This page presents overseas Punk artists who are close to Techno/Electro Pop. Punk is not just Sex Pistols. Wire, Rich Kids and Devo are also Punks.

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Badowski, Henry

<Chad A.特派員>彼は一枚の偉大なエレポップ・レコードと一握りのシングルを世に出しました。それ以前は、The Damnedも含めていろいろなパンク・バンドで活動しました。

<Correspondent. Chad. A> He made one great electronic pop record and put out a handful of singles. Before that he played with various Punk groups, including the Damned.

Boomtown Rats, The


This Irish band from Dublin started as a Punk band who sings the feel of teenagers. Later, they released a big hit "I Don't Like Monday" and Bob Geldoff made the Band Aid project with Midge Ure successful.

Burnel, Jan Jaque


Burnel who is the most Techno man in the Stranglers expressed Europeanism in a techno fashion with "Euroman Cameth" in 1979.



Howard Devoto (left soon and formed Magazine) and Pete Shelly who are friends in Manchester University formed Buzzcocks whose name is as tasteless as Sex Pistols.

Captain Sensible / Damned, The


This is the electro pop project by Raymond Burns, ex Damned bassist. He released the hit single "Happy Talk" produced by Tony Mansfield.

Disco Zombies


This is a Punk Pop band featuring rhythm box with kitsch record jacket.

Gloria Mundi

ロンドンのシンセとサックスのリフが利いたグラム・パンク・バンド。解散後はEddie & Sunshineというニューロマ・デュオを結成する。

This is a Glam Punk band featuring riffs of synth and sax. After disbanding, they formed a New Romantic duo called Eddie & Sunshine.

London Cowboys


This is a Punk band with the early New Romantics sound by New York Dolls freaks.


元バズコックスのハワード・デヴォートが結成したパンク・バンド。AdamsonとFormulaはヴィサージ、McGeoghはSiouxsie And The Bansheesで活動する。

This is a punk band formed by Howard Devoto, ex-Buzzcocks. Adamson and Formula played in Visage and McGeogh played in Siouxsie And The Banshees.

Motello, Elton

<Chad A.特派員>彼はBertrandの『Ca Plane Pour Moi』のために作曲をしたはずです。Motelloは2枚のソロアルバムをリリースしました。ファースト(失念)は彼の発売禁止ヒット『Jet Boy, Jet Girl』を収録。セカンドは『Pop Art』で1980年にPassportからリリース。音楽的には折衷的で、ほぼニューウェイヴとパンク。

<Correspondent. Chad. A> He supposedly wrote the music for Bertrand's "Ca Plane Pour Moi". Motello released two solo albums, the first (I forget the name) contained his banned hit "Jet Boy, Jet Girl". The second album is "Pop Art", which came out on Passport in 1980; It is musically eclectic, but mostly New Wave and Punk.



<Mr. Kase> While they released LPs and singles as a Punk band from Yugoslavia, they released two albums with Eastern European Ultravox-type sound introducing synths and a female vocal.

Rikki And The Last Days Of Earth


This is a spacy Progressive Punk band featuring synths.


<Chad A.特派員>Screamersは最初のギターのないパンク・バンドでした。その代りに、いがんだ電子ピアノとシンセを使っていた。彼等は1977年〜1981年の間にLAシーンでとても影響力も人気がありましが、レコードをリリースした事がありません。いろいろな海賊盤(最近リリースされたダブルCDを含めて)は存在します。二つのライヴ・パフォーマンスはTarget Videoによって別々に出ています。Screamersは多分最も未熟なシンセパンク・バンドでしょう。

<Correspondent. Chad. A> Screamers were the first no-guitar Punk group, instead they used a distorted electric piano and synthesizers. They were extremely influential and popular within the LA scene between 1977 and 1981, but never released any records. Various bootlegs exist (including a recently released double CD). Two live performances were issued on seperate videos by Target Video. Screamers are perhaps the rawest Synthpunk group ever to exist. (www.synthpunk.com).

Shelly, Pete

元バズコックスのピート・シェリーのエレポップ・ソロ・プロジェクト。「Telephone Operator」はHI-NRGユーロビートの定番でもある。

An Electro Pop solo project by Pete Shelly formerly in Buzzcocks. "Telephone Operator" is the standard number of HI-NRG Euro Beat.

Spizz / Spizzoil / Spizzenergi / Athletico Spizz 80 / Spizzles

<Chad A.特派員>イギリスから。Spizzは様々なヴァリエーションの名義で活動したパーソナリティ&ヴォーカリストです。77年に他のバンドのショウを乗っ取って活動を始め、そして有名になっていきました。Rough TradeからSpizzoilとSpizzenergiとして数枚のシングル(1981のRough Tradeの『Spizzhistory』というアルバムに集約されています)をリリース。最初のフル・アルバムはAthletico Spizz 80での『Do A Runner』でその後Spizzlesとして『Spikey Dream Flowers』をリリース。Spizzoilのシングルは無調なドラムなしのパンク。Spizzenergiはフル・バンド、Athletico Spizz 80はパンクとゾンクを演奏、Spizzlesはほとんどポストパンク。Spizzenergiはヒット・シングル『Where's Captain Kirk』で最も人気が出ました。全てのSpizzのヴァリエーションはアーティーで普通でなくチェックする価値ありです。

<Correspondent Chad A.> From U.K. SPIZZ was a personality/vocalist who performed under various permutations of his name. He began in 77 by hijacking other bands' shows, soon becoming sorta famous. He released several singles as Spizzoil and Spizzenergi on Rough Trade (these are collected on the album Spizzhistory on Rough Trade in 1981). His first full length was "Do a Runner" with Athletico Spizz 80 and after that was released "Spikey Dream Flowers" as Spizzles. The Spizzoil singles are atonal Punk without drums, Spizzenergi are a full band, Athletico Spizz 80 play Punk and Zonk, and Spizzles are mostly Postpunk. Spizzenergi was the most popular with the hit single "Where's Captain Kirk". All of the Spizz variations are artsy/unusual and well worth checking out.

Stranglers, The


They have punk spirit, but they are an intelligent band which goes beyond the scope of punk rock. "Golden Brown" is an electro master piece.

Tunes, The


This is a Neo-Mods band who played XTC-like Electro Pop featuring synth.

Vapors, The


This is a one-hit wonder of a little Punkish Neo-Mods + Power Pop who had a hit "Turing Japanese" in '80.