Koshi, Miharu(越美晴・コシミハル)
Swing Slow

Miharu Koshi(越美晴)

Swing Slow


Miharu Koshi who made debut as Kayo-kyoku idol singer started her artistic activity with YEN label as she became crazy about multiple recording with synthesizers. She also got support from Telex and did an European tour. She worked closely with Haruomi Hosono and co-performed with F.O.E. during Non-standard days and Swing Slow recently.
<Correspondent Ara> (The single discography was added.) I was surprised to see her name as a cast of Nikkatsu movie "Toki Niwa Shofu No Youni" in '78. According to a certain BBS, it was said "I saw her on TV and her nude was also very pretty", and I wonder if anyone else knows about this.