カヴァー特集、第5弾!New Order(及びJoy Division)のカヴァー及びトリビュート作品を集めています。カヴァー中心ですが、もろサンプリングも入れています。まだまだあると思うので、ご存じの方は情報(アルバム・タイトル、曲名、アーティスト、感想、等)をお待ちしております。

The 4th version of cover song special! This page collectes the cover and tribute works for New Order (and Joy Division). I included some sampling if they are obvious while covers are main. As there are much more, I am waiting for your information (album title, songs, artists, impressions) if you know.


Covered By Japanese Artists
American Rock | Hamasaki, Ayumi(浜崎あゆみ) | Haus Of Dolls | Roman Porche.(ロマンポルシェ。)
Japanese Tribute Albums
RE:MOVEMENT: Tribute to New Order
Covered By Overseas Artists
Baron, Den | bis | Boo Radeleys, The | Commercial Breakup | Devine & Statton | Frente! | Get Up Kids, The | G500 | Michael, George | Minogue, Kylie NEW! | Orgy | Superchunk
Overseas Tribute Albums
Blue Order | A Tribute To NEW ORDER

Covered By Japanese Artists

Japanese Tribute Albums

RE:MOVEMENT: Tribute to New Order

[2001] Electric SAL/Daiichi Kosho

01. Color Filter: Regret
02. Rithium+3: Your Silent Face
03. Daffodil-19: Leave Me Alone
04. The Primrose: True Faith
05. Peltone: Blue Monday
06. Hideki Yoshiura (Bloodthirsty Butchers): Love Vigilanmtes
07. Nyeed: Thieves Like Us
08. Capsule Giant: Perfect Kiss
09. Salt Lake feat. Waka: Ceremony (salinas W'acappella mix)
10. Sugiurumn: World In Motion

日本人によるNew Orderのトリビュート・アルバムです。hymn特派員が見つけて来たのですが、ミニ合宿でColor Filterの『Regret』を聴かせてもらい、ニシムラ・ユキさんの声に感動。10曲目のSugiurumnの『World In Motion』も女性ヴォ―カルで良い出来です。

This is a tribute album to New Order by Japanese artists. Correspodent hymn found it and I was impressed by Ms. Yuki Nishimura's voice when he played Color Filter's "Regret". The 10th track "World In Motion" by Sugiurumn is also nicely done with female vocal.

Covered By Overseas Artists

Commercial Breakup

Minogue, Kylie

Overseas Tribute Albums

Blue Order: A Trance Tribute To New Order


01. Intro
02. Martin N: Confusion
03. Flipside (Feat. Liva Akselbo): Blue Monday
04. Coercion: Touched By The Hand Of Dub
05. Endorphin: Spooky
06. Martin O: Young Offender
07. T.H.C. With Tek Hed: 1963
08. Bugeyed Funk: Finetime
09. Sandowski: Everything's Gone Green
10. Flipside (Feat. Live Akselbo): The Beach
11. Judson Leach: Bizzare Love Triangle
12. Casey Stratton: Regret


This is a tribute album to New Order by (probably) Trance artists according to the title while I do not know about each artist.

A Tribute To NEW ORDER

[2001] CLEOPATRA (CLP1051-2)

01. Razed In Black: Everything's Gone Green
02. DJ Pebbles featuring Lick: Blue Monday
03. DJ Martin: Confusion
04. DJ Mathew Grim: Round & Round
05. DJ Buzz: Young Offender
06. Judson Leach: Bizzarre Love Triangle
07. Vitamin DDT: World (The Price Of Love)
08. Transmutator featuring Joy Bumpass: Temptation
09. Baby Shaker: Shell Shock (Rosetta Stone Mix)
10. Interface: True Faith
11. DJ Fuzz featuring Jay: Blue Monday (Retro Mix)


<Correspondent Satoru> This is a tribute on Cleopatra after some interval. As expected, the profiles for artists are unknown. A bit like Trance.