Lightning Seeds, The
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Lightning Seeds, The

Original Mirrors, The



Ian Broudie, a center man of the Lightning Seeds was a member of Big in Japan which is known as the band FGTH's Holly Johnson used to be in. After that, he became known as a producer of Echo & the Bunnymen, etc. and he formed the Lightning Seeds in '89 after his groups, the Original Mirrors and Care. As expected from his origin in Liverpool, he offers a unforgettable pop sound with crafted arrangement. It's 90's Modern Pop, Pet Shop Boy like Electro, Beatles like British Pop. It is a hidden jewel in the 90's Brit Pop scene. He must be a very talented man. Ringo Star's son, Zak, has joined the band as a new drummer! "Three Lions", a song to support British Football team made a chart in the U. K. in '96 and the release of '98 version is rumoured for World Cup.