattoria (around Cornelius, Salon Music, Kahimi Karie), Wonder Release, Suite Supueste (Nerolies), Crue-l (Love Tabarines, Kahimi Karie, Port Of Notes, etc.), Bellissima (Corsa Nostra, El Malo, etc.), Wild Jumbo (GIRL, GIRL, GIRL by Konishi, Sakurai, Kubota), Major Force (Hip Hop label by Kan Takagi, Hiroshi Fujiwara, GOTA), Cardinal (Buffalo Daughter, Love Pandarins, etc.) by Daisuke Kawasaki, a chief editor of "Beikoku Ongaku", Clover Records (800 Cherris, etc.), Akashic (Towa Tei, Toshihiko Mori), etc. Minty Fresh, Matador and bungalow are linked to Shibuya-Style as overseas lables. I recommend that you read "SHIBUYA-K MOTONETA DISC GUIDE" if you want to know more.

Buffalo Daughter | Chappie | Cornelius | Fantastic Plastic Machine | Flipper's Guitar | Hi-Posi | Hoff Dyran(ホフ・ディラン) | Karie, Kahimi | Minekawa, Takako(嶺川貴子) | LaB LIFe | Nice Music | Original Love | Ozawa, Kenji(小沢健二) | Pizzicato V | Qypthone | Salon Music | Spiral Life | Takano, Hiroshi(高野寛) | Yukari Fresh
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Buffalo Daughter


The unit was formed based on Havana Exotica in '93. Mike D of Beasitie Boys like them and their albums are released by Grand Royal. They participated in the tribute album to Kraftwerk.


<吉田キョウセイ氏>世紀末の芳賀ゆいか?デザイン集団groovisonsの愛娘、2次元アイドルChappieの1st。作曲陣にpal@pop、COIL、川本真琴、草野正宗(spitz)、細野晴臣(しかも演奏、編曲はティン・パン・アレ−)、小西康陽、森俊彦ほか作詞に、松本隆、井上陽水などだいぶ豪華な顔ぶれ。特にアルペジエーターのフレーズをそのまま歌ってしまった1曲目でデビュー曲の「Welcoming Morning」は、川本真琴のだいすきだいすき・・のリフレインとともに必聴。全曲歌ってるひとが違うのですが、(細野曲は森高なのはどう考えても間違いなし)だれか御存じのかたいらっしゃいません?

<Mr. Kyosei Yoshida> Is this Yui Haga in the end of a century? It's the first album by 2-dimentional idol Chappie, a lovely daughter of the design group "groovisions". There are a deluxe line-up of composers such as pal@pop, COIL, Makoto Kawamoto, Masamune Kusano (spitz), Haruomi Hosono (also as a performer, and arranged by Tin Pan Alley), Yasuharu Konishi, Toshihiko Mori, and also deluxe lyricists such as Takashi Matsumoto, Yosui Inoue. You should listen to the first track "Welcoming Morning" with the refrain of "Daisuki Dasuki..." by Makoto Kawamoto. While all songs were sung by different singers, does someone know who sung each song (it's sure that Moritaka sung Hosono's track)?



This is a solo unit by Keigo Oyamada, ex-Flippers. No explanation as he is famous.

Fantastic Plastic Machine


Mr. Tomoyuki Tanaka a.k.a. FPM is known to be a record collector comparable to Mr. Yasuharu Konishi. FPM started as a music production unit of DJ team called "Sound Impossible" originally. "Bacheler Pad" in the first album was used as a soundtrack for the movie "Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me".

Flipper's Guitar


Flipper's Guitar which disbanded in '91 is a representative Shibuya-K band covering Neo Acoustic to Psychedelic. Please read "Zenryaku Ozawa Kenji Sama" published by the same publisher as "Shibuya-K Motoneta Disc Guide".

Hoff Dyran(ホフ・ディラン)


Their silly band name after the member who used to be 'hofu' (male child care person) and album titles have good sense of humour. But, their sound is well crafted.

Karie, Kahimi

カヒミ・カリィはフレンチ・ポップ直系のウィスパー・ヴォイス・シンガーです。elの創始者マイク・オールウェイに捧げた『Mike Alway's Dairy』でデビューしました。

Kahimi Karie is a whisper voice singer influenced by French Pop. She debuted with "Mike Alway's Diary" dedicated to Mike Alway, a founder of el.

Original Love

一時ピチカートにもいた元レッド・カーテンの田島貴男中心のユニット。高野寛と二人で『Winter Tale〜冬物語』をリリースしました。
gem-nobのnobさん>渋谷系(あ、死語でしたか?)のジャンルに分類される事も多いと思いますが、98年9月リリースの『L』では、かなりテクノのラインを踏んでいると感じました。以前のアルバムの流れからするとかなり路線がずれて実験色が強いと思いますが、中でも 5曲目「ハニーフラッシュ」、10曲目「イムソムニア」などはかなりテクノしています。高野寛とユニットを組んでいた事を踏まえると田島氏はかなりテクノを意識しているのではないでしょうか?自分はこの『L』というアルバムがマイ・ベストになっています。

This is a unit centered by Takao Tajima, ex Red Curtain, who was also in Pizzicato one time. He released "Winter Tale" with Hiroshi Takano.
<nob of gem-nob> While it tends to be classified as Shibuya-style (Isn't it a dead word?) , I felt that "L" released in September '98 was in the line of Techno. Compared to the previous releases, it's off track and quite experimental. Among them, the 5th track 'Honey Flash' and 10th track 'Isomunia' are quite Techno. Mr. Tajima may be consiously doing Techno as he had a unit with Hiroshi Takano. The album "L" is my personal best.

Ozawa, Kenji(小沢健二)

元フリッパーズ・ギターの人です。有名なので解説省略します。『LIFE』の中の曲でABCの『The Look Of Love』っぽい曲があると聞きましたが誰か知ってます?

Ex Flipper's Guitar. No explanation as he is famous. Does anyone know the song in "LIFE" which sounds like ABC's "The Look Of Love"?


渋谷系的ネオ・ニューウェイヴ?ピチカートが好きな人にはお勧め。bungalow発の『SUSHI 4004』、サエキ氏プロデュースの『DRIVE from 2000』に参加。DRIVE TO 2000にも登場した。
<オクダケンゴ特派員>キップソーンはBUZZ、ハルコらとともに「CD Bros Vol.1」に参加してましたね。

Shibuya-styled Neo New Wave? Recommended for Pizzicato-likers. They joined the ominbus albums "SUSHI 4004" on bungalow and "DRIVE from 2000" produced by Mr. Saeki. They also appeared in DRIVE TO 2000.
<Additional Info. from Correspondent Kengo Okuda> Qyothone also appeared on the omibus "CD Bros Vol. 1" with Buzz and Harco.

Spiral Life(スパイラル・ライフ)

<酒井景二郎氏>ギターサウンドを中心に据えたブリティッシュっぽい曲作りが得意技でしたが、2枚目のアルバム「SPIRAL MOVE TELEGENIC 2」では明らかにテクノへのリスペクトがあるように思います。このアルバムの中でも、「THEME OF TELEVISION」ははっきりと「テクノ」、「[DON'T TELL ME NOW!] PLEASE PLEASE MR. SKY」はひょっとしたら「テクノ」です。

This is a pop unit by Shokichi Ishida currently in Scudelia Electro and Koji Kurumadani currently in Air. Let's find the influence by the Beatles, New Wave and Manchester Beat.
<Mr. Keijiro Sakai> While they were good at making Brit-sounds centering around guitar, in the second album "Spiral Move Telegenic 2", obvious respect to techno is felt. In this album, "Theme Of Television" is clearly techno and "[Don't Tell Me Now!] Please Please Mr. Sky" can be a kind of techno.

Takano, Hiroshi(高野寛)


Hiroshi Takano is one of the hidden techno musicians. He passed the audition of Yukihiro Takahashi's TENT Label and supported the Beatniks. "Niji No Miyako" is a hit in 1990.

Yukari Fresh


Yukari Takasaki known as Yukari Fresh who is also a vocalist of Snapshot. She is good at Happy Charm short tracks.