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Moroder, Giorgio


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ドイツのRepertoireから『E=MC2』、『From Here To Eternity』、『Solitary Men』、『The Best Of Giorgio Moroder』はCD再発。

<荒特派員>ある意味、元祖テクノの一人であり、80年代にはサントラ界のコムテツと化し、中古盤屋の段ボール箱の常連となった、今や誰も見向きもしないサントラ盤を量産したスーパー・ひげプロデューサー、ジョルジオ・モロダー。さすがにサントラの多さには呆れました。よくやるよって感じです。でも、ブロンディ「コール・ミー」、JAPAN「ライフ・イン・トウキョウ」、ドナ・サマー『アイ・リメンバー・イエスタデイ』、スパークス『NO.1 IN HEAVEN』、ニナ・ハーゲン『アングストロス』とかいい作品もいっぱいありますね。そういえばジグ・ジグ・スパトニックもやってましたね。あれは異色。何故やろうと思ったんだろう・・・。本人のソロ『相対性理論考』は、大好きなアルバムです。(上記ディスコグラフィー参照)

Giorgio Moroder known as Mr. Mustache was born in Italy and started his serious musical activity in Munich in Germany. Later, he moved to the U. S. and became famous by producing disco artists like Donna Summer and soundtracks such as "Flash Dance". He released the album "E=MC2" in '79 and approached to new wave artists such as Japan, Sparks, Blondie and Philip Oakey.

"E=MC2", "From Here To Eternity", "Solitary Men", "The Best Of Giorgio Moroder" are reissued in CD on German Repertoire.

<Correspondent Ara> In a way, he is one of the Techno originator, and became a commercially popolar producer for sountracks in the 80's, and his works became regular members in bargain carton boxes in the used record shops. He is Giorgio Moroder, a super mastache producer who produced tons of sountrack albums which nobody cares now. I lost my words by realizing the number of his soundtracks. But, there are many good works such as Blondie "Call Me", Japan "Life In Tokyo", Donna Summer "I Remember Yesterday", Sparks "No. 1 In Heaven", Nina Hargen "Aungstraus". I also remember he worked on Sigue Sigue Sputnik. It's very different. I wonder why. His solo "E=MC2" is my favorite album. (Please refer to the above discography.)