このページは¥ENレーベル無き後、細野晴臣氏によって創設されたテイチク・レコード傘下のノンスタンダード・レーベルのアーティスト達を紹介します。フランスのキッチュなデュオのMikadoや初期Pizzicato Fiveも在籍していました。詳しくはNon Standard LABEL WEB SITEのサイトを訪問してください。

This page presents the artists of Non Standard Label under Teichiku Records founded by Mr. Haruomi Hosono after \EN Label ended. Frech kitsch duo Mikado and early Pizzicato Five were also in this label. For more details, please visit Non Standard LABEL WEB SITE site.

Blue Tonic | F.O.E. | Hosono, Haruomi(細野晴臣) | Koshi, Miharu(越美晴) | Lounge Lizards | Mikado | Nakahara, Kaori(中原香織) | Shi-Shonen | Pizzicato V | Urban Dance | World Standard
The Best Of Non Standard

Blue Tonic


This is a stylish Jazzy Pop band like a Japanese version of the Lounge Lizards. Mr. Tomio Inoue is the original bassist of Roosters, and he joined Original Love after disbanding Blue Tonic. Mr. Tatsuyuki Hiramuta is currently playing in Tokyo Ska Paradice Orchestra.
<Correspondent Kengo Okuda> Mr. Kihara also joined Original Love. They were disbanded in April '89.

Lounge Lizards


This is an American fake Jazz band centered around John Lurie who appeared on the movie "Stranger Than Paradice" and his brother Evan.

Nakahara, Kaori(中原香織)


The Best Of Non Standard

[1985] Omnibus; Non Standard [2001] Teichiku (Very Best Of Non Standard Series); *bonus track

01. World Standard: Le Train Musical「音楽列車」
02. Shi-Shonen: Lovely Singin' Circuit
03. Urban Dance: Dr. Diet
04. Miharu Koshi: Mademoiselle Juju
05. Pizzicato V: What's New Pizzicato!
06. Haruomi Hosono: Nokto de la Galaksia Ferrojo「銀河鉄道の夜(インスト)」
07. Mikado: Un Naufrage En Hiver「冬のフラージュ」
08. Shi-Shonen: Bye-bye Yuppie
09. World Standard: Likvoro El Leontodo「たんぽぽのお酒」
10. Urban Dance: Why
11. Non Standard Choir: Hymn, Protestant No. 320「主よみもとへ近づかん」
12. Kaori Nakahara(中原香織): Nokto de la Galaksia Ferrojo「銀河鉄道の夜」*


According to the obi, this is the complete golden deluxe album for the first golden period of Non Standard. Track 11 is the special version by Non Standard artists.