ダニエル・ミラー氏に敬意を表して英国の良心、ミュート・レコーズのアーティスト達を紹介します。デペッシュ・モード、イレイジャー等を資金源に精力的にカルトな人達をサポートしいます。詳しくはMute Liberation Technologiesをご覧ください。ハウス系レーベルのリズム・キング、NOVAMUTEもミュート傘下。

This page presents the artists of Mute Records, British good will, showing respect to Mr. Daniel Miller. They continue to support cultic people with strong will based on the profit engines such as Depeche Mode and Erasure. For more details, pls. visit Mute Liberation Technologies. Rhythm King , a House label, and NOVAMUTE are under Mute Records.

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Adamson, Barry


He was formerly a bassist of Magazine and Visage.

Add N To (X)


<Steve> They are 3-piece new act who have just signed to Mute. A very suitable label for them! They were on Satellite Records and released an album and a few singles. Their last single were on hexagonal-shaped vinyl.

Fad Gadget / Tovey, Frank

Fad Gadgetはミュートからでたミュートらしいチープなテクノポップ・ユニットであります。ユニットといってもThe Normalと同じくFrank Toveyの一人ユニットでDaniel Miller社長がシンセで参加してます。Frank Toveyはソロとなりアコースティックな人となりました。

Fad Gadget is a cheap Mute-like Techno Pop unit from Mute Record. Thought it's a unit, it's a one-man unit by Frank Tovey like The Normal and the president Daniel Miller played synthesizers. Frank Tovey became solo and a man of acoustic.

Fortran 5


<Ms. Chino> This may be also techno, but they are a group of Daniel Miller
<Correspondent Ara> The band with the details unknown even today. Baically it is Techno and House sound with a British sense of humour. While the picture of members are shown, it's quite myterious as there are a Doctor-look old man with beard and pregnant-look woman. They coverd Pink Floyd's "Bike" in the 1st album, it is a House cover with no substance of the original. Kraftwerk's "Tour de France" was sampled. In the 2nd album, they covered Eric Clapton's "Laila", but it's a New Order-esque melancolic Techno. In the 2nd album liner notes, there is the talk between Eiichi Yoshimura and Takkyu Ishino, but all they said was like "I cannot reveal their identity", "Mysterious Fortran 5".

I Start Counting

ミュートのDavid BakerとSimon Leonardからなるデュオ・プロジェクト。後にFortran 5となる。

Mute's duo project consisting of David Baker and Simon Leonard. Later, it became Fortran 5.


クラフトワークに影響されたミュートからアルバムを出したサイモン、デヴィッド、ジェーンからなるユニットです。 TIME OUT誌によると「現代のビートルズがオアシスならば、正にコンピューターは現代のクラフトワークだ!」言われてます。自分達のスタジオを「The Laboratory(実験室)」と呼んでます。『ビル・ゲイツ』なんて曲もあります。しかしながら、このバンドはミュートだけあって怪しいのです。新しいバンドであるかのようなもっともらしいプロフィールを紹介しているが、サイモンとデヴィッドのフル・ネームはI Start CountingとFortran 5のサイモンとデヴィッドと同じである。ミュート・レコードに問い合わせてみたが教えてもらえませんでした。
<わとす氏>Komputerに関するコメント (Komputer = I Start Counting, Fortran 5 ?) は、まったくそのとおりだと思います。最初にKomputerを聴いたとき、絶対 I Start Counting だと思いました。因みに、昔 I Start Counting にファンレターを出したところ、直筆の返事が帰ってきたことがあり(本人?)、ますますこのバンドが好きになりました。
<荒特派員>KomputerもElectro Revival系ですね。「ビル・ゲイツ」という曲はモロに「マン・マシーン」ですな。

This is a Kraftwerk-influenced unit consisting from Simon, David and Jane which released the album from Mute. Time Out said that Komputer is today's Kraftwerk if Oasis is today's Beatles. They call their studio "The Laboratory. The song "Bill Gates" is in it. However, this band is suspicious as it's in Mute. While they were introduced with the profile which sounds like a new band, full names of Simon and David are the same as the ones in I Start Counting and Fortran 5. I send the question to Mute Records, but they did not disclose it.
<Mr. Watosu> I totally agree with the comment on Komputer (Komputer = I Start Counting, Fortran 5?). When I listened to Komputer first time, I was convinced that they are I Start Counting. By the way, I sent a fan letter to I Start Counting before and I got their reply (from themselves?). I became to like this band even more.
<Correspondent Ara> Komputer is also Electro Revival. The track "Bill Gates" is exactly after "Man Machine".



A hammer beat band which Jun Togawa liked.
< Info. from Mr. MAL> Laibach also released single(s) from Cherry Red. While they claim anti-Nazism and anti-fascism, they do fascism-oriented gigs with support members who do dancing called Laibach Kunst(?). But, it is hard to tell how serious they are (or just jokes) as they do covers for Price, the Beatles and sing "Final Countdown" showing the aspect of mass orientation. Unexpectedly, they seem to do gigs broadly not only in Europe but in the U. S. When NHK (Japanese National Broadcast) had a special program, I saw them doing speech passionately saying things like "Our country still needs blood" on the TV frame that muscular men were doing something like new gymnastic on the National Broadcasting Commercial there. According to my friend, they are acting with the financial support from the country as artistic activity (not confirmed).

Miranda Sex Garden

ミュートのアーティストであるBarry Adamsonに見い出されたJcelyn West、Kelly Mc Culsker、Katherine Blakeからなる歌姫トリオです。グループ名とはかけ離れたクリーンな古典的音楽です。

This is a singing princess trio consisting of Jcelyn West, Kelly Mc Culsker, Katherine Blake which was found by Barry Adamson, a Mute artist. It's clean classical music far away from its band name.

Nitzer Ebb

<ちのさん>解散しちゃったらしい。MUTEの2人組でアラン・ワイルダーがプロデュースした"Come Alive"はモロDepeche。その後アランのプロデュースで出したフルアルバム"Ebbhead"はハードなギターが入ったりしてるけど、まあエレポップ(ロックかな)系です。
<荒特派員>DAF直系のエレクトロニック・ボディ・ミュージック・ユニット。アラン・ワイルダーがプロデュースで参加した『エブヘッド』は、デペッシュ色濃厚で、好きなアルバムです。あと、『ショウタイム』も好きでよく聴きました。Douglas McCarthyの独特なノドから搾り出すようなダミ声ヴォーカルは好き嫌いが分かれるかもしれませんが。

<Ms. Chino> They were disbanded. They are a pair from MUTE and the song "Come Alive" produced by Alan Wilder is exactly Depeche-like. They are a sort of Electro Pop (Rock) while the full album "Ebbhead" produced by Alan contains hard guitar sound.
<Correspondent Ara> An Electronic Body Music unit inheritating DAF. The album "Ebbhead" produced by Alan Wilder is the one I like with Depeche Mode color. I also listened to "Showtime" a lot. But, the hoarse-voiced vocal of Douglas McCarthey may be polarizing.

Normal, The / Silicone Teens / Missing Scientists

ラフ・トレードに居たダニエル・ミラーはミュート・レコードを立ち上げ、78年にザ・ノーマルという原始的ひとりテクノポップ・ユニットで最初のシングルを『Warm Leatherrette/ T.V.O.D.』をリリース。この曲は後にイタリアのPankowにカヴァーされる。第二弾はFrank Tovey率いるFad Gadgetの『Back To Nature』。第三弾は性懲りもなくダニエル自らのおふざけテクノポップ・ユニット、シリコン・ティーンズによる『Music For Parties』。ワイヤーのメンバーともDuet Emmo名義で活動した。カルトな活動をするミュートにおいてその経営を支えたのはデペッシュ・モード〜ヤズー〜イレイジャーのダニエルの秘蔵っ子と呼ばれたヴィンス・クラーク関連バンドである。しかし金儲け主義に走らずダニエルは自分の好きなカルトなアーティストを現在もサポートし続けている。こんな社長のもとで私も働きたい。

Daniel Miller who left Rough Trade established Mute Label and released the first single "Warm Leatherrette/ T.V.O.D" as a primitive one-man techno pop unit called "The Normal" in 1978. This song was covered by Italian Pankow later. The second release was "Back To Nature" by Fad Gadget led by Frank Tovey. The third release was "Music For Parties" by Daniel's own zany techno pop unit "Silicone Teens" obstinately. He also played as Duet Emmo with the member of Wire. Mute which does cultic activities was financially supported by the bands related to Vince Clarke called as "Daniel's treasure", Depeche Mode, Yazoo and Erasure. But, he did not pursue capitalism and continues to support his favorite cult artists. I wish I can work for the president like him!

Peach (Union)

ピーチ(米国では登録商標のためピーチ・ユニオンとなる)はミュート・レコードの新人であるがあまりミュートらしくない。ダニエル・ミラーが主催するミュート・レコードはマイナーながらもそのアーティストの高いクオリティを誇る。デペッシュ・モード、イレイジャー、シリコンティーンズ、DAF、ニック・ケイヴ等、ひと癖あるのがミュート系である。ピーチはこの人達と比べるといい意味でも悪い意味でもとても素直でちょっと下世話である。ダブ・スター、セイント・エテイエンヌ系である。日米シングルの『On My Own』はとてもキャーチーな上質エレポップである。ちなみにこの曲はシャズナのイザムがアストラル・ラヴとカヴァーしてヒットしました。ちょっと時々ユーロ・ビート的単調さが出るけどそれは愛敬とする。男二人は結構音楽業界で経験をもったプロである。パスカルは以前ボム・ザ・ベース(『Beat Dis』がヒットした、Tim Simenonのハウス系ユニット) 、S'Expressに在籍し、Claudia Bruckenのソロ・アルバムのプロデュースやFalco's の『Rock Me Amadeus』、Depeche Mode、Erasureのリミックスをした。リサ・ラム嬢は、この二人にパーティーで見初められたらしい。

<荒特派員>メンバーのPaul Stathamは、元B-MOVIEです。

Peach (Peach Union in the U. S. due to trademark issue) is a rookie from Mute Record, but they are not Mute-like. Mute Record founded by Daniel Miller is proud of high quality artists though it's a minor label. Depeche Mode, Erasure, Silicone teens, DAF and Nick Cave, etc are Mute-related artists who have own characters. Peach is very straight, more mass-oriented and comparing to them. They are more like Dubstar and Saint Etienne. The single cut for Japan & The U. S. "On My Own" is a very catchy high-crafted electro pop. This song covered by Izam of Shazna with Astral Love became a hit in Japan. It is a little annoying but amiable that their songs sometimes reveal Eurobeat-like monotone-ness. Two guys are pro. who have enough experience in music industry. Pascal was formerly in Bomb The Bass (Tim Simenon's House unit that released the hit single "Beat Dis") and S'Express, and he produced Claudia Brucken's solo album and remixed Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus", Depeche Mode and Erasure. Lisa Lamb was liked by them at the party.

<Correspondent Ara>Paul Staham was an ex-B-Movie.

Rental, Robert

Thomas LeerやThe Normal (Daniel Miller)ともコラボレーションをした実験的ミニマリスト。

He is an experimental minimalist who collaborated with Thomas Leer and The Normal (Daniel Miller).


Mute Tonal Evidence (usa)

[1991] Mute

01. Wire: Drill: In Every City?
02. I Start Counting: Million Headed Monster
03. Inspiral Cparpets: Weakness
04. Diamanda Galas: Let My People Go
05. Fortran 5: Love Baby
06. Crime & The City Solution: Dolphins & Sharks
07. New Fast Automatic Daffodils: Partial
08. Cabaret Voltaire: Yashar
09. Meat Beat Manifeto: 10X Faster Than The Speed Of Love
10. Frank Tovey & The Pyros: Victoria Falls
11. Renegade Soundwave: Biting My Nails
12. The Weathermen: Freedom Or Slavary
13. Easy: Cloud Chamber
14. Ohi Ho Bang Bang: The Three
15. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: The Ship Song
16. Throbbing Gristle: Subhuman


As this is for the U. S. A., it skewed toward Industrial.

Mute Records Limited.

[1996] Mute; Not For Sale

01. Erasure: Always
02. Inspiral Carpets: Saturn 5
03. Depeche Mode: Condemnation
04. Laibach: Opus Day
05. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds: Loverman
06. Miranda Sex Garden: Peep Show
07. Balanescu Quartet: Still With Me
08. Inspiral Carpets: Uniform
09. Diamanda Galas: Amazing Grace / I Dreamed...Grass
10. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds: Do You Love Me?
11. Renegade Soundwave: Renegade Soundwave
12. Depeche Mode: Walking In My Shoes
13. Nitzer Ebb: Getting Closer
14. Erasure: Run To The Sun
15. Simon Bonny: Forever


This seems to a sample not for sale.

Early Mute Selection - The Scientifically Tunes

[1998] Mute/Toshiba EMI

01. The Normal: Warm Leatherette
02. Fad Gadget: Ricky's Hand
03. Silicon Teens: Chip'n Roll
04. DAF: Kebabträume
05. Fad Gadget: Lady Shave
06. Robert Görl: Mit Dir
07. Depeche Mode: Any Second Now - Altered
08. Silicon Teens: Sun Flight
09. Fad Gadget: For Whom The Bells Tool III
10. Duet Emmo: Or So It Seems
11. Fad Gadget: Love Prasite II
12. DAF: Der Räuber Und Der Prinz
13. Silicon Teens: Red River Rock
14. Depeche Mode: Shout - Rio Mix
15. Depeche Mode: Oberkorn - It's A Small Town


This is the early Mute sound compilation including the first CD tracks proposed, planned and supervised by Takkyu Ishino also known as a Mute fan.

Omnibus Video Clips

EXHIBIT 1: Visible Evidence

[1992] LD; BMG Victor

01. Erasure: Star
02. Nitzer Ebb: Fun To Be Had
03. Renegade Sound Wave: Biting My Nails
04. Barry Adamson: The Man With The Golden Arm
05. Crime And The City Solution: I Have The Gun
06. Depeche Mode: World In My Eyes
07. Fortran 5: Love Baby

08. Nick Cave: The Weeping Song
09. Frank Tovey: The Liberty Tree
10. Inspiral Carpets: Caravan
11. Crime And The City Solution: The Dolphins And The Sharks
12. Miranda Sex Garden: Gush Forth My Tears
13. Nitzer Ebb: Family Man
14. Easy: He Brings The Honey

EXHIBIT 2: Visible Evidence

[1992] LD; BMG Victor

01. Miranda Sex Garden: Amarylis
02. Barry Adamson / Anita Lane And The Thought System Of Love: These Boots Are Made For Walking
03. Erasure: Chorus
04. Fortran 5: Groove

05. Nitzer Ebb: I Give To You
06. Wire: So And Slow It Grows
07. Fortran 5: Heart On The Line
08. The Assembly: Never Never


<Correspondent Satoru>The above two are videos (I own LD, but VHS was also released), and it's a collection of Mute label clips. But, it's not just a package of music clips. Mini movies are used between the tracks. Is this due to the stickler characteristic of Mr. Daniel Miller?




01. Luke Slater: Are You There?
02. Fawn: Venegeance
03. Darren Price: Airspace
04. JB3: Forklift (Luke Slater Fitered Remix)
05. Steve Stoll presents The Blunted Boy Wonder: Metropolis
06. Speedy J: Pure Energy (Remix)
07. Emmanuel Top: Lobotomie
08. Plastikman: Sickness
01. Darren Price: Blueprints
02. JB3: Curb (Dave Angel Remix)
03. Aftrax: The Mask (Swept Q)
04. Luke Slater: Freek Funk (Bark Mix)
05. 3 Phase: Kong
06. Steve Stoll presents The Blunted Boy Wonder: Circuit Sex
07. Space DJ'z: AK47
08. Speedy J: Patterns (Remix)


NOVAMUTE is a Techno sub-label under Mute. There seem to be more Minimal Techno, but I am not sure about the details.