Orange Recordsは、大阪にあるインディーズ・レーベル。頑張れ!

Orange Records is an indie lable in Osaka. Keep it up!

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Orangers, The


A unit by Mr. Yoshida of 8-bits. It's recommended by Yasuharu Konishi. I have not gotten this while I tried to buy it after my friend have me listen to it.


ポイント高いエレポップ・ガール・バンド。ラスト・トラックの「gymnopedie 0.1」は、80年代エレポップな仕上がり。フランスの作曲家Erik Satieの「Gymonopedie No. 1」から?

This is an Electro Pop Girl band which I give a high point. The last track "gymnopedie 0.1" is an 80's Electro Pop tune. Is it from "Gymonopedie No. 1" by Erik Satie, a French composer?

Supermoko Ultrabeaver & Cho-Olive


This is a unit by Mr. Yagura of Modern Chokichokies, Mr. Yasuda (Bldg.) , currently a music writer and ex-Amarylis, Mr. Yoshida of 8-bits, etc. While all are related to Techno Ca-yo, it is not Techno Kayo. Cheerful soulful Dance tune.