Juicy Fruits(ジューシィ・フルーツ)
Iria(イリア) / Okiyama, Yuji(沖山優司)

Juicy Fruits(ジューシィ・フルーツ)


Okiyama, Yuji(沖山優司)


ALL ABOUT JAPANにて『ジューシィ・フルーツ復活?!』記事を2001年7月4日に掲載。
ALL ABOUT JAPANにて『『おさかな天国』ヒットの法則』記事を2002年3月25日に掲載。

They made a debut with "Jenny Ha Gokigen Naname" based on Haruo Chikada & BEEF (Yutaka Shigeki formerly in Yoni-Bayashi was in the band while he moved out). Techno Kayo (To be accurate, it's Techno-arranged Group Sounds + Ventures Kayo ) concept was well accepted and they send techno pop which had not been for mass yet into the Japanese pop chart. "Koi No Benchseat" is a master piece though it was B-sided. The Bonchi (Kansai Comedy Duo) covered it and they built the foundation for Techno Kayou. At the same time, the momentum of techno pop as subculture started to decline since then. A hidden masterpiece album is "27-fun No Koi" that Seiji Toda supported as an arranger. In '83, they shifted and made hits covering Southern All Stars' Keisuke Kuwata works (Sonna Hiroshi Ni Damasarete). Yuji Okiyama whose glasses are cute during his time in Juicy also released a superb Eleki Kayou (like the Ventures) song called "Tokyo Kiken Yaro (Dangerous Guy)".