このページは比較的新しいニュー・ウェイヴ後のエレポップ(一般的にネオ・シンセポップという呼ばれる)のアーティストを紹介します。ネオ・シンセポップ・バンドはシンセに対するこだわり度は大で、多くはデペッシュ・モードの影響が伺えます。多くの情報を提供してくれたケヴィンに感謝します。北欧系のネオ・シンセポップ・バンドはSCANDINAVIAN ELECTRO POPへ移動しました。

This page presents the relatively new artists in Electro Pop after New Wave (it's called as Neo Synth-Pop). Neo Synth-Pop bands are heavily involved with synths and many are influenced by Depeche Mode. I'd like to thank to Kevin for providing many pieces of information. Northern European Neo Synth-Pop moved to SCANDINAVIAN ELECTRO POP.

Anything Box | Balance | Beborn Beton | Brave New World | Bukimi 3 | Captive Audience | Camouflage | Cause & Effect | Cavernous | Celebrate The Nun | Clears, The | Cosmicity | Cybershadow | Days Of Triumph NEW! | De/Vision | Dyed Emotions | Flanagan, Gary | Forgiving Iris | Freed Unit, The | Freezepop | Ganymede | Information Society | Interface | Intrusive View | Joy Electric | Kon Kan | Kreader, Ben & Ellie | Laptop | Lifestyle | Man, The | Memory Garden | Mesh | Moenia | My Rubicon Seven | Neuropa | No Decay | Opium | Psyche | Psykosonik | Red Flag | Red Sector 1 | Russian Futurist, The | Rythmus | Secret Secret | Seven Red Seven | Shades Of Grey | Silent Wave, The | Telaviv | Twins, The

Anything Box

米国のシンセポップ・インディーズでは結構人気があるらしい。このサイトをシンセポップのニュース・グループで紹介したところ、エニシング・ボックスは日本ではどうかとメールをいただきました。日本ではレコードが売ってない(少なくとも私は見たことがない)ので、Different Drumからインターネットでメールオーダして買いました。デペッシュ・モード系の音です。

It seems they are popular in American Synthpop Indies. When I introduced this site in the synthpop news group, I received the mail asking how Anything Box is doing in Japan. As there is no record sold in Japan (at least I have not seen it), I mail-ordered from Different Drum via Internet. Depeche Mode like.



<Kevin> This is more dance-ish than the other groups, but they're real good. They're from California....they only had one CD, now they call themselves Ecnalab (just Balance backwards), and they're doing rock now. They said they'll make a synthpop version of their upcoming CD, to make the synthpop fans happy.

Beborn Beton

<ジェイソン>ドイツのセクションに『Beborn Beton』を加えるべきです。私の意見では彼等はベストの部類です。

<Jason> Also you should add the band "Beborn Beton" to your Germany section. I think they are one of the best.

Brave New World


This is American synth-pop in the 90's from the label called A Different Drum. I guess their root is Depeche Mode and I wonder why American Synth Pop Bands are so influenced by Depeche Mode. My recommended track is "Regret" (not a cover version of New Order's). However, you can hardly find it in the CD shop. You can order at A Different Drum site. It was a good buy at $12 for a CD including 13 tunes.

Bukimi 3

<ケヴィン>グッドです。Kon Kanの様なサウンドです。メンバーの一人はCosmicityとツアーしてサポートしています。

<Kevin> They're good, sound like Kon Kan. One of the members of this group tours with Cosmicity to help him with the music.


『Voices & Image』で1988年にデビューしたドイツのシンセ・ポップ・バンド。

A German synth pop band who debuted with "Voices & Images" in 1988.

Captive Audience


A U.S.-based high-energy synth unit with a European flair.

Cause & Effect

コーズ&エフェクトは米国の90年代ネオ・シンセポップ・バンドの中では一番成功した。シングル『You Think You Know Her』は全米トップ40にも入った。カリフォルニア出身のショーン・ローリはイギリス人のロバート・ロウと出会いバンドを結成した。ロバートの声はデペッシュ・モードを彷彿させ、サウンドはカリフォルニア的明るさを備えた初期デペッシュ的シンセ・ポップです。因みに二人ともアイドル的な美系ルックスです。

<ちのさん>モロDepeche Mode似のCause & Effectですが、主要メンバーだったショーンは92年に心不全で亡くなってしまったんです。それでもグループは続いています。頑張ってほしいもんですね。


Cause & Effect is the most successful among American 90's Neo Synth Pop bands. The single "You Think You Know Her" reached top 40 in the U. S. Californian Sean Rowley met British Robert Rowe and formed the band. Robert' voice is just like Depeche Mode and their sound is early Depeche Mode-esque Synth Pop with Californian brightness. Both of them got idol-like handsome look.

<Ms. Chino> Regarding "Depeche-like" Cause & Effect, Sean who was a key member passed away due to heart attack. Despite of this accident, the group continued their activity. I hope they will keep it up.

<Rob> Sean died from an really bad asthma attack. I also believe they are working on some new stuff.



<Sean, a member of Cavernous> Cavernous has been more or less active since 1993, and my music has similarities to Depeche Mode, some industrial music, New Order and Gary Numan.

Celebrate The Nun

<ジェレミー> Celebrate The Nunは所謂アヴァンギャルド・フューチャー・ポップと呼ぶ音楽を創るドイツのトリオです。とても新鮮なシンセポップです。チャンスがあったら、是非聴いてください。

<Jeremy> Celebrate The Nun is a German Trio who made music so called "Avangarde Future Pop". Very fresh synth pop. If you have a chance, don't miss it.

Clears, The


This is an 80's Electro Pop revival band.


米国産OMD系懐かしのエレポップ・バンドです。ベスト版『In Perspective』がリリースされてます。

This is an American OMD-ish revival Electro Pop band. Their best compilation album "In Perspective" has been released.


ロサンゼルス... まあ、ジェレミーがハリウッドに住んでいる間、私は、正確には、ロングビーチに住んでいます。ジェレミーがプロダクションを手伝う間、私は、音楽と歌を作ります。ライヴで、私が歌いますが,一方でジェレミーはキーボードを演奏します。

<Jess, a member of Cybershadow>
--Where in the US is your band from? Who are the members beside you?
Los Angeles... well, I live in Long Beach, specifically, while Jeremy lives in Hollywood. I write the music & sing while Jeremy assist with the production. In live performance, I sing, while Jeremy plays keyboards.
-- What type of music do your play?
Traditionally, we have always played dark, electronic music; somewhere between synth-pop and industrial. Now we stray into the realm of trance, or at least, trance sounds.
--Who influenced the most to your band?
I'd have to say that my passion for electronic music was started by Depeche Mode. In the 80's no one came close to them. Now, I listen to a lot of trance & Future-pop in general; Anything with good melodies & song structure. This I find lacking in a lot of electronic music today.

Days Of Triumph


で、Days Of Triumphのマルクスさんにショート・インタヴューをしました。

――多くの日本人はがドイツをテクノ/エレクトロ音楽の中心と考えます。クラフトワーク、Neue Deutche Welle(コメントがあればよろしく?)、ジゴロ.... どのようにドイツ人は、実際にこの辺ついて思いますか?






特定のシーン... まあ、我々の音楽は、いくつかの「ダーク」な要素を確かに持っていて、それはをダークウェイヴとゴシックのジャンルのリスナーにより向いています。しかし、我々の音楽が純粋にとてもハッピィーでも暗いでもどちらでなく、また実際ところ「善悪を越えます」。音楽は、時間が変わる感情から現れます。我々の音楽の性質もそうです。


「Days Of Triumph」のコントリビューターは、彼らの音楽の好みで大きく変わり、そして、バンドの作品は、妥協の産物です。バンドに、バンドのメンバー尊敬とドット・スタイルを作り出したのは、デペッシュ・モード、クイーンズライチ、キュア、ミッション、「LDC」(Die schwarze Zone)のようにドイツの外に知られていないだろう90年代からのとドイツのエレクトロニック系アクトです。確かに奇妙な混合...



A Darkwave Synthpop quartet from Germay. As you can tell from their site, it is recommended for the people who like Gothic + Electronic sound.

Here, I interviewed Markus of Days Of Triumph.

-- Many Japanese view Germany as a center of Techno/Electro music. Kraftwerk, Neue Deutche Welle (any comments on this term?), Gigolo.... How do German actually feel about this?

It seems to be a very wide-spread opinion, not only in Japan as I learned, that Germany is in some respect the cradle of Techno and electronic music in general. I'm not well versed in Techno Music at all, so this may well be from what I know. If it comes to synth-music sure there may be many German bands that had an early influence on this music.

You mentioned Kraftwerk, I'd like to add Alphaville and Camouflage as examples. However I think German Synthpop has not contributed grave changes to the genre since and the main impacts on the modern appearance of this style are not genuinely German. Though many bands still adore the old heroes of German Synth music and refer to them, I think the main factor that makes the modern form what it is, was "Depeche Mode" from England that opened electronic music for foreign influences and thus have been relevant until today. Whereas many modern German Synthacts very much sound like the early "Depeche Mode" only with more sophisticated productional work.

If it comes to the "Neue Deutsche Welle" this was a phenomenon of much money and a large market for music in the eighties. Almost any demo reaching a record label could be published at that time, as far as I heard, and thus a very direct and "light" music had a chance to find listeners without a high selectional pressure.

A phenomenon like the "Neue Deutsche Welle" would be hardly able today, while labels have to calculate very strictly, if a new act will be promoted or not. However there is a great interest in the music of this time until today, whereas many "NDW-Parties" have taken place in the last decade and still some since. "Nena", one of the most important acts then has recently started a comeback rerecording her tracks and being on tour again. The eighties have lasted.

-- Is there any particular scene your band is belonging to in Germany?

Particular scene... well, our music surely has some "dark" elements which makes it more suitable for listeners of the darkwave and gothic genre. However, our music is neither genuinely dark nor is it very happy so we are actually "beyond good and evil". The music emerges from emotions which change over the time. So does the character of our music.

-- Any bands you like or respect?

The contributors of "Days of Triumph" vary highly in their musical preferences and the output of the band is always a compromise somewhere in between. To the bands that the band's members respect and that have helped building the "dot"-style are Depeche Mode, Queensryche, The Cure, The Mission and German electronic acts from the nineties that might not be known outside of Germany like "LDC" (Die schwarze Zone). Certainly a strange mixture...

-- Do you know any Japanese Electronic artists?

We have been active on mp3.com during the end of 2002 and so I encountered various, mainly instrumental, electronic artists. Overall Japanese electronic music is not very well known in Germany. But always being curious and first of all loving music in its countless variations I'd be happy to learn more.



This is a Depeche-esque Electro Dance Pop band. They made a major debut with "Monosex" after releasing 4 indie albums in Japan.

Dyed Emotions

シアトルをベースに活動するシンセポップ・バンド。メンバーのArn Poeさんからページ(かっこいいです。)を紹介するメールを頂きました。

This is a Seattle-based Synthpop band. Mr. Arn Poe, one of the members, introduced their page (cool!) via mail.

Flanagan, Gary

Lexiconの9th Waveからリリースされた宅録シンセポップ。カナダでレコーディングされているのでカナダ人だと推測します。

This is a bedroom-recording Synth Pop released on 9th Wave from Lexicon. I guess he is a Canadian as it's recorded in Canada.

Forgiving Iris

<ケヴィン>テキサス州オースチン出身の結構良いニュー・グループです。ベストの曲は『Annie Would I Lie To You』です。表現しにくいですが、Cause & Effectのようなサウンドです。しかし、私の意見では彼等はCause & Effectより良いと思います。(ただし、彼等の曲で『You Think You Know Her』を超えるものはありません。)

<Kevin> This is a good new group from Austin, Texas....their best song is "Annie Would I Lie To You"...it's hard to describe them. I guess they sound like Cause & Effect, but I think they're better than Cause & Effect (except none of Forgiving Iris's songs are better than "You Think You Know Her").

Freed Unit, The


This is an Experimental & Alternative Electro Pop unit from England.


以前、Bitterさんにコンピに収録されていた、Freezepopの「テニスのボイフレンド」という日本語で歌う曲をオフ会で聴かせてもらって、気になっていたんです。彼等が所属しているArchenemyはボストンのレーベルであるが、とてもイギリス的です。OMDとかDubstarとかSt. Etienneの感じ。80年代エレポップがルーツのようですが、アレンジやリミックスには今風にオリジナルです。メンバーの名前や「テニスのボイフレンド」という曲タイトルやジャケに写る3人のメンバーから、とてもキッチュなバンドのようです。女性ヴォーカリストのLiz嬢もセクシーでグーです。お奨め。

I cared about them after I listened to Japanese-singing Freezepop's "Tennis No Boyfriend" which Mr. Bitter brought to the off meeting. While they belong to the Boston label called "Archenemy", it sounds very British like OMD, Dubstar, St. Etienne. While they seem to root from 80's Electro Pop, their arrangement and remix are very stylish and original. They appear very kitsch as I observed from their names, the song title "Tennis No Boyfriend", and the member photos on the sleeve. Liz, a female vocalist, is also sexy and good. Recommended.


Lexiconの9th Waveレコードがプッシュしているメロディアスなシンセポップ。

This is a melodious Synthpop unit 9th Wave Records of Lexicon is pushing.

Information Society / Think Tank / Brother Sun Sister Moon

<Mr.PC>現在リードシンガーのカートがソロでやっています。最新アルバムは97年の "Don't Be Afraid"(輸入のみ)ですが、近々(1月までには)リミックスベストアルバムがリリースされます。これにはトミーボーイレーベル在籍時のヒット曲(のリミックス)も含まれる予定です。またDEPTHレーベルから日本版が出ている "Trancespotting 2" には彼のリミックスしたスタートレックのテーマが納められています。 また、かつての中心メンバーのポールロブはHakatakレーベルを立ち上げ、InSocの変名バンドでもあったThink Tankを名乗りアルバムをリリースしたり、エレクトロバンド Dissonance をプロデュースしたりしました。現在はこのレーベル(InSocの故郷、ミネアポリスにあった)は閉鎖してロスに移った模様です。彼とバーバラコーヘンのユニット"Brother Sun Sister Moon"は バージンと契約が成立しているので次回作はそこから出されると思われます。 さらに蛇足ですが、InSoc、Anything Boxなどアメリカのインディー系シンセポップのファンクラブ Ctrl-Alt-Dlt (元はInSocの私設ファンクラブだった) も独自のコンピを作成しています。(Forgiving Iris, Machine In Motion, Dissonanceなどは注目できるバンドです。)

This is a danceable Synth Pop band based on Minneapolis.
<Kevin> Only the lead singer is still there, so it's a one-man band now. He went into the dark wave/industrial sound.
<Mr. PC> Currently, Kurt is performing as solo. The latest album is "Don't Be Afraid" (import only) in '97, the remix best album will be released by Jan. '99. This will include the remixed hit singles during the days in Tommy Boy Label. "Trancespotting 2", a Japanese version released from DEPTH label, contains "Star Trek Theme" remixed by him. Paul Robb who used to be a key member started up Hakatak Label, and released the album under the name of Think Tank, another unit by InSoc, and produced an electro band Dissonance. Currently, this label (which was in Minneapolis, InSoc's home town) was closed down and appears to have moved to LA. Brother Sun Sister Moon, a unit by him and Barbara Kohen is supposed to released their next work from Virgin as the contract has been made. In addition, Ctrl-Alt-Dlt, a fan club for American Indie Synth Pop like InSoc and Anything Box (it used to be a private fan club for InSoc) is producing their own compilation album (Forgiving Iris, Machine In Motion, Dissonance are the bands of attention).



<Kevin> This was a local music artist whose 2 songs sounded like Level 42....that was the thing, he only had 2 songs in his only CD. The CD had remixes of his songs...I think it's worth getting his CD simply because no one knows about him, and he was a one-CD wonder (he never made a CD after this, he seems to have left the music business).....the name of his CD is called "Global Pop".

Intrusive View

<Intrusive ViewのTony>我々はマシッヴ・アタックからデペッシュ・モードまでのいろいろな人達に影響を受けました。まだ一曲だけしか世の中には発表してません。『Transmission』というコンピレーションに収録されてます。

<Tony, a member of Intrusive View> We are influenced by everyone from Massive Attack to Depeche Mode. We only have one song that is available to the public and can be found on the Transmission compilation.

Joy Electric


This is an experienced Synth Pop band in West Coast in the U. S.

Kon Kan

<ケヴィン>『I Beg Your Pardon』の大ヒット曲を持ついいグループです。表現するには難しい曲ですが聴けばわかるでしょう。あえて言えば、デペッシュ・モードとレッド・フラッグの間みたいなサウンドです。(たぶん良い表現ではないけど、精一杯のものです)。
ASTRO NOTEのウエハラ氏>Barry Harrisが作曲、Kevin Wynneがボーカルです。曲調はダンサブルなディペッシュ・モードといった感じのシンセポップです。

This is a Canadian synth dance pop duo led by Barry Harris, a club DJ.
<Kevin> This is a good group who had one real big hit song called "I Beg Your Pardon". It's a hard song to describe, but you would recognize it most likely if you hear it. They sound like probably a cross between Depeche Mode and Red Flag (bad description probably, but the best I can make).
<Mr. Uehara of ASTRO NOTE> Barry Harris is a composer and Kevin Wynne is a vocalist. Their sound is danceable Depeche Mode-esque synth pop.

Kreader, Ben & Ellie / Road ~ River & Rail

<バンド・メンバーのベン・クレイダー氏>『Artists Around World』のページで私の名前を見つけたので、私が何処の国の出身でどのような音楽をやってるかお知らせしようと思いました。私は米国出身でロスに住んでいます。もともとはシカゴから来ました。私の音楽はヤズーとも共通するエレクトロニックとブルースです。私の妹のエリナー(エリー)は93年の私の作品の一つ(シンク・オア・スイム/ブリザード)で唄いました。私達の名前は幾つかのWWWでリンクされてるようです。エリーは現在オペラを唄ってます。私は一人でやってます。またブルースのヴォーカルでも唄ってます。さらなる情報はAll-Music Guideを読んでください。まだウェブ・ページはありませんが、近々持つつもりです。出来れば、連絡します。掲載してくれてありがとう。*私の妹と私は活動を再開したことをお知らせします。我々の新しいユニット名はroad~river&railです。

<Ben Kreader, one of the members> I noticed my name on your "Artists Around World" page and I thought I'd let you know what country I am from and what sort of music I play. I am from the United States and I live in Los Angeles. I am originally from Chicago. My music is electronic and blues - similar to Yazoo. My sister Eleanor (Ellie) sang on one of my releases in 1993 (Sink Or Swim /Blizzard) and our names seem to be linked together on several www locations. Ellie sings opera now, so I perform by myself. I also sing with a blues vocal. For more information you can read our All-Music Guide. Thanks for listing me. *A quick update to let you know that my sister and I are working together again and our new name is road~river&rail.


英国出身のGary Numan的未来派エレクトロポップ・ユニットです。

This is a futuristic Electro Pop unit from England with Gary Numan faire.


最初は気付かなかったのですが、Seanというメンバーは、写真から判定すると、FreezepopのDrinkwaterと同一人物のようです。こちらは、ニューロマ系バンド・サウンドで、Duran Duran、New Order辺りを感じます。アレンジは、Freezepopよりはストレートですが、なかなかキャッチーでいい曲を書いています。

I did not realize it firt time, but Sean is the same person as Drinkwater in Freezepop according to the photo. This one is more like New Romantic sound such as Duran Duran and New Order. The arrangement is more straight than Freezepop, but they wrote catchy and nice songs.

Man, The

<THE MANのダニエル>THE MANはダニエル・ラメロウ(23才)によりルイジアナのレイク・チャールズで95年に結成された。エレクトロ、オルタナ、テクノの良い所を今っぽさを保ちつつ本当のヴァース・コーラス・ポップ・ソングとブレンドしたワン・マン・シンセポップ・ユニットです。THE MANは彼の音楽の全ての素材を外部の手を借りずに彼の家にあるスタジオで書き、歌い、演奏し、プロデュースします。THE MANはひとりでの宅録では大したものは出来ないという偏見に挑戦します。シンセとドラム・マシーンの冷たいかたさがダニエルのなめらかなバリトンのヴォーカルがくりだす秀逸な歌詞を通して暖かさと熱情を与えます。THE MANは最も興奮する音楽は正直な音楽であることを証明する事により現在のヒット・メーカーの現状維持の姿勢に向かっていきます。一度剥がれたら無くなるようなアーティストのような輝かしいライフスタイルはありません。THE MANは聞こえるものがそのものです。

<Danyel of THE MAN> Formed in 1995 in Lake Charles, Louisiana by Danyel Ramelow (age 23), THE MAN is a 1 man synthpop outfit that blends the best of Electronic, Alternative and Techno with a tried and true verse-chorus POP song structure while still keeping a refreshing modern edge. THE MAN writes, sings, plays, and produces all the material in his music in his home studio without any outside assistance. THE MAN challenges the belief that music made at home by one person can't have any feeling or value. The cold, rigidness of synthesizers and drum machines are given warmth and passion thru excellent lyrics passed thru Danyel Ramelow's smooth baritone vocals. THE MAN goes against the status quo of current hit makers by proving the most exciting music is honest music. There is no flashy lifestyle portrayed by some artists that seem to fade away once the surface is scratched. With THE MAN , what you hear is what you get.

Memory Garden


This is a Depeche-esque Industrial-oriented Synth Pop band.



<Kevin> This is an EXCELLENT group from England that sounds like a harder version of Depeche Mode, but I think better than Depeche. You must check out their CD called "Fragmente" which has many great songs.



I thought this is a Spanish Synth-Pop band, but it is actually Mexican. Thanks to Josep.

My Rubicon Seven

<ケヴィン>テキサス出身の素晴しいグループですが、CDはまだ発表してません。発表の際はA Different Drumで売られるでしょう。2ー3ヵ月で(98年10月ごろ?)CDが出るはずです。

<Kevin> This is an excellent group from Texas, but they don't have a CD out yet. When they do, it'll be sold at A Different Drum. They said they'll have a CD out in a couple months (October '98?).

No Decay


This is a Depeche-like Dark Synth-Pop band.


<OpiumのMiroslav> 私は以前はウラジオストックをベースとした(1986年から)80年代をルーツとするシンセポップ・ニューウェイヴ・グループのOptiumのメンバーです。リード・ヴォーカリストは、今もそちらに住んでいます。私は、イスラエルのテル・アヴィヴに居ます。意志伝達の問題を乗り越えて、過去3年間で3枚のアルバムを製作。(Iliyaはイスラエルに4度飛んできた。)現在、英語でレコーディングした最新作をリリースしてくれるレーベルを探しています。Japan、Ultravox、DM、De VisionやDistain!等のネオ・シンセポップにインスパイアされています。A/Mグループを超える特徴のある声があると信じます。日本でのレーベルやウラジオストックに住むIliyaのためのクラブ・ツアーやクラブコントラクトを探しています。

<Miroslav of Opium> I am one part of synthpop/new wave group Opium which takes it's roots in 80's and previously based in Vladivostok- takes history in 1986. The lead vocalist is still leaving there. I stay in Tel Aviv - Israel. Despite of communication problems we made 3 albums together during past 3 years ( Iliya flew over to Israel 4 times) . Now we are looking for a record deal with our last material reecorded in English. We've been inspired by groups like Japan , Ultravox, DM and modern synthpop like De Vision or Distain! Although I believe we have ours distinctive voice above A/M groups. We are looking for connections for- finding label in Japan or possibility for a club tour or one club contract for Iliya - he lives in Vladivostok.


<PsycheのDarrin>ドイツからやって来た本当のエレクトロニック・グループ『サイケ』。実際の所サイケはカナダとドイツの混成グループです。カナダのDarrin HussとStephen Huss兄弟で立ち上げました。でも今はStephenの代わりに新キーボード奏者のPer-Anders Kurenbachがいます。僕も現在はドイツに住んでます。

<Darrin, a member of Psyche> The real electronic group "Psyche" from Germany. Actually Psyche is a Canadian/German group. It started out as Darrin Huss and Stephen Huss in Canada. But now there is a new keyboarder Per-Anders Kurenbach in place of my brother Stephen. I also live in Germany now.


<Intrusive ViewのTony>私の意見ではPsykosonikはたぶん最高の部類のエレクトロニック・アクトです。彼等の曲は知的な詞とキャッチーなメロディーを備えた良く作られた音楽です。アルバム『Unlearn』はお勧めです。音楽的にはバブル、ウィリアム・オービット、もしかするとエニグマと比較されます。ヴォーカル的にはたぶんCause & Effectや昔のUnderworldに比較されます。

<Tony, a member of Intrusive View> Psykosonik is probably in my opinion one of the best electronic acts around. Their songs are very well written and produced music, with intelligent lyrics, catchy melodies. I recommend the album Unlearn. They can be compared musically to bands like Babble, William Orbit or even maybe Enigma. Vocally maybe Cause and Effect or even older Underworld.

Red Flag


This is an American Electro Pop unit by Reynolds brothers. But, why are so many American Electro Pop bands Depeche-like?

Red Sector 1


<Kevin> This is a Christian synth group from Canada. They only have one good song, but i thought it was worth buying their CD for.


<ケヴィン>Information SocietyとDepeche Modeが混ざったようなサウンドの素晴しいグループです。『U4EA』は要ゲットです。新譜はもうすぐ出る予定でよりダークなサウンドになってます。

<Kevin> This is an excellent group that sounds like a cross between Information Society and Depeche Mode, but they also have their own sound. You MUST get the "U4EA" CD if you can. Their new cd will come out soon, and their new songs are all darker.

Russian Futurist, The

Matthew Adam Hartのソロ・プロジェクト。カナダ人らしい。

A solo project by Matthew Adam Hart. He seems to be Canadian.

Secret Secret

Secret Secretはサンフランシコをベースに活動するエレクトロポップ・バンドです。Duran Duran、Talk Talk、Shake Shakeの様にキャッチーなダブル・ネームです。現在日本人女性ヴォーカリストを募集中です。

<Secret SecretのメンバーのRob僕達の女性ヴォーカリストのタイコちゃんは仕事のためバンドを離れることになりました。彼女に代わる日本人女性を探していますが、簡単ではありません。ポップ・バンドで活動し、サンフランシスコに住みたい日本人女性を知りませんか?今年西海岸、ニューヨークで真剣なツアーを計画中で、10月か11月には日本に行ってツアーも出来たらと考えています。

ALL ABOUT JAPANにて『変なゴス系外人ロブさん』記事を2001年11月21日に掲載。

Secret Secret is a San Francisco based Electro Pop band. It's a catchy double name like Duran Duran, Talk Talk, Shake Shake. Currently, they are looking for a Japanese female vocalist.

<Rob, a member of Secret Scret> Taiko-chan who is our Japanese female vocalist decided to leave the band and just do her day job. So that leaves us looking for a Japanese girl to replace her with, and let me tell you it's not been an easy task. Do you know anyone that would like to be in a pop band and live in SF? We want to do some serious touring this year on the west coast, in New York and then maybe in October or November go to Japan and tour.

Seven Red Seven

<Intrusive ViewのTony>Seven Red Sevenはシカゴから出たバンドです。彼等のサウンドはおもしろいです。ヴォーカリストはとてもアンビエントなほとんどテクノな音と調和した特徴のある声を持ってます。他の誰とも似てませんが、あえて言えばもう一つの米国のバンドのPsykosonikの様な音です。

<Tony, a member of Intrusive View> Seven Red Seven is a band out of Chicago. They have an interesting sound. The vocalist has a very distinct voice that works well with the very ambient yet almost techno sounding music. They don't really sound like anyone, but to make a comparison, I would say they sound like another American band Psykosonik.

Shades Of Grey

米国のクラマー(たぶん)兄弟によるエレポップ・ユニット。兄弟でデペッシュ的なところはほとんどRed Flagですね。

This is an American Electro Pop unit by Kramer (probably) brothers. They are almost Red Flag as they are brothers and Depeche-like.

Silent Wave, The

Daniel Peleg氏(メールを頂きました)とNir Oren氏からなるポップなエレポップ・ユニットです。彼等の野望はエレポップをメインストリームへともう一度戻すことです。

This is a poppy Electro Pop unit consisting of Messrs. Daniel Peleg (he gave me a mail) and Nir Oren. Their dream is to bring Electro Pop back to the mainstream.


RomaniaのJames NobleがプロデュースしたワシントンDCのエレポップ・トリオ。

This is a Washington DC-based Electro Pop trio produced by James Noble formerly in Romania.

Twins, The

ドイツの90年代版懐かしのエレクトロ・ダンス・ポップ・デュオ。今まで98年に出た『Ballet Dancer』というベスト版含め7枚ほどアルバムがリリースされてます。英語で唄いドイツ的暗さはなくキャッチーなイギリス的明るさが目立ちます。結構お勧めです。

A German duo with 90's version of revival Electro Dance Pop. Seven albums have been released including their best compilation album "Ballet Dancer". They sang in English. The sound has catchy Brit brightness with no German darkness. This is my recommendation.