Nice Music(ナイス・ミュージック)
Microstar(マイクロスター) / Nicely Nice

Nice Music(ナイス・ミュージック)


ナイス・ミュージックは渋谷系の中でもテクノポップを継承するデュオです。初期ピチカート、ポータブル・ロックが好きな人は気に入ると思います。この流れはLaB LIFeなんかとも繋がっている感じがします。さらにナイス・ミュージックについて知りたいなら、Nice Music Explorerへどうぞ。

Nice Music is a duo who succeeds Techno Pop among Shibuya-styled musicians. Those who like early Pizzicato V, Portable Rock will like them. I think this stream is connected to LaB LIFe. If you want to know more about Nice Music, please go to Nice Music Explorer.
Currently Nice Sato is playing with P-chan, a female vocalist and bassist, as Microstar. There is no full-length album yet, they released two mini albums from Think Sync Record. Their sound is colorful, cute and sweet springing techno pop. The track covering Y.M.O.'s "Rap Phenomena" is well arranged into their own taste.