This page presents overseas super techno producers and the artists produced by them.


Burnel, Jan Jaque
Lizard | Polyphonic Size | Taxi Girl
Broudie, Ian
Bodines | Echo & The Bunnymen | Fall, The | Frank & Walters, The | Frazier Chorus | Icicle Works | Moyet, Alison | Primitives, The | Rain | Shack | Sleeper | Teardrop Explodes, The | Wah! | Wild Swans
Eno, Brian
Anderson, Laurie | Bowie, David | Budd, Harold | Devo | Passengers | Toto | U2
Gabriel, Pascal
Brucken, Claudia | EMF | Inspiral Carpets | Murphy, Peter | Soho | Somerville, Jimmy | New Order
Hague, Stephen
Blur | Cracknell, Sarah | Dubstar | Electronic | Erasure | House of Love | OMD | Other Two, The | Pet Shop Boys | Public Image Limited | Somerville, Jimmy
Hannett, Martin
Basement 5 | Buzzcocks | Durutti Column | Happy Mondays | High, The | Joy Division | Kissing The Pink | Magazine | Names, The | New Order | Psychedelic Furs, The | Section 25 | U2 | World Of Twist
Hine, Rupert
After The Fire | Ansell, Martin | Cafe Jacques | Eight Seconds | Fixx, The | Jones, Howard | Milla | Palmer, Robert | Phillips, Anthony | Power Station, The | Thompson Twins | Turner, Tina | Underworld
Moroder, Giorgio
Berlin | Blondie | Hagen, Nina | Heaven 17 | Jackson, Janet | Japan | Limahl | Oakey, Philip | Sigue Sigue Sputnik | Sparks | Summer, Donna
Nelson, Bill
Fiat Lux | Flock Of Seagulls, A | Skids, The
Orbit, William
Blur | Madonna
Plank, Conny
DAF | Humpe & Humpe | Kowalski | Phew | Steffen, Arno | Ultravox

Burnel, Jan Jaque


The most techno-oriented member of the Stranglers produced Japanese Lizard and French Taxi Girl.

Broudie, Ian

遡ればBig In Japan、現Lightning Seedsのイアン・ブロディはエコバニ等のリヴァプール人脈をメインにプロデューサーとして成功した。

Ian Broudie originally in Big In Japan and currently in Lightning Seeds succeeded as a producer mainly for Liverpool related bands such as Echo & The Bunnymen.

Eno, Brian

元ロキシーのブライアン・イーノの代表的なプロダクションは初期ディーヴォとU2です。デヴィッド・ボウイの77年作『Low』を共に作り上げ、さ90年代も『Hallo Spaceboy』のプロデュースを担当。

Representative productions of Brain Eno of ex Roxy Music were early Devo and U2. He also created David Bowie's "Low" in '77 and produced his "Hallo Spaceboy" in 90's.



U2 reigned over as a king of stadium rock, but they did not stop there.

Gabriel, Pascal


Pascal Gabriel currently of Peach in Mute label is a professional person who produces Claudia Brucken, etc. and remixes Depeche Mode, etc.

Hague, Stephen


He is a hit-making producer who produced many electro pop bands such as Pet Shop Boys and New Order family.

Hannett, Martin


Martin Hannett is a Factory Record-related producer who worked on Joy Division and others. Unfortunately, he passed away due to heart attack in April '91. In listening through his productions in the below omnibus, I feel darkness with sad atmosphere.

And Here Is The Young Man - Marin Hannett Productions 1978 - 1991


01. Joy Division: She's Lost Control (12" mix)
02. New Order: Ceremony
03. U2: 11 O'clock Tick Tock
04. Magazine: Song From Under The Floorboards
05. Happy Mondays: Wrote For Luck
06. Jilted John: Jilted John
07. John Cooper Clarke: Beasley St.
08. The Psychedelic Furs: Susan's Strange
09. Kissing The Pink: Don't Hide In The Shadows
10. Durutti Column: Belgian Friends
11. The Names: Night Shift
12. ESG: Moody
13. Basement 5: The White Christmas
14. New Fast Automatic Daffodils: Get Better
15. Slaughter & The Dogs: Cranked Up Really High
16. The High: More (More Madness Mix)
17. World Of Twist: She's A Rainbow
18. Durutti Column: Second Aspect Of The Same Thing

これはロンドンのヴァージン・メガ・ストアで買いました。Kissing The Pink、The Names等のカルト系バンドも手がけました。World Of Twistの『She's A Rainbow』はお勧めです。このCDはファクトリーではなくポリグラムからのリリースです。

I bought it at Virgin Mega Store in London. He also worked on some cult bands such as Kissing The Pink, The Names. World Of Twist's "She's A Rainbow" is recommended. This CD was released from Polygram not Factory.

Basement 5


This is an electro reggae unit produced by Martin Hannett.

Kissing The Pink


<Kim> English cult electro pop band. The band name seems to have double meanings and later it was renamed to KTP.

World Of Twist


This is a Manchester-based band produced by Martin Hannett.

Hine, Rupert

<荒特派員>ルパート・ハインの本業とでも言うべき、プロデュース作品。演奏参加作品を含めると、100枚以上あるんですね〜・・・(+_+)。やっぱりthe FixxとHoward Jonesではいい仕事してますね〜(古い)。

Early Howard Jones is his best production by Rupert Hine who is known for British Cult Pop.
<Correspondent Ara> The real accomplishment of Rupert Hine is the works involved as a producer. If his performance is included, there are more than 100. (+-+). He has done such good works for the Fixx and Howard Jones (so old).

After The Fire

ATFはピーター・バンクス中心に結成され、最初そこそこの英国での実績を残した。ATFのピーター・バンクスは元イエスのピーター・バンクスとは同名異人である。(ピーター本人から訂正のメールを頂きました。)彼等の音楽はエレポップというよりロックである。ファルコのカヴァー曲『秘密警察』で突然米国でブレイクし全米5位まで達した。『秘密警察』はリック・ジェームスの『Super Freak』を彷彿とさせるリフが利いたダンス・ビートです。日本でもそのヒットを受け『ATF』が過去のヒット・シングルを中心に1983年にリリースされた。ザ・フーのピート・タウンゼントは彼がライヴ・エイドについて書いた曲のタイトルに『After The Fire』の名を借りた。最近CDでもリリースされたらしい。

ATF formed by Peter Banks made modest achievement in the U. K first. ATF's Peter Banks is different from ex Yes' Peter Banks with the same name. (Peter himself sent me a mail for the correction.) Their music is more rock rather than Electro Pop. With "Der Kommissar" Falco's cover, they broke out in the U. S. and reached the number five. "Der Kommissar" is a dance beat with great riff which reminds Rick James' "Super Freak". With the success of this, the album "ATF" consisting of the past hit singles was released in Japan in 1983. Peter Townshend in the Who borrowed After The Fire's name for the title of a song he wrote about Live Aid. Recently, their CD has been reissued.

Eight Seconds


<Correspondent Ara> A Canadian band with Fixx-esque sound.

Moroder, Giorgio


Giorgio Moroder is more attractive as producer than as performer. With his magic, everyone becomes Techno-Discotique.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

<Rob Lesman>私のウェヴ・サイト「LESMANIA」はジグジグ、アダム&ジ・アンツ、少しのセックス・ピストルズに捧げられていあります。私のジグジグのファン誌(サンプル・ページ付)に関する情報や私のアンツのファン誌からのページやジグジグの独占写真やピストルズの珍しい写真などが掲載されています。しかも、豊富な珍しいジグジグ/アンツの情報が長いジグジグ/アンツのオーディオ/ヴィデオ・テープのコレクション・リストにあります。スパトニックのトニー・ジェイムズは私のサイトを気に入っています。

Sigue Sigue Sputnik made sensational debut with "Love Missile F1-11" produced by Giorgio Moroder taking the name from Moscow's street gang. Sigue Sigue is best described as "Punk Destruction + Glam Rock Visual + Electro Groove". It is cute as they include Japanese words in their song. Sigue Sigue was a wonderful short-lived hitter without betraying the expectation.
<Rob Lesman> My website LESMANIA is dedicated to loads of Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Adam & the Ants and there's a bit of Sex Pistols, too. There's info on my Sigue Sigue Sputnik fanzine (+ sample pages), there's pages from my Antz fanzine, and there's exclusive pics of SSS and rare SSS/Pistols graphics. Plus, there is a LOAD of rare SSS/Antz info in my lengthy SSS/Antz audio tape/video tapes collections lists. Tony James of Sputnik loves my site.

Nelson, Bill

主に自らのコクトー・レーベルの弟のイアンのバンドFiat Lux等アーティスト達をプロデュースしました。

He mainly produced the artists of his own Cocteau label such as Fiat Lux, his brother Ian's band.

Orbit, William

Torch Songと言うデュオで活動後、ブラーの作品やマドンナの『Ray Of Light』をプロデュース。マリ・ウィルソンもプロデュースを依頼したが実現しなかったらしい。自らもソロでアルバムを発表。

After he performed in the duo called Torch Song, he produced Blur's works and Madonna's "Ray Of Light". Though Mari Wilson asked him to produce her, it did not come true. He also released his solo albums.


マドンナは本サイトの訪問者にとっては意見が分かれる人でしょうが、ファースト・アルバムは僕も昔買いました。マドンナのトリビュート・アルバム『Virgin Voices Volume One』が99年2月にリーリスされました。特筆するべきはカヴァーをした人々です。Heaven 17、Dead Or Alive、Berlin、Frontline Assembly、Information Society等です。『Volume Two』もリリース予定。

Madonna may be the person who create polarizing opinions among the visitors to this site , but I bough her first album long time ago. Madonna's tribute album "Virgin Voices Volume One" has been released in Feb., '99. The people who covered her songs should get your attention - Heaven 17, Dead Or Alive, Berlin, Frontline Assembly, Information Society, etc. "Volume Two" will be also released.

Plank, Conny

今は亡きノイエ・ドイチェ・ヴェレの系譜で語られる伝説のプロデューサー、コニー・プランクです。コニー・スタジオを所有し、自らもMoebius & PlankやMoebius, Plank, Neumeierとして、名作を発表した。

Ex Conny Plank is a legendary producer who is talked in the context of Neue Deutsche Welle. He owned Conny Studio and released masterpiece works as Moebius & Plank and Moebius, Plank, Neumeier.