This genre started to get united as a term of Electronica recently. Originally Electronica was a term which means Listening Electro Music not for dance floor, but there are many different interpretations these days. So called "Onkyo-ha (Sonic Freak)" is also part of Electronica. This pages sorts Electronica by region. What I started to care recently is Nordic Electronica.


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KRAUT 2000




This is an Electronica Lounge Pop male/female duo from London formed by Guy Fixsen who was the fifth unofficial member and engineer of Moonshake with Margeret Fielder in Moonshake. Laika is the name of the first dog in the space. Laika is my personal push as Sci-Fi unit with New Wave taste.



This is another Sci-Fi Electronica linked to Laika and Stereolab. Moonshake's sound is heavier.

RAH Band, The

どこのページに入れようか迷うったのですが、まぁ渋谷系の人達に再評価されたエレクトロ・ラウンジ・モンド系と言う事で、ここに落ち着きました。『小さな恋のメロディー』やビートルズの『Let It Be』等も手掛けた名プロデューサー・アレンジャーでもあるRichard Anthony Hewsonの独りユニット。日本では小山田圭吾氏監修のもとTrattoriaからベスト盤がCDでリリースされています。まりんも「Clouds Across The Moon」をカヴァー。

<ATOM氏>オレ83年のGoing Up出た当時からの大ファンでして(笑)まりんのカバーやTrattoria盤にはちょっとガッカリしたクチです。dip in the poolの二人がファンだと言ってたり、チエコビューティーが実は「Perfumed Garden」をカバーしてたり(出来はイマイチどころか..)、Buffalo Daughterのムーグさんもこのバンドのファンだったり、ナニゲに知られてたバンドなんですよね。UKに帰国子女してた友人によると、まりんのカバーした例の曲は当時UKで大ヒットしてて、誰でも知ってるってくらい有名だそうで!音は全然渋谷系でもモンドでもないです!!(ちょい怒)どっちかというとシャカタクに近い(泣)フュージョンポップ系というか。このバンド、いろいろベスト盤出してて曲もカブってる事が多いですが、同じ曲でもそれぞれ別バージョンだったりするので要注意です。個人的に大好きな曲はGoing Up(邦題「パノラマ・ファンタジー」)に収録されてるバージョンの「Sam the Samba Man」これです!!!!!各ベスト盤に入ってる同曲のバージョンには、このオリジナルに入ってたはずのマジックがすっかり欠落しちゃってて..(泣)これ、CD化されないかなぁ。

I put it here as an Electro Lounge Mondo that was reappreciated by Shibuya-styled people while I struggled where to put. This is a one-man unit by Richard Anthony Hewson who is a skilled producer and arranger involved with "Little Melody Fair (?)" and the Beatles' album "Let It Be". In Japan, the best compilation CD was released under Mr. Keigo Oyamada's executive production on Trattoria. Marin covered "Clouds Across The Moon".

<Mr. Atom> I have been a big fan of them since "Going Up" was released in '83, and I was kind of dissapointed by Marin's cover and Trattoria compilation. This band is somehow appreciated by some people as dip in the ppol said they are fans of them, Chieko Beauty covered "Perfumed Garden" (hard to say how good it is), and Moog of Buffalo Daughter is a fan of them. According to the friend who studied in the U. K., Marin's cover was a big hit in the U. K., and it is quite famous as everybody knows. The sound is not Shibuya-Style nor Mondo. It more like Fusion Pop close to Shakatak. This band released various best compilation and there are many overlaps, but be careful as the same titled songs are different in version. My personal favorite is "Sa, the Samba Man", a version in the album "Going Up". This is it!!!!! The version of this song in each best compilation lacks the magic of the original. I wish it will be reissued in CD.


左翼的ギターポップ・バンドのMcCarthyに元いた英国人Timとフランス人Laetitiaが中心となり結成した代表的な音響派(又はサイ・ファイ系)ユニットです。色々な音響派・実験的ミュージシャンとも交流し、the High Llamas(元アイルランドのMicrodisney)のSean O'HaganとはTurn Onというユニット、米国のUiやドイツのMouse On Marsとの共演など話題に事欠かない。
<Philippe Doro氏>『Cobra & phases group play voltage in the milky night』は凄く良いアルバムです。とても独創的、感性的。彼等は多くのレコードを作ったが、今まで駄作を聞いたことがない。美しい。

This is a representative Sci-Fi unit centered around British Tim formerly in McCarthy, a Marxist guitar pop band, and French Laetitia. They collabrated with various Sci-Fi or Experimental musicians and worked with Sean O'Hagan of the High Llamas (formerly in Microdisney from Eire) as Turn On, Ui from the U. S. and Mouse On Mars from Germany.
<Philippe Doro> "Cobra & phases group play voltage in the milky night" is a great album. Very original, very sensible music. They've made many records, but I've never heard anything bad from them. Beautiful.


Art & Technique


This is a French Abstract Electro Lounge Music.


Mouse On Mars

<荒特派員>『二ウン・ニグン』 の日本盤とアメリカ盤は、ヨーロッパ盤から2曲をカットし、新曲3曲を追加収録し、曲順とミックス、ジャケットも変えた、別ヴァージョン仕様です。国内盤には、細野さんのコメントも載ってます。面白電子音楽。6曲目「pinwheel herman」は、モロYMO風テクノ・ポップ。必聴。なお、Sonigは、マウス・オン・マーズが設立したレーベルです。ヤン・ヴェルナーの変名ソロのLITHOPSはアンビエント系だとか。『Iaora Tahiti』収録の「Stereomission」という曲(Wolfgang Flurがドラムで参加)は、YAMOの『Time Pie』では「Stereomatic」というタイトルで、少し手を加えてカバーしています。

Mouse On Mars is an experimetal electronica unit consisting of Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma from Germany. They should be positioned as 90's successor of German Rock rather than Techno. Werner also plays as Microstria and Lithops.
<Correspondent Ara> Japanese and U. S. version of "Niun Niggung" elimiated two tracks from Euro version and added 3 new tracks. They are different versions with new order and mixes and cover art. Mr. Hosono's comments are in the Japanese version. Fun Electronic Music. The 6th track "pinwheel herman" is YMO-esque Techno Pop. Sonig is the label founded by Mouse On Mars. Lithops, Jan St. Werner's solo, is more Ambient. The track "Stereomission" in the album "Iaora Tahiti" (Wolfgang Flur appeared for drums) is covered with additional arrangement with the title "Stereomatic" in Yamo's album "Time Pie".


Kings Of Convenience


While they should be categorized into Neo Acoustic, they got into Electronica thanks to the remix album "Versus".




メンバーの一人、Jeremyが嶺川貴子嬢のミニアルバム「Maxi On」で4曲を共作。最初は気づかなかったが、Maxi OnはDYMAXIONからとったのですね。 サンフランシスコ出身のインスト中心のPost Rockと言おうかある意味での音響派。僕自身、音響派というのはどこからどこまでかいまいち定かでないのですが、FALLのカヴァーなんかしてるサイケな実験派と言った方が適切か。コーネリアスが気に入ったためTrattoriaからのリリースとなった模様。

Jeremy who is a half of DYMAXION collaborated on 4 tracks in the mini album "Maxi On" by Ms. Takako Minekawa. While I did not notice initially, "Maxi On" came from DYMAXION. An instrumetal Post Rock or "Okyoha" in a sence from San Francisco. I am not sure from where to where "Onkyoha" is, and it may be more appropriate to call Pychedelic Experimental. As Conelious liked them, it was released on Trattoria.

Moog Cookbook, The

元ジェリーフィッシュのキーボーディストのRoger Manningがシンセコレクタ−仲間のBrian Kehewと組んだ文字通りのムーグ・ラウンジポップ・ユニット。アメリカン・グランジはあまり好きではありませんがムーグでクックすると結構頂けます。

This is a Moog Lounge Pop unit as the name suggests formed by Roger Manning, ex. keyboardist of Jelly Fish with Brain Kehew, his synth-collector friend. Though I don't like American Grunge much, it's good once it's cooked by Moog.

Omnibus Albums

KRAUT 2000 in search of a new planet

[1997] 2CDs; Polymedia

01. Yamo: Steromatic [Stereomagic]
02. FSK: Tel Aviv
03. GENF: Import/Export
04. Hip Young Things: 1 1/2 [Console Remix]
05. To Rococo Rot: Autonachimittag
06. Tarwater: Rome
07. L@N: L@N Master 10 [Psycho Topic Drive]
08. Eight Miles High: Artgallery
09. Locust Fudge: Green
10. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore: Sade Beat
01. Kastrierte Philosophen: Radio Active [Page 62 space mix]
02. Microstoria: Microlab: Endless Summer By Stereolab
03. Füxa: Pangaea
04. Hans Platzgumer: The Rink
05. Nonplace Urban Field: Pan 13
06. Air Liqude: Part Of The Process
07. Workshop: I Wish I Had You
08. Solar Moon System: Outer Canal Street [airplay edit]
09. The Dark Side Of The Moog: Psychedelic Brunch Part III
10. First Things First: Retarding Field
11. Krone Der Gastlichkeit: Möchtern
12. The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman: Is There Anyone Cruisin' Round The Garden?

タイトルに惹かれて買いました。クラウトロック直系のドイツ音響派〜テクノとも言えるドイツ盤オムニバス。もろ、クラウトロックと言えるのもあります。残念ながらドイツ語の解説なので、詳細は判らないが、Can、Amon Düül、Kraftwerkというクラウトロック勢について言及している。YamoOとMicrostoria以外は、知りません。

The title attracted me to buy this. A German omnibus album to be said German Sonic-Freak/Techno directly from Kraut Rock. There are some Kraft Rock stuff. Unfortunately I cannot understand the details as it's written in German, it mentions about Kraut Rock groups such as Can, Amon Düül, Kraftwerk. I know nothing except Yamo and Microstoria.