This page presents the overseas artists related to Industrial including Noise, Hammer Beat, Electric (or Electronic) Body Music, Neo Industrial. For more details, pls. refer to "Silvestar Club ~ Alternative Music".

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This is an Electric Body Music duo from Belgium which can be compared with A-Ha (I don't know exactly why.).

Alien Sex Fiend


<Michelle> This band is considered to be 'goth' but they are also strong in a techno/industrial sound. They are from England and their web page exists.



This is a trio from Germany. They released the album with the same title as the band name. They mixed DAF-like Hammer Beat and German Progresive Electronic Sound.



This is an darkish Electric Body Music duo from Yugoslavia which created Laibach.

Cassandra Complex


This is an Enlgish band which evolved from Gothic/Psychedelic to Electric Body Music (moved to Play It Sam Again Label).


<Harry Mook特派員>Sheffield出身の80年代中期のインダストリアル系シンセ・ファンク者。短い間であるが次の大物として褒めちぎられていたが、アルバム「10 Days In An Elevator」はチャートでは奮わなかった。Mark Brydonは後にKrush(「House Arrest」)で大ヒットを飛ばし、Molokoではさらなる成功を収めた。

<Correspondent Harry Mook> Mid-80s Industrial Synth Funksters from Sheffield, who were briefly and amusingly touted as the next big thing, but the album "10 Days In An Elevator" didn't make much of a dent in the charts. Mark Brydon later had a big hit with Krush ("House Arrest") and then an even bigger one with Moloko...

Clock DVA


This is an Industrial band from Sheffield who is in the same stream of Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle.

Econoline Crash


This is a Canadian pop-oriented Industrial band consisting of five. Their track is included in the soundtrack of TV drama "Melrose Place".

Fear Factory

Foetus, Jim


He is from Australia and considered to be the forerunner of Neo Industrial. Their Russian Constructive cover arts are cool.

Front Line Assembly


<Ms. Chino> It is within industrial rather than electro pop while they started from 80's. It's like easy-to-understand Laibach.

Front 242


Ex-Front 242 formed Revolting Cocks mainly with Ministry.
<Mr. CY> The originator of Electric Body Music and its founder.
<Correspondent Ara> (Please refer to the above discography.)

Gadgets, The


Industrial techno project including The The's Matt Johnson.

Legendary Pink Dots

80年に英国でEdward Ka-SpellとPhil Knightを中心に結成された。後にオランダを活動の中心に移し、エレクトリック・ボディー・ミュージックへ接近する。

This was formed by Edward Ka-Spell and Phil Knight in the U. K. in '80. They shifted to Holland as a center of their activity and approached to Electric Body Music.

Meat Beat Manifesto


This is an Industrial Dance sound group incorporating Hip Hop formed in London '87.



They are the frontier of industrial metal sound from America. There was the electro pop oriented period.

Neon Judgement, The


This is an Electric Body Music duo from Belgium influenced by Joy Division.


Koh'ichi Abe氏>Clock DVAやTemple Beatのメンバーとしても知られるMaurizio "FM" Fasoloとドイツ人Vo.Alex Spalckを中心としたイタリアのダーク・インダストリアル・ユニット。元来FMのソロプロジェクトの色合いが濃かったグループですが、 90年代に入り彼自身、主な活動の場をクラブミュージック(テクノフィールド)に移した事もあり、96年以降グループとしての目立った活動はなくなっていきました。なお、Paolo Favatiは現在もDuneレーベルを中心に活動を続けていますがM. Fasolo,A. Spalckは音楽活動はしていない模様です。初期はEBMの流れを汲んだサンプリングビートを主体にしたポップなヴォーカルナンバー中心でしたが次第に実験色の濃いElectric Dance Musicへと流れていきました。

<Mr. Koh'ichi Abe> This is an Italian Dark Industrial unit centered around Maurizio "FM" Fasolo known as a member of Clock DVA and Temple Beat and Alex Spalck, a German vocalist. While it is a kind of group as a FM's solo project, he moved his playing field to Club Music (Techno field) in the 90's, there have not much activities as a group after '96. Paolo Favati is still active in Dune Label, but M. Fasolo and A. Spalck appear to have no activities at this moment. They started with vocal pop tunes based on sampling beat inheritating EBM, they moved to more Experimental Electric Dance Music.

Skinny Puppy

Cevin KeyとNivek Ogreが83年に結成したカナダのEBM系のバンド。

This is a Canadian EBM-type band formed by Cevin Key and Nivek Ogre in '83.


豪州出身のパンク+ノイズ系バンド。SPKとはSurgical Penis Klinikという痛そうな言葉の略であるが、後にSystems Planning Korporationであると説明した。
<REWさん>SPKの語源はSozialistische Patienten Korrektiv(社会主義患者集団)という旧西ドイツの極左テロ集団から取られています。確かハイデルベルク大学の医学部の連中が組織した、非常に奇妙なテロリストだったと思います。ちなみに、SPK(本家)のについては「西ドイツ過激派通信」というルポの中に詳細に紹介されています。ともあれ、初期SPKのリーダーだったニール・ヒルがインタビューの中で、そう答えてますので、まず間違いありません。つまり後の作品のは「アテ字」というヤツです。また、最高傑作といわれるアルバム「Leichenschrei」(死体の叫び)では当て字は使われてませんでした(少なくともオリジナルのテルミドールから出た初回プレスでは)。また、ディスコ路線に転換する直前の12インチ(Another Dark Age)では、Sep-Pu-Ku(切腹)と名乗って、ジャケットもそんな写真が使われてました。

This is a Punk + Noise band from Australia. SPK stood for Surgical Penis Klinik which sounds very aching, but later it was explained as Systems Planning Korporation.
<REW> SPK came from Sozialistische Patienten Korrektiv, an extreme left-wing terrorist activist in old West Germany. I think this is a very strange terrorist organized by people in medical department of Hiderberg University. The original SPK is explained in the report of "West Germany Activist News". As Neil Hill who was the leader of early SPK was answering so, I think this must be correct. The ones in later works are wrong character phonetically equivalent. Their best acclaimed album "Leichenschrei" did not use a wrong character (at least in the first press from the original label Termidol). The 12 inch "Another Dark Age" released before they change to Disco used Sep-Pu-Ku, and the cover used the image like it.

Throbbing Gristle


This is an avant-grande performance art group who debuted from Industrial Records which became the origin of "Industrial Sound". It consists of Genesis P-Orrige, a cult leader, Cosey Fanni Tutti, an ex-nude model, Peter Christopherson, a photographer, and Chris Carter, a synthesizer musician. Genesis formed Psychic TV later. Cosey and Chris peformed as Cosey & Chris.

Trisomie 21


This is an Electric Body unit formed by French-born Lomperz brothers.

Weathermen, The

カリフォルニアでJoe SnarkとChuck B.により結成され、85年にア・プレイ・イット・アゲイン・サムからデビューする。88年のアルバム『The Black Album According To The Weathermen』はFront 242のDaniel B.にプロデュースされる。エレポップ寄りのエレクトリック・ボディー・ミュージックという感じです。

This was formed by Joe Snark and Chuck B. in Calfornia and debuted from A Play It Again Sam in '85. The album "The Black Album According To The Weathermen" was produced by Front 242's Daniel B. Their sound is like an Electric Body Music close to Electro Pop.

Young Gods, The

スイス出身のサンプリング・ビートを得意とするユニット。87年のアルバム『The Young Gods』はメロディ・メーカー誌の年間ベスト・アルバムに選ばれた。

This is a unit which utlizes sampling beat from Swiss. The album "The Young Gods" in '87 was selected as the best album of the year by Melody Maker.

Omnibus Albums

This Is Electronic Body Music


01. Front 242: Body To Body
02. The Neon Judgement: Chinese Black
03. Click Click: Sweet Stuf
04. a;Grumh...: Ha People
05. Parade Ground: Strange World
06. The Cassandra Complex: One Millionth Happy Customer
07. A Split Second: On Command
08. Chris And Cosey: Exotika
09. Borghesia: No Hope, No Fear
10. The Weathermen: Poison
11. Skinny Puppy: Assimilate

<サトル特派員>このオムニバスで初めてエレクトロニック・ボディ・ミュージックなるものに触れて、しばらくハマッてしまいました。当時はけっこうハードな印象でしたが、今聴くとParade GroundなんかはOMDみたいだし、アルバム全体かなりPOPです。アルファから以下のセットが発売されると早速買ってしまいました。

<Correspondent Satoru> I got addicted to it once I got in touch with Electronic Body Music first with this omnibus. At that time, my impression was that it is pretty hard, but Parade Ground sounds like OMD, and the album was pretty pop overall when I listen now. Then, I bought the below box set once Alfa released it.

Electronic Body Music Box

[1990] Alfa

01. Front 242: Never Stop
02. The Young Gods: Rue Des Tempetes
03. Meat Beat Manifesto: Helter Skelter
04. The Neon Judgement: 1313
05. The Weathermen: Heat Seeker
06. a;Grumh: Danger Zone
07. The Legendary Pink Dots: Blacklist
08. Borghesia: Young Prisoners
09. The Cassandra Complex: Nice Work (Cellphone Mix)
10. Trisomie 21: Bamboo
11. Chris And Cosey: Exotica
12. The Young Gods: Longue Route (Remix)
13. Meat Beat Manifesto: Psyche-out (Version 2)
14. Front 242: Headhunter (V1.0)
VHS (video)
01. Front 242: Headhunter
02. The Young Gods: Rue Des Tempetes
03. The Weathermen: Poison
04. Chris And Cosey: Rise
05. The Neon Judgement: 1313
06. Borghesia: Discipline
07. Borghesia: Young Prisoners
08. The Cassandra Complex: Let's Go To Europe
09. Meat Beat Manifesto: 99%
10. Meat Beat Manifesto: Strap Down
11. Front 242: Master Hit (Live)
12. The Young Gods: September Song

<サトル特派員>これはAlfaから出たエレボの大御所A PLAY IT AGAIN SAM RECORDSのオムニバス(ALZB-5)。ビデオで観たFront 242は、お茶目だし、Chris And Coseyは、いかがわしくてマル。最近再評価の声が高いMeat Beat Manifestoは、格好良いです。このセット企画物として、私が他に所有しているのは、「PETER MURPHY: COMPOSITION 」(ALZB-3)と「LUXURIA: BEAST BOX」(ALZB-4)です。

A deluxe EBM Box Set including CD+VHS+Book released on Alfa which was pushing EBM at one time.
<Correspondent Satoru> This is the omnibus (ALZB-5) of A Play It Again Sam Records, a key Electro Pop label on Alfa. On video, Front 242 is cute & funny and Chris And Cosey is good in a kinky way. Meat Beat Manifesto which is being reappreciated recently, is cool. As special sets, the other ones I own are "Peter Murphy: Composition" (ALZB-3) and "Luxria: Beast Box" (ALZB-4).