This page presents Blue-Eyed Soul (or U. K. Soul) artists influenced by Soul (mainly Northern Soul) and Funk in 80's New Wave. Heaven 17, Yazoo and Scritti Politti created superb fusion of Electro and Soul & Funk.

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Allez Allez


This is a Belgian Funk band produced by Martin Ware of Heaven 17. Sarah Osbourne, a vocalist, got married with Glenn Glegory.


リヴァプールの近くの町出身のColin Vearncombeによるソロ・プロジェクト(最初は3人組みだったけど)。曲によってはちょっとAORっぽいです。

This is a solo (started with three though) project by Colin Vearncombe from the town near Liverpool. Some songs sound like AOR.

Blow Monkeys, The

Dr. Robert率いるR&Bを80年代的解釈を見事にしたU.K.ソウル・バンドです。なんと言っても代表曲はジャッズっぽい「Digging Your Scene」。後期はハウス・サウンドも取り入れている。Dr. Robertはバンド解散後はPaul Wellerの協力の下、ソロとしても活動。

This is a U. K. Soul band led by Dr. Robert which interpreted R&B in a 80's way superbly. Their best song is Jazzy "Digging Your Scene". In the later period, they also incorporated House sound. After disbanding, Dr. Robert acted as a solo working with Paul Weller.

Fine Young Cannibals


This unit was formed centered around ex-Beat members. In the 2nd album, they blended Soul sprit with House sound.

General Public

『テンダネス』のヒットを放ったジェネラル・パブリックはツー・トーンのスカ・バンド、English BeatとSpecialsのメンバーが結成したソウルフルなポップ・バンドである。

General Public which has a hit song "Tenderness" is a soulful pop band formed by the members of English Beat and Specials that are Two-Tone Ska Band.

Go West / Cox, Peter

ゴー・ウェストはリチャード・ドラミーとピーター・コックスからなる元気なダンス・ポップから感動のバラードまでこなすヒット・メーカーです。デビュー・アルバム収録の「Call Me」や「We Close Your Eyes」(Godley & Cremeがヴィデオを作成)はMTVヒットとなりました。その後、プリティー・ウーマンのサウンド・トラックとなった『キング・オヴ・ウィシュフル・シンキング』は彼等の久々のヒット曲となりました。少しアメリカ嗜好ですが、好きなユニットです。

Go West is a hit maker consisting of Richard Drummie and Peter Cox who performs energetic Dance Pop to hearty ballad. "Call Me" and "We Close Your Eyes" (the Godley & Creme video) included in their debut album were MTV hits. "King Of Wishful Thinking" from the Pretty Woman sound track became a hit after a long interval. While they are a bit oritented for the U. S. market, it's the unit I like.

Level 42 / King, Mark


Level 42 started as Jazz Funk band and they became more slick Funk Pop band with the hit tunes like "Lessons In Love" and "Something About You".

Style Council, The


After disbanding the Jam, Paul Weller formed the Style Council with Mick Talbot and their talent bloomed as hope of British Blue-Eyed Soul.

Wet Wet Wet


Wet Wet Wet pursed the royal road of U. K. Soul with soulful and catchy melody.