This page presents the soundtracks related Electro Pop and New Wave. As there are much more, I am waiting for your information (movie, album, artists, songs, impressions) if you know.

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Jubilee - CERT.X

[1978] [1996] Virgin EG; EGCD34
01. Adam And The Ants: Deutscher Girls
02. Wayne Country And The Electric Chairs: Paranoia Paradise
03. Chelsea: Right to Work
04. Maneaters: Nine to Five
05. Adam And The Ants: Plastic Surgery
06. Suzi Pinns: Rule Britannia
07. Suzi Pinns: Jerusalem
08. Amilcar: Wargasm in Pornotopia
09. Brian Eno: Slow Water
10. Brian Eno: Dover Beach
<サトル氏からの情報>これも観てません。映画自体1978年の作品の様です。ジャケ写からの印象では、アンダーグラウンドでサブ・カルチャーっぽい作品かも?アダム・アンド・ジ・アンツもニューロマでブレイクする以前のちょっとパンクっぽいサウンド(因みに2曲とも2001年にリリースされたANT BOXにも収録されています)。イーノはやっぱりアンエントっぽい。全体的にこの時代の英国サウンドの一面というのを感じます。

<Info. from Mr. Satoru> I have not seen it. It seems that the movie was also released in 1978. According to the cover art, it may be the work with underground and subcluture taste. Adam And The Ants sounds more like Punk before they outbroke as New Romantics (both of them are included in "ANT BOX" released in 2001. Eno is Ambient as expected. Overall it gives a aspect of British sound at that time.

URGH! A Music War / The Album


[Side One]
01. The Police: Driven To Tears
02. Wall Of Voodoo: Back In Flesh
03. Toyah Wilcox: Dance
04. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark: Enola Gay
05. Oingo Boingo: Ain't This The Life
06. XTC: Respectable Street
[Side Two]
01. The Members: Offshore Banking Business
02. Go-Go's: We Got The Beat
03. Klaus Nomi: Total Eclipse
04. Athletico Spizz '80: Where's Captain Kirk
05. Alley Cats: Nothing Means Nothing Anymore
06. Jools Holland: Foolish I Know
07. Steel Pulse: Ku Klux Klan
[Side One]
01. Devo: Uncontrollable Urge
02. Echo And The Bunnymen: The Puppet
03. The Au Pairs: Come Again
04. The Cramps: Tear It Up
05. Joan Jet & The Blackhearts: Bad Reputation
06. Pere Ubu: Birdies
07. Gary Numan: Down In The Park
[Side Two]
01. Fleshtones: Shadow Line
02. Gang Of Four: He'd Send In The Army
03. John Otway: Cheryl's Going Home
04. 999: Homicide
05. X: Beyond And Back
06. Magazine: Model Worker
07. Skafish: Sign Of The Cross


<Info. from Mr. Satoru> It appears to be a document-touch film lots of New Wave artists appeared on. So, all are live takes. According to the liner note, there was no plan to release it in Japan. It may be difficult to see this now.

Electric Dreams

[1984] Virgin

01. P. P. Arnold: Electric Dreams
02. Jeff Lynne: Video
03. Culture Club: The Dream
04. Giorgio Moroder: The Duel
05. Helen Terry: Now You're Mine
06. Culture Club: Love Is Love
07. Heaven 17: Chase Runner
08. Jeff Lynne: Let It Run
09. Giorgio Moroder: Madeline's Theme
10. Giorgio Moroder With Philip Oakey: Together In Electric Dreams


"Electric Dreams" is the film work for Virgin's entry to the movie business. While it was not a big box office hit, the soundtrack is well-done with the deluxe line-up of artists (Jeff Lynn is especially good). Personally, I have a sweet memory for this movie as I was living in the area of San Francisco at that time (movie's location was San Francisco). Virginia Masden, a heroin, was cute in the movie.


[1985] ZTT

01. Stanley Myers: A Dog Of Night
02. Hans Zimmer: Remember Remember
03. Stanely Myers: Relatively One And Two And Three
04. Stanely Myers: Forever (What The Hell)
05. Roy Robinson: Wild Hearts
06. Hans Zimmer: B-29 (Shape Of The Universe)
07. Theresa Rusell: Life Goes On
08. Gil Evans: Jupiter Suite
09. Hans Zimmer: World Of Theory (Explode)
10. Glenn Gregory And Claudia Brucken: When Your Heart Runs Out Of Time
11. Stanley Myers: It's A Dog Of Night

Sonic Boomさんに貸してもらったZTTからリリースの同名タイトルのサントラです。Glenn GregoryとCraudia BruckenのデュエットやHans Zimmer(「Toys」のも登場)のFGTHの「Relax」ぽい「B-29」が聞き所です。

This is a soundtrack album with the same titled movie which I borrowed from Mr. Sonic Boom. Keys are a duet by Glenn Gregory and Craudia Brucken, and FGTH's "Relax" like "B-29" by Hans Zimmer (whose name appears in "Toys").

Absolute Beginners(ビギナーズ)


01. David Bowie: Absolute Beginners
02. Sade: Killer Blow
03. Style Council: Have You Ever Had It Blue?
04. Ray Davies: Quiet Life
05. Gil Evans: Va Va Voom
06. David Bowie: That's Motivation
07. Eighth Wonder featuring Patsy Kenzit
08. Working Week: Rodrigo Bay
09. Slim Gailard: Selling Out
10. Jerry Danmers: Riot City

ジュリアン・テンプル監督のロンドン・ソーホーを舞台にしたモッズ映画です。スクーターの後ろにはエイス・ワンダーのパッツィ・ケンジットが乗ってます。Slim Gailardの『Selling Out』はトット・テイラーの作品です。しかし、僕はこの映画を見たはずなのだがないようが思い出せない。ヴィデオを探してもう一回見てみます。

This is a movie about Mods in Soho London directed by Jullian Temple. Patsy Kenzit of Eighth Wonder was on the back part of scooter. The song "Selling Out" by Slim Gailard is composed by Tot Taylor. But, I cannot remember this movie well though I should have watched it. I will watch it again on video.

Pretty In Pink


01. OMD: If You Leave
02. Suzanne Vega: Left Of Center
03. Jesse Johnson: Get To Know Ya
04. INXS: Do Wot You Do
05. The Psychedelic Furs: Pretty In Pink
06. New Order: Shell-Shock
07. Belouis Some: Round, Round
08. Danny Hutton Hitters: Wouldn't It Be Good
09. Echo & The Bunnymen: Bring on the Dancing Horses
10. The Smiths: Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

この映画はレーザーディスクを持っていたので(今もディスクがあるがプレイヤーがない)ので何度も見ました。ダウンタウン・ガールのAndie(Molly Ringwald)とアップタウン・ボーイのBlane(Andrew McCarthy)のハイスクール・プロム恋物語です。Andieに片思いのDuckieを演じるJon Cryerとレコード屋のパンクなIonaを演じるAnnie Pottsもいい味だしてます。

I saw this movie many times as I had the laser disc (I still have it, but no player). This is the highschool prom love story between downtown girl Andie (Molly Ringwald) and uptown boy Blane (Andrew McCarthy). Jon Cryer who played Duckie in unrequited love with Andie and Annie Potts who played Iona, a punkish record store clerk, were also memorable.



01. New Order: Salvation Theme
02. Jumpin' Jesus: You Can't Blackmail Jesus
03. Cabaret Voltaire: Twanky Party
04. New Order: Touched By The Hand Of God
05. Dominique: Play The Beat
06. The Hood: Nightmare
07. New Order: Let's Go
08. The Hood: Salvation! Have You Said Your Prayers Today
09. Arthur Baker: Come On
10. New Order: Sputnik
11. Cabaret Voltaire: Jesus Saves
12. New Order: Skullcrusher
13. Dominique: Destroy All Evil
Bonus Tracks
14. New Order: Touched By The Hand Of God (Remix Version)
15. The Hood: Salvation!
16. The Hood: Salvation (Nitro Dub)

<サトル氏からの情報>その昔、ジャケットに貼ってあったステッカーの"6 NEW SONGS FROM NEW ORDER"の文字に目がくらんで買ってしまいました(正確に言うと新曲《当時の》としては5曲、プラス その内1曲のリミックス)。大抵のレコード店ではNew Orderのコーナーだけに置かれていたり...。映画自体は、未見なので何とも言えません。ジャケット写真からするに、メディア界を舞台にしたお話ではないかと思いますが。 映画の監督はBETH B 、特に表記されていませんが音楽的な監修はArthur Bakerがやっているのではないでしょうか。映画「SALVATION!」のサントラCDの日本盤は、サントラの様な扱いではなく、タスキのタイトル、コピーも「サルベーション/ビート・アンソロジー・フィーチュアリング・ニューオーダー」 、「ニュー・オーダーの新曲5曲を含むロック・オムニバス・アルバム!!」となっていて、ジャケットもオリジナルは映画のプロモーションビジュアルが使用されていましたが日本盤はニューエイジ系のアルバムの様な、爽やかイメージ写真でギャップがありすぎ。ボーナストラックは、ニューオーダーの「Touched By The Hand Of God」の12"versionのみで The Hoodの「Salvation!」と「Salvation (Nitro Dub)」はカットされていました。

<Info. from Mr. Satoru> Long time ago, I bought attracted by the sticker saying "6 New Songs From New Order" (to be accurate, 5 new songs at that time plus 1 remix of one of the tracks). In many record shops, it was only at New Order section. The movie itself is hard to comment as I have not watched it. According to the cover art, it looks like a story in the media field. The movie was directed by Beth B, and I guess that sound was directed by Aurther Baker while it was not credited. The Japanese soundtrack "Salvation!" CD is not treated like a soundtrack, and the title/copy in obi is "Salvation!/Beat Anthorogy featuring New Order", "A Rock Omnibus Album including 5 new songs by New Order". While the original release used the promotion visuals for movie, the Japanese release used a bracing image picture like New Age album. A bonus track is only 12" version "Touched By The Hand Of God" by New Order and excluded "Salvation!" by The Hood and "Salvation (Nitro Dub).

Until The End Of The World「夢の涯てまでも」


01. Graeme Revell: Opening Titles
02. Talking Heads: Sax and Violins
03. Julee Cruise: Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
04. Neneh Cherry: Move With Me (Dub)
05. Crime & The City Solution: The Adversary
06. Lou Reed: What's Good
07. Can: Last Night Sleep
08. R.E.M.: Fretless
09. Elvis Costello: Days
10. Graeme Revell: Claire's Theme
11. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: (I'll Love You) Till The End Of The World
12. Patti Smith and Fred Smith: It Takes Time
13. Depeche Mode: Death's Door
14. Graeme Revell: Love Theme
15. Jane Siberry with k.d. lang: Calling All Angels
16. T-Bone Burnett: Humans From Earth
17. Daniel Lanois: Sleeping In The Devil's Bed
18. U2: Until The End Of The World
19. Graeme Revell: Finale

<サトル氏からの情報>WARNER MUSIC JAPANよりリリース。「ベルリン・天使の詩」のヴィム・ヴェンダース監督作品。オリジナル・スコア担当の「Graeme Revell」って元「SPK」のメンバーですよね?以前、雑誌のインタビューで「映画のサウンドトラックをやりたい」っていうのを読んだ記憶があるのですが。彼の名前は他に「ザ・クラフト」というコギャル魔女ホラー映画のサントラでもクレジットされていました。

<Info. from Mr. Satoru> This was released on Warner Music Japan. It was directed by Vim Venders known for "Belrin....(?)". I guess that Gram Revell in charge of the original score is ex. SPK. I rememeber reading that he wanted the soundtrack in the magazine interviews... His name was also credited for the soundtrack for the girl witch horror movie "The Craft"

Cool World「クール・ワールド」


01. David Bowie: Real Cool World
02. Thompson Twins: Play With Me
03. Electronic: Disappointed
04. The Future Sound Of London: Papua New Guinea (7" original)
05. Ministry: N.W.O.
06. The Cult: The Witch
07. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult: Sex On Wheelz (glamour dyke mix)
08. Moby: Ah-Ah (mix1)
09. Mindless: Mindless
10. Moby: Next Is The E (long arms mix)
11. Da Juice: Do That Thang (polite mix)
12. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult: Her Sassy Kiss
13. Pure: Greedy
14. Brian Eno: Under
15. Tom Bailey: Industry And Seduction

<サトル氏からの情報>WARNER MUSIC JAPANよりリリース。キム・ベイシンガーやブラッド・ピット出演の実写+アニメーションのファンタジー・アドベンチャー映画。David Bowie の曲が、ティン・マシーンの頃と重なるのにテクノっぽいので驚きました。全体にエレクトロ度が高いサントラです。

<Info. from Mr. Satoru> This was released on Warner Music Japan. It's a fantasy adventure movie with actual shooting plus animation starring Kim Basinger and Brad Pitt. I was surprised at hearing Techno sound of David Bowie's track while it's overlapped with Tin Machine days. Overall, it's a soundtrack album with a high level of Electro.



01. Winter Reveries*
02. The Musical Cast Of Toys featuring Wendy & Lisa: The
Closing Of The Year (Main Theme)*+
03. Enya: Ebudae
04. Tori Amos: The Happy Worker*+
05. Julia Migenes and Hans Zimmer: Alsatia's Lullaby*
06. The Musical Cast Of Toys: Workers*+
07. Pat Metheny: Let Joy And Innocence Prevail
08. Michael Gambon and Hans Zimmer: The General*
09. Thomas Dolby with Robin Williams and Joan Cusack as
"Steve and Yolanda": The Mirror Song*+
10. Robin Williams: Battle Introduction
11. Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Welcome To The
Pleasuredome (Into Battle Mix)*
12. Grace Jones: Let Joy And Innocence Prevail*+
13. The Musical Cast Of Toys featuring Wendy & Lisa: The
Closing Of The Year [Alternative Theme]*+
14. Tori Amos: Happy Workers (Reprise)
*produced by Trevor Horn (and others)
+written by Trevor Horn (and others)

ロビン・ウイリアムス主演のおもちゃの会社を舞台にした映画です。バグルス+カメラ・クラブとも言えるTrevor Horn、Bruce Woolley、Thomas Dolbyのクレジットは感動もんです。

This is the movie about Toy company starring Robin Williams. The credit by Trevor Horn, Bruce Wooley, Thomas Dolby who are the Buggles + Camera Club is fantastic.
<Info. from Mr. TK> In the soundtrack of the movie "Toys", Thomas Dolby performed the song sung by Robin Williams in the movie. This soundtrack was produced by Trevor Horn. It contains a remix of FGTH and most of ZTT artists joined this. Bruce Woolley also joined this song as chorus.

Romy And Michele's High School Reunion (ロミーとミシェルの場合)


01. GO-GO's: Our Lips Are Sealed
02. Bananarama: Venus
03. Naked Eyes: (There's) Always Something There to...
04. Wang Chung: Dance Hall Days
05. The Vapors: Turning Japanese
06. The Smithereens: Blood and Roses
07. Culture Club: Karma Chameleon
08. Bow Wow Wow: I Want Candy
09. Tears For Fears: Everybody Wants to Rule the World
10. Berinda Carlisle: Heaven Is a Place on Earth
11. GO-GO's: We Got the Beat
01. Wang Chang: Everybody Have Fun Tonight
02. Robert Palmer: Bad Case Of Loving You
03. Devo: Whip It
04. N-Trance: Staying Alive
05. Thomas Dolby: She Blinded Me With Science
06. Bananarama: Cruel Summer
07. Howard Jones: No One Is To Blame
08. Joe Jackson: Steppin' Out
09. Kim Wilde: You Keep Me Hangin' On
10. Tiffany: I Think We're Alone Now
11. La Bouche: Be My Lover
12. Rick Astley: Together Forever

80年代ニュー・ウェイヴ/エレポップからユーロビートまでを素材にしたサウンドトラックです。1部と2部(モア)にに別れています。映画は高校時代いまいちだったロミー(Mira Sorvino)とミシェル(Lisa Kudrow)の二人が10年ぶりの同窓会に出席し、成功したふりをしてクラスメートを見返そうとする物語です。二人はこともあろうにポスト・イットを発明したと言い張るのですが、すぐばれます。Mira Sorvinoは映画では無知を装っていますが、ハーヴァード大卒の才女です、そしてとってもキュートです。貸ヴィデオ店でかりれます。

This is the soundtrack using New Wave/Electro Pop to Euro Beat in 80's. It consists of volume 1 and 2 (MORE). The movie is the story that the two girls, Romy (Mira Sorvino) and Michele(Lisa Kudrow) who were not respected much in their high school days try to impress their class mates in high school reunion ten years after by pretending to be successful. They claimed to have invented Post-It, but their lie were soon known. Mira Sorvino acted as an ignorant girl in the movie, but she is actually a very intelligent Harvard graduate. And she is very cute. You can watch in the rental video stores.

The Saint

[1997] Virgin/Toshiba EMI VJCP-25316

01. Orbital: The Saint Theme
02. Sneaker Pimps: 6 Underground [Nellee Hooper Mix]
03. Moby: Oil1
04. Fluke: Atom Bomb
05. Luscious Jackson: Roses Fade [Mojo Mix]
06. The Chemical Brothers: Setting Sun [Instrumental]
07. Underworld: Pearl's Girl
08. Duran Duran: Out Of My Mind
09. Daft Punk: Da Funk
10. David Bowie: Little Wonder [Danny Saber Dance Mix]
11. Superior: Polaroid Millenium
12. Dreadzone: A Dream Within A Dream
13. Duncan Sheik: In The Absence Of Sun
14. Everything But The Girl: Before Today


<Info. from Mr. Satoru> This is not too recent. I have not seen the movie yet (I saw it - BUGGLE).

The Beach

[2000] London/east west japan AMCE-7140

01. Leftfield: Snakeblood
02. All Saints: Pure Shores
03. Moby: Porcelain
04. Dario G feat. Vanessa Quinones: Voices
05. Underworld: 8 Ball
06. Sugar Ray: Spinning Away
07. Asian Dub Foundation: Return Of Django
08. Blur: On Your Own [Crouch End Broadway Mix]
09. Mory Kante: Yeke Yeke [Hard Floor Mix]
10. Faithless: Woozy
11. Barry Adamson: Richard, It's Business As Usual
12. New Order: Brutal
13. Unkle feat. Richard Ashcroft: Lonely Soul
14. Orbital & Angelo Badalamenti: Beached

<サトル氏からの情報>ご存じ、刑事プリオ主演、「トレイン・スポッティング」のダニー・ボイル監督作品。これも観てません(僕は見ましたーBUGGLE)。Techno & New Wave(?)系のアーティストで埋められた中でオール・セインツの「ピュア・ショアーズ」がウィリアム・オービットのプロデュースでモロに最近のマドンナ-サウンド(好きなんです)。それからNew Order、7年ぶりの新曲に期待したものの、テクノ度は後退。ニューアルバムはどうなるんでしょう?

<Info. from Mr. Satoru> As you know, it was directed by Danny Boil of "Train Spotting" starring Reonald Decaprio. I have not seen the movie yet (I saw it - BUGGLE). All Saints" "Pure Shores" produced by William Orbit is very much like recent Madonna-sound (which I like) among the Techno & New Wave artists. Though I had high expectation for New Order's new single 7 years after the last one, it was less Techno. I wonder what will happen to their new album.

American Psycho

[2000] KOCH Records; KOC-CD-8164
01.Dope: You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
02.monologue 1*
03.David Bowie: Something In The Air (American Psycho Remix)
04.The Cure: Watching Me Fall (Underdog Remix)
05.New Order: True Faith
06.monologue 2*
07.Daniel Ash: Trouble
08.Eric B. & Rakim: Paid In Full (Coldcut Remix)
09.Tom Tom Club: Who Feelin' It (Phhilip's Psycho Mix)
10.monologue 3**
11.Information Society: What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy Mix)
12.M/A/R/R/S: Pump Up The Volume
13.The Racket: Paid In Full (Remix).....monologue 4
* Music By John Cale
** Music By M.J. Mynarski
<サトル氏からの情報>この映画は観ていませんが、タイトル通りサイコ・サスペンス物の様です。オリジナルの音楽担当は John Cale。彼自身の曲は02. 06. のモノローグ(映画本編のセリフ?)のバックグラウンドでちょっとだけ聴けます。01. はデッド・オア・アライブのカヴァー、ノイジーでダークな仕上がり。07. のダニエル・アッシュ(元バウハウス〜ラブロケ)も新曲。他の既発曲もここでしか聴けないリミックスがあったりして、お得な一枚です。

<Info. from Mr. Satoru> While I have not watched this movie, it seems like psycho suspense as the title says. The original score was by John Cale. You can listen to a little bit of his songs in the monologue in track 02, 06. Track 01 is a cover of Dead Or Alive. Noisy and dark. Track 07 is a new recording by Daniel Ash (ex-Bauhaus and Love & Rokkets). This is a good buy as it also contains remixes only available here.