Uchoten = Entrancement(有頂天)
Kera(ケラ) / Long Vacation, Les(ロング・ヴァケーション) / Karate Bakabon(空手バカボン) / Synthesizers, The(ザ・シンセサイザーズ)


Karate Bakabon(空手バカボン)


Long Vacation, Les(ロング・ヴァケーション)

Synthesizers, The



If Nagom is Japanese ATA TAK, would Kera be Japanese Pyrolator and Ucho-ten be Japanese Der Plan? If so, would Kinniku Shojotai be Japanese DAF? Not really. Ucho-ten had so many member changes as P-Model (involving the members of P-Model, too), and I cannot follow them. Les Long Vacation covers Y.M.O.'s "Kimi Ni Mune Kyun". Karate Bakabon, a unit by Kera and Kenji Ohtsuki, covered "Rydeen" with lyrics. Long Vacation is suspended until 21st century and Kera started a new unit, The Synthesizers, which brings back techno pop during Ucho-ten.

<Correspondent Ara> Zin, a drummer of Uchoten, was a classmate of Hirohide Yakumaru in an elementary (or junior high) school. When they appeared on "Yoru No Hit Studio" for the song "Bye Bye" together with Shibugaki-tai, Yakumaru became to know about the fact and he whispered "Wow...why did he become like this?". What a rude guy! (Additional single discography on Uchoten & Kera.)