This page presents the tribute albums to Techno Pop and New Wave artists or by Techno Pop and New Wave artists. There are cover song lists available in BEATLESQUE (for the Beatles), BUGGLESQUE (for the Buggles), YMO-ESQUE (for YMO) and . As there are much more (such as Duran Duran), I am waiting for your information (album title, songs, artists, impressions) if you know.


Tribute By Japanese Artists
A Tribute To Japan: Life In Tokyo | Todd/A True Star | Musique Non Stop | Welcome To Plastic World
Tribute By Overseas Artists
David Bowie Songbook NEW! | Devotees | Abba-esque | Blue Order | The Duran Duran Tribute Album | Random: New Interpretation Of Gary Numan | ABBA - A Tribute The 25th Anniversary Celebration | For The Masses | Twentieth Century Blues: The Songs Of Noel Coward | hommage to a polnareff | A Tribute To Giorgio Moroder | A Tribute To DEPECHE MODE: Enjoy The Sounds | Reproductions: Songs Of The Human League
Cleopatora + Hypnotic
Trancewerk Express Vol. 1: A Tribute To Kraftwerk | Sometimes: A Tribute To Erasure | Virgin Voices: A Tribute To Madonna | Virgin Voices 2 | We Will Follow: A Tribute To U2 | Party O' The Times: A Tribute To Prince | The Other Side Of Pink: A Tribute To Pink Floyd | Platinum Girl - A Tribute To Blondie | Lay All Your Love On ABBA: A Tribute To ABBA | A Tribute To NEW ORDER

Tribute By Japanese Artists

A Tribute To Japan: Life In Tokyo


01. Kyo & Alien's Stripper: Life In Tokyo
02. Scudelia Electro: Automatic Gun
03. Maki Fujii(藤井麻輝)+ Ryuichi: Ain't That Peculiar
04. Le Fou: The Experience Of Swimming
05. Suicide: Fall In Love With Me
06. Sugizo: Quiet Life
07. R.H.D.: Sons Of Pioneers
08. Burning Fire featuring Shota: Communist China
09. Masami Tsuchiya(土屋昌巳): Visions Of China
10. Torrid: Nightporter

ジャパンの活動にも参加した土屋昌巳、元ソフトバレエの藤井麻輝と森岡賢、Luna SeaのSugizoと河村龍一、ドリーム・ドルフィンのNoriko(Le Fou)、田村直美(きっとジャパンのファンなのでしょう)、スクデーリア・エレクトロ等の日本のアーティスト達によるジャパンのトリビュート・アルバムです。

This is a tribute album to Japan by Japanese artists such as Masami Tsuchiya who joined Japan's activities, Maki Fujii and Ken Morioka who are formerly in Soft Ballet, Sugizo and Ryuichi Kawamura in Luna Sea, Noriko (Le Fou) in Dream Dolphin, Naomi Tamura (I guess she is a fan of Japan.), Scudelia Electro.

Todd/A True Star(トッドは真実のスーパースター)

[1977] produced by Kenzo Saeki

01. Yoshihiro Sawasaki(サワサキヨシヒロ): Utopia Theme
02. Tomofumi "Chibun" Suzuki & Caoli Cano(鈴木智文&かの香織): Does Anybody Love You?
03. Carnation: A Dream Goes On Forever
04. yes, mama ok?: I Saw The Light
05. LA-PPISCH: Compassion
06. WONDER 3 feat. Saeko Suzuki(鈴木さえ子): Infrared & Ultraviolet
07. Oh-sama(王様): 前略、僕です=Hello, It's Me
08. Keiichi Suzuki(鈴木慶一): Sons Of 1984
09. THE THRILL: Abandon City
10. Hiroshi Takano(高野寛): International Feel
11. dip in the pool: Can We Still Be Friends
12. Hiroyuki Namba(難波弘之): Medley
13. ZABADAK: Bleeding
14. Tetsutaro Sakurai(桜井鉄太郎)from COSA NOSTRA: A Dream Goes On Forever
15. Takayuki Shiraishi(白石隆之): Tic Tic Tic It Wears Off
16. Haruo Kubota & Mikiko Noda(窪田晴男&野田幹子): Love Is The Answer
17. HOPPY & TANA: Onion Head Jam
18. Kenzo Saeki & Teruo Nakano(サエキけんぞう&中野テルヲ): Open My Eyes
19. Violent Onsen Geisha(暴力温泉芸者): Overture: My Roots: Money (That's What I Want)~Messin' With The Kid
20. Paradise Yamamoto & Tokyo Latin Mood Deluxe(バラダイス山元&東京ラテンムードデラックス: Open My Eyes
21. 2 MOODY: Be Nice To Me
22. Takaaki Aoki(青木孝明): Bad Little Actress
24. Yukihiro Takahashi(高橋幸宏): I Saw The Light
25. Jugo Nagisa(渚十吾): Wailing Wall
26. Homo sapiens sapiens with Kaoru Sugita(ホモサピエンス・ホモサピエンスwith杉田かおる):You Don't Have To Camp Around
27. Orga(オルガ): Baby Let's Swing
28. AJA: 子供たちの歌~All The Children Sing~
29. TREACLE WELL: It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
30. EIJI, MARIE & EBBY: Tiny Demons

トッド・ラングレンと言えば、実験的ポップミュージックのルーツ的な人ですが、ミュージシャンズ・ミュージシャンの名にふさわしく日本のテクノポップ&ニュー・ウェイヴ系のアーティスト達がトッド自身のミックスも含めてカヴァー合戦しております。サエキけんぞうのプロデュースの元、元ポータブル・ロックの鈴木智文、ご無沙汰していた鈴木さえ子、鈴木慶一とライダース系の人達、高橋幸宏、トッドもプロデュースした高野寛とLA-PPISCH、窪田晴男、何故か杉田かおる等錚々たる人達がカヴァーしてます。サエキけんぞうによる企画本『トッド・ラングレン 全能の人』も同時発売しました。

While Todd Rundgren is a root of experimental pop music, Japanese techno pop & new wave artists worthy of the name of musician's musician competed to cover his songs including his own mixing. Under the production of Kenzo Saeki, his songs were covered by prominent people such as Tomofumi Suzuki formerly in Portable Rock, Saeko Suzuki who has been quiet, Keiichi Suzuki and Moonriders-related people, Yukihiro Takahashi, Hiroshi Takano and LA-PPISCH who Todd produced before, Haruo Kubota, somehow Kaoru Sugita. "Todd Rundgren Born To Synthesize", a book planned by Kenzo Saeki, was released together.

Welcome To Plastic World: Plastics Children


01. Spoozys: Diamond Head
02. Yukihiro Fukutomi(福富幸宏): Top Secret Man
03. Yoshinori Sunahara(砂原良憲): Robot
04. Buffalo Daughter: Cards
05. Hajime Tachibana & Low Powers(立花ハジメとローパワーズ): I Am Plastic
06. Tokyo Ska Paradice Orchestra(東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ): Cards
07. Fantastic Plastic Machine: Welcome Plastics
08. Pizzicato Five: Good
09. Motocompo: Delicious
10. Tosh 'Posh' Skylab: Desolate


You can listen to new interpretation of Plasticts by ex Plastic (Hajime Tachibana, Toshio Nakanishi), Neo New Wave people (Spoozys, Motocompo), etc. on the top of Pizzicato Five's "Good" (which seems to be a new mix). They should have put more efforts on the cover art as Hibiki Tokiwa's work.

Tribute By Overseas Artists

David Bowie Songbook

[1997] MSI/Connoisseur Collection

01. Blondie: Heroes
02. The Flying Pickets: Space Oddity
03. Midge Ure: The Man Who Sold The World
04. Danny Wilson: Kooks
05. Bauhaus: Ziggy Stardust
06. Tony Hadley: Rock'n' Roll Suicide
07. Polecats: John, I'm Only Dancing
08. Mott The Hoople: All The Young Dudes
09. Lulu: Watch That Man
10. Sigue Sigue Sputnik
11. Duran Duran: Fame
12. Billy Mackenzie: Secret Life Of Arabia
13. Susannah Hoffs: Boys Keep Swining
14. Tears For Fears: Ashes To Ashes
15. Iggy Pop: China Girl
16. Beatstalkers: Silver Treetop School For Boys
17. Oscar: Over The Wall We Go

Iggy Pop、Mott The Hoople、OscarといったBowie周辺の人たちや、Midge Ure、Tony Hadley、SSS、Duran Duran、Billy Mackenzie、TFFといったニューロマ〜エレポップ系によるカヴァー集。このアルバムのためにカヴァーしたというより、過去のBowieカヴァーを集めただけあって、レベルが高いし、個性的なカヴァーが多い。特に素晴らしいのが、TFFによる「Ashes To Ashes」。

This is the cover collection by the people around Bowie such as Iggy Pop, Mott The Hoopl, Oscar and New Romantic to Electro Pop people such as Midge Ure, Tony Hadley, SSS, Duran Duran, Billy Mackenzie, TFF. This is the collection of the past covers rather than the covers for this album, and they have high level of quality with many unique interpretations. TFF's "Ashes To Ashes" is especially great.

Devotees (Tribute to Devo)


01. Group: Song
02. Knife Lust: Shrivel Up
03. Jupiter: Mongoloid
04. The View: Uncontrollable Urge
05. The Firemen: Jocko Bozo
06. The Deadliners: Mongoloid
07. The Bakersfield Boogie Boys: Okie From Muskogee
08. Lonnie and the Devotions: Jocko Homo
09. The Doguloids: Blockhead
10. The Touch Tone Tuners: Jocko Homo
11. The Sordes: Music inspired by Space Junk
12. Bohonian Plimquins: Gut Feeling

マイケル『ディーヴォティーズ』LPは幾つかのバンドによる(たぶん最初の)トリビュート・アルバムです。ロスのKROQというラジヲ局が1978年にディーヴォのカヴァー曲をする地元バンド対象のコンテストをしました。ディーヴォ自身により勝者が選ばれラジヲ局のよりこのアルバムに名誉の収録発売されました。リノ・レーベルからリリースされました(カタログ#RNSP301)。LPの裏ジャケットの以下記載『このLPは1978と1979年の夏の間に送られたテープをKROQが編集し出来ました。KROQ、リノ・レコードとディーヴォは『ディーヴォティーズ』コンテストに参加した全てのミュータントに感謝します。『Okie from Muskogee』以外はディーヴォの曲のヴァリエーションです。いい曲ですが何故この曲が入ったかはわかりません。一番おかしいカヴァーはディーヴォを道化師と非難するファイアー・マン版の『Jocko Homo』、『Jocko Bozo』です。 いじわるだけれど、おかしい。

<Michael> The "Devotees" LP was a tribute record (probably one of the first) with songs from SEVERAL bands on it. A Radio station in Los Angeles (KROQ) ran a contest in 1978 for local bands to contribute covers of DEVO songs. DEVO themselves picked out the winners which had the honor of being included on the "Devotees" LP that was put out by the radio station. It was released on the Rhino label, catalog # RNSP 301. From the back of the LP: "This LP was compiled from tapes sent in by KROQ listeners during the summers of 1978 and 79. KROQ, Rhino Records and DEVO would like to thank all the mutants who entered the Devotees contest." All the songs are variations on DEVO songs except "Okie from Muskogee". I'm clueless why that got included on the LP. Cool song though. The funniest cover song is the Fireman's version of Jocko Homo "Jocko Bozo" where they accuse DEVO of being clowns. It's kinda mean, but funny.

Random: New Interpretations of Gary Numan


01. St. Etienne: Stromtrooper In Drag
02. Matt Sharp And Damon Albarn: We Have A Technical
03. Gravity Kills: Poetry And Power
04. Peck Slip: I Can't Stop
05. An Pierle: Are Friends Electric?
06. EMF: We Are Glass
07. The Magnetic Fields: I Die You Die
08. Jesus Jones: We Are So Fragile
09. Posh: She's Got Claws
10. Earl Brutus: M E
11. Underdog: Films
12. Sukia: Me! I Disconnected From You
13. The Orb: Jo The Waiter [Bon Appetit Remix]
01. Kenickie: I'm An Agent
02. Jimi Tenor: Down In The Park
03. Moloko: Are Friends Electric?
04. Chris Holmes: Remember I Was Vapour
05. Towering Inferno: Metal
06. Dubstar: Everyday I Die
07. Amanda Ghost: Absolution
08. Deadly: Replicas
09. Pop Will Eat Itself: Friends
10. Republica: Are Friends Electric?
11. Windscale: War Songs
12. bis: We Are So Fragile
13. Dave Clarke: Cars


This is one of the best among many tribute albums available. The U. K. pop & rock groups such as St. Etienne, Blur's members, Kenickie and Dubstar made unique covers which make me feel "Gary Numan was so great, wasn't he?" Highly recommended to even those who felt Gary is too heavy.

ABBA - A Tribute The 25th Anniversary Celebration

[1999] Relativity

01. CoCo Lee: Dancing Queen
02. Go West: One Of Us
03. Irma: The Name Of The Game
04. Army Of Lovers: Hasta Mañana
05. Bananarama: Waterloo
06. Ash: Does Your Mother Know
07. Evan Dando: Knowing Me, Knowing You
08. Hazell Dean: The Winner Takes It All
09. Information Society: Lay All Your Love On Me
10. Abbacadabra: The Vistors (Crackn' Up)
11. Erasure: Take A Chance On Me
12. E-Rotic: Money, Money, Money
13. Mike Love: On And On And On
14. Peter Cetera & Ronna Reeves: SOS
15. Sofia & Michael B. Tretow: Honey, Honey
16. The Real Group With Frida: Dancing Queen
17. The Wedding Band: Bridal Dancing Queen

長らく持っているにもかかわらず、忘れていました。TVドラマ「ストロベリー・オン・ザ・ショートケーキ」の主題歌で、再ブームが起こっているABBAですが、それで思い出して、聴きなおしました。Bananarama、Erasure、Army Of Lovers等はなかなかいいカヴァーをしています。

While I have been having this for a while, I forgot about it. ABBA is in the middle of revival due to the TV drama "Strawberry On The Shortcake", and it reminded this album for me to listen to it again. Bananarama, Erasure, Army Of Lovers, etc. are doing nice covers.

For The Masses (A Tribute To Depeche Mode)


01. The Smashing Pumpkins: Never Let Me Down Again
02. God Lives Underwater: Fly On The Windscreen
03. Failure: Enjoy The Silence
04. The Cure: World In My Eyes
05. Dishwalla: Policy Of Truth
06. Veruca Salt: Somebody
07. Meat Beat Manifesto: Everything Counts
08. Hooverphonic: Shake The Disease
09. Locust: Master And Servant
10. Self: Shame
11. Monster Magnet: Black Celebration
12. Rabbit In The Moon: Waiting For The Night
13. Apollo Four Fourty: I Feel You
14. Gus Gus: Monument
15. Deftones: To Have And To Hold
16. Rammstein: Stripped

<サトル特派員>私が買ったのは輸入盤ですが、タイトル部分の(A TRIBUTE TO DEPECHE MODE)というのはどこにもクレジットされていません(勝手に付けました)。輸入盤しか持っていないので、有名どころ以外のアーティストの詳細は不明です。意外なアレンジがあったり、バリエーション豊富なカバーで好アルバムだと思います。

<Correspondent Satoru> While I bought the imported disc, the part of title "A Tribute To Depeche Mode" is not shown anywhere (I put it). Since it's imported, no details available. I think it's a nice album with some unexpected arragements and wide variations.

Twentieth Century Blues: The Songs Of Noel Coward


01. Introduction
02. Texas: Parisian Pierrot
03. The Divine Comedy: I've Been To A Marvelous Party
04. Paul McCartney: A Room With A View
05. Pet Shop Boys: Sail Away
06. Shola Ama With Craig Armstrong: Someday I'll Find You
07. Robbie Williams: There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner
08. Bryan Ferry: I'll See You Again
09. Marianne Faithful: Mad About The Boy
10. Space: Mad Dogs And Englishmen
11. Suede featuring Raissa: Poor Little Rich Girl
12. Sting: I'll Follow My Secret Heart
13. Damon Albam With Michael Nyman: London Pride
14. Vic Reeves: Don't Put Your Daughter On The Stage Mrs Worthington
15. Elton John: Twentieth Century Blues


This is a tribute album to Noel Coward who was popular in 20's to 30's by British musicians produced by Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant and Tris Penna. Track #2, 3, 5 are recommended. It's worth listening to the techno tune by the Devine Comedy.

hommage to a polnareff
a tribute to POLNAREFF - The 30th Aniversary of MICHEL POLNAREFF


French Version - Disc 1
01. pulp: Les roi des fourmis (J-06)
02. bertrand burgalant: Holidays (J-17)
03. saint etienne: La poupee qui fait non (J-07)
04. blaine reinger: Fame a la mode
05. nouvelle generation de la republique de congo: Dans la rue
06. louis philipe: La bal de Laze (J-11)
07. steven brown: Sous quelie etoile suisje ne ?
08: spookie: Lettre a France
09. nick cave: Goodbye Marylou (J-16)
10. the residents: Love me please love me
11. gentle people: La mouche (J-08)
12. peter hammill: Jour apres jour
13. simon warner: Le desert n'est plus en Afrique
14. neppu tokyo salon: Tam Tam (J-18)
15. daphne kaye: Sous quelle etoile suis-je ne ? (J-04)
16. bill prichard: Je suis un homme (J-09)
17. marc almond: Ame caline
18. pascal comelade: Le bal des Laze
19. pizzicato five: Tout tour pour ma cherie (J-19)
French Version - Disc 2
01. eiffel: Rosy
02. lilicub: Tout tout pour ma cherie (J-01)
03. jacno: La poupee qui fait non (J-13)
04. guesch patti: L love you because (J-15)
05. pigalle: Le bal de Laze
06. nolorgues & concorde: Lettre a France (J-10)
07. jerome soligny: Ca n'arrive qu'aux autres
08. marc morgan: Dans la maison vide
09. hugo: Goodbye Marylou (J-03)
10. herve paul: Qui a tue Grand-Maman (J-05)
11. william pears: L'amour avec toi (J-02)
12. louis philipe: L'oiseau de nuit
13. le baron: Hey you woman
14. pow wow: Love me please love me (J-12)
15. jil caplan & rob: Un train ce soir (J-14)
bonus track
16. elli medeiros: Holidays
--. lilicub: Tout tout pour ma cherie [Karaoke] (J-20)
Japanese release are shown in (J-##).

買うのなら、東芝EMIによる日本版のダイジェストCDよりEMI Music Franceから出ているオリジナル・フランス版2枚組CDです。
「Michel Polnareff」のトリビュートです。こちらで紹介するのはジャンル的にどうかな?とは、思ったんですが、 Elli et Jacno やPizzicato Five、さらによく見るとSaint Etienne、Nick Cave、あと私の持っている仏盤では、The Residents、Marc Almond、Pascal Comelade、Peter Hammillなど蒼々たるメンツが揃っているので。

It's better to buy the original French release with 2 CDs released on EMI Music France than the Japanese digest version on Toshiba EMI.
<Correspondent Satoru> It's a tribute album to Michel Polnareff. While I initally thought it may not be appropriate for this site, I decided to introduce as it contains deluxe line-up of people such as Elli et Jacno, Pizzicato Five, further checking...Saint Etienne, Nick Cave, and in the French version I have, the Residents, Marc Almond, Pascal Comelade, Peter Hammill.

DJ Empire Presents / A Tribute To Giorgio Moroder

[2000] BMG

01. Giorgio Moroder vs. Jam & Spoon: The Chase [Jam & Spoon Radio Mix]
02. Giorgio vs. Talla 2XLC: E=MC2
03. Giorgio Moroder vs. Spotlite Prod. presents Sarah Abdallah: Flashdance (What A Feeling)
04. Jill Jones vs. Todd Terry: Call Me
05. Giorgio Moroder vs. Eric. D. Clark feat. Amanda Lear: From Here To Eternity [Tox'n Stone-Remix]
06. Giorgio Moroder feat. Diana DeWitt: Take My Breath Away [Andreas Dorau-Remix]
07. Giorgio vs. Thee Mattcatt Courtship: I Wanna Rock You
08. Kid Batchelor & Marcel Krieg feat. Esther Adams: Spring Affair [Remix by Multosugo]
09. Giorgio Moroder feat. Paul Engemann vs. 7th District: Reach Out [Club Radio Edit]
10. Giorgio Moroder feat. Paul Engemann and Diana DeWitt vs. DJ Tomcraft: Never Ending Story
11. Tom Tom Club: Love To Love You Baby [Tom Novy & The Gran' Flow Remix]
12. DJ Shahrokh feat. Esther Adams: Hot Staff [DJ Werner @Wicked Inc. Radio Cut]
13. Giorgio Moroder feat. AMOR: On The Radio
14. Giorgio Moroder vs. Eddie Amador feat. J.D. Braithwaite: I'm Yours
15. Giorgio: From Here To Eternity [Danny Tenaglia-Remix]
16. Roger Sanchez: Evolution [The S Man's Radio Edit]
17. Sigue Sigue Sputnik: Love Missile [Westbam Remix]
18. Giorgio Moroder Project presents Gloria Gaynor: Last Night [T & F Crushed Mendoza Radio Mix]
19. Giorgio Moroder vs. Jam & Spoon: The Chase [Junior Sanchez Mix]*

* a bonus track for Japanese release


<Correspondent Satoru> Track 01 and 03 in the single are not included in the album. Track 02 is the full version of the first track of the album. Track 04 is included as a bonus track in the Japanese release.

A Tribute To DEPECHE MODE: Enjoy The Sounds

[2000] GROOMY 008 EFA61643-2

01. Matrix: But Not Tonight
02. Cut.Rate.Box: Behind The Wheel
03. Yendri: Everything Counts
04. No Comment: Walking In My Shoes
05. Repulsion: The Things You Said
06. In Strict Confidence: Stripped
07. Carnage: Photographic
08. Lights Of Eupohoria: Waiting For The Night
09. Psyche: Lie To Me
10. Coming Back To You: Television Set
11. Alex Sacher: Freestate
12. Seega: Blasphemous Rumours
13. Brave New World: Shake The Disease
14. Fading colours: Clean
15. Controlled Fusion: In Your Memory
16. C Project feat. Darrin Huss: I Just Can't Get Enoug

<サトル特派員>タイトル通りデペッシュ・モードのトリビュート。国内盤でも出ていた「for the MASSES」は、有名どころ(スマパン、キュア等)も参加していましたが、こちらは、私個人の殆ど知らないアーティスト。唯一知っているのは09曲目の「Psyche」のみ(確か本人からの紹介文がPOP ACADEMY内にありましたね)。サウンド的にはこちらの方が「テクノ〜エレポ」しているし、初期の曲が多いのも好み。

<Correspondent Satoru> As the title says, it's a tribute to Depeche Mode. While "for the MASSES" which was also released in Japan contained know acts such as Smashing Pumpkins, Cure, this contains the artists I do know about. The only one I know is track 9 "Psyche" (there was their self introduction in POP ACADEMY). This one sounds more Techno & Electro with more early tracks which I prefer.

Reproductions: Songs Of The Human League

[2001] WAH!

01. Stephin Merrit soundtrack man: Get Carter
02. The Aluminum Group: Love Action (I Believe In Love)
03. Optiganally Yours: Empire State Human
04. Barcelona: Mirror Man
05. Future Bible Heros: Don't You Want Me?
06. Ladytron: Open Your Heart
07. Baxendale: Keep Feeling (Fascination)
08. Superheros: The Sound Of The Crowd
09. Lali Puna: Together In Electric Dreams
10. The Hidden Variable: the Black Hit Of Space
11. Momus: I Am The Law
12. Clicks: Seconds
13. hollAnd: The Lebanon
14. Stars: Stay With Me Tonight
15. Garlands: Being Boiled
16. The 6th with Lloyd Cole: Human
17. From bubblegum to sky: Keep Feeling (Fascination)

こんなのよく日本盤がリリースされたなーと感心するThe Human Leagueのトリビュート。オマケに17曲目は、日本盤のみのボーナストラック。小暮秀夫氏がライナー担当。アメリカ(Magnetic Fields関連、シカゴ系多し!)、イギリス、デンマークのアーティストが、個性的なカヴァー。Starsのカヴァーは、New Orderっぽくて笑える。

I was impressed by the fact that this tribute to the Human League was released in Japan. In addition, the 17th track is the bonus track only for the Japanese release. Mr. Hideo Kogure wrote the linernotes. The artists from the U. S. (around Magnetic Fields and Chicago), the U. K. and Denmark made unique covers. The cover by Stars sounds like New Order, that makes me smile.

Cleopatora & Hypnotic

Sometimes: A Tribute To Erasure


01. Dressed In White: Sometimes
02. Nova: Oh L'Amour
03. Infam: Chorus
04. New Slips: She Won't Be Home
05. Equatronic: Siren Song
06. Sometimes Me: Always
07. Philtron: When I Needed You
08. Con-sept: Breath Of Life
09. Element: A Little Respect
10. I O U: Love To Hate You
11. DJ Attribute: Liquid Motion [outro]

<サトル特派員>上の2枚はHYPNOTIC(HYPNOTICってどこ?って思っていたら、"A DIVISION OF CLEOPATRA" と書いてありました)からのトリビュート物。アーティストについては一切不明です。内容的には、ん〜、他のクラフトワーク関連のHPでも誉めていることはありません。イレージャーも同様にあまりおすすめできません(そんなもの紹介するな。ハイ、すいません)。クラフトワークの方は、タイトル通りトランスっぽいだけ(VOL IIもあるそうです)。イレージャーの方は、ただカバーしただけ。もう少し曲に対する独自の解釈があってもいいんじゃないのかな。

<Correspondent Satoru> The above two are tribute album on Hypnotic (I wonder what Hyonotic is. It said "A Division Of Cleopatra". No information available on the artists. The content is not appreciated much in the other Kraftwerk Home Pages. I also cannot recommend Erasure's as well (Don't introduce these stuff. Sorry!). Kraftwerk's one is Trance-esque as the title suggests (Vol. II is also available). Erasure's one is just covered. I feel they should make their own interpretation.

Virgin Voices: A Tribute To Madonna


01. Heaven 17: Holiday
02. Loleatta Holloway: Like A Prayer
03. Annabella Lwin Of Bow Wow Wow: Like A Virgin (LCD Mix)
04. Dead or Alive: Why It's So Hard
05. Berlin: Live To Tell
06. Astralasia: Vogue
07. Front Line Assembly: Justify My Love
08. James Hardway With Amanda Ghost Featuring Boy George: Bad Girl
09. KMFDM: Material Girl
10. Silverbeam: Bedtime Story
11. Information Society: Express Yourself
12. Spahn Ranch: Swim
13. Gene Loves Jezebel: Frozen (Razed In Black Mix)
14. The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black: Burning Up (Interface Mix)

Virgin Voices 2: A Tribute To Madonna


01. Ofra Haza: Open Your Heart (Die Krupps Remix)
02. Switchblade Symphony: Lucky Star
03. Sigue Sigue Sputnick: Ray Of Light
04. Ogre: Borderline
05. Dale Bozzio Of Missing Persons: Into The Groove (Meeks Remix)
06. A Flock Of Seagulls: This Used To Be A Playground
07. Michelle Crispen: Love Don't Live Here Anymore
08. Adeva: Rescue Me
09. Razed In Black Vs. Transmutaor: Erotica
10. Mephisto Walz: Skin
11. Lopp Guru: Cherish
12. Rosetta Stone: Rain
13. Mark Pistel With Danger Girl: Deeper And Deeper
14. Bigod 20: Like A Prayer

We Will Follow: A Tribute To U2


01. Heaven 17: With or Without You
02. Information Society: One
03. Front Line Assembly with Tiffany: New Year's Day
04. Razed In Black: Pride
05. Dead or Alive: Even Better Than The Real Thing
06. Spahn Ranch: I Will Follow
07. Mission UK: All I Want Is You
08. Electric Hellfire Club: Sunday Bloody Sunday
09. Rosetta Stone: October
10. Die Krupps: Numb
11. Silverbeam with Ann Louise: Where The Streets Have No Name
12. Bang Tango: Even Better Than The Real Thing (Julian Beeston Mix)
13. The Polecats: Desire
14. Intra-Venus: Discotheque (Suspiria Mix)

Party O' The Times: A Tribute To Prince


01. Missing Persons Dale Bozzio: I Would Die 4 U (KEOKI Remix)
02. Rebecca Romijn Stamos: Darling Nikki
03. ICE-T: Head
04. Heaven 17: Sign O' The Times
05. Mellow Man Ace featuring Geo: Irresistible Bitch
06. Dead or Alive: Pop Life
07. Gary Numan: U Got The Look
08. Loleatta Holloway: I Wanna Be Your Lover
09. Sigue Sigue Sputnik: I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
10. Buddy Miles: Baby I'm A Star
11. Adeva: 1999
12. Information Society: Controversy
13. Meeks: Little Red Corvette

The Other Side Of Pink: A Tribute To Pink Floyd


01. Psychic TV: Set Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
02. Controlled Bleeding: Another Bric In The Wall Part2
03. Spahn Ranch: One Of These Days
04. Sky Cries Mary: Wots... Uh The Deal
05. Leaether Strip: Learning To Fly
06. Din: On The Run
07. Alien Sex Fiend: Echoes
08. Furnace: Hey You
09. Nik Turner Of Hawkwind: Careful With That Axe, Eugene
10. The Electric Hellfire Club: Lucifer Sam
11. Chrome: Pigs On The Wing
12. Pressurehed: Let There Be More Light
13. Penal Colony: Young Lust

Platinum Girl - A Tribute To Blondie


01. Mephisto Walz: Hangin' On The Telephone
02. Berlin Vs. Meeks: Shayla
03. Spahn Ranch featuring Vylette: Dreaming
04. Tiffany: Call Me
05. Swing Cats with Christi Ellen Harris: I'm Gonna Love You Too
06. Michelle Crispin: Rapture
07. rosetta Stone with Mula: Sunday Gir
08. The Electric Hellfire Club: Rush Rush
09. Sheep On Drugs: The Tide Is High
10. Ex-Voto: Accidents Never Happen
11. Angela Bruyiere: Heart Of Glass
12. Razed In Black with Shirley Dayton: Rapture
13. Cherie Currie: For Your Eyes Only
14. Puppie: One Way Or Another (Synical Remix)

Lay All Your Love On ABBA: A Tribute To ABBA


01. Marmic: Gimme Gimme Gimme
02. Tiny T: Waterloo
03. Vectrolab: Knowing Me, Knowing You (U Don't Know Me Remix)
04. The Element: S.O.S.
05. Jaybee: Super Trouper
06. Ecstatica: Lay All Your Love On Me
07. Audio Science: Voulez Vous
08. Waterloop: Take A Chance On Me
09. Crown Twister: The Winner Takes It All
10. Tiny T: Money Money Money
11. Dressed In White: Dancing Queen
12. Marmic: Knowing Me, Knowing You (Know-how Remix)
13. Electric: Chiquitita

<サトル特派員>上記は全て米国の「CLEOPATRA」から昨年出されたトリビュート・シリーズです。こうしてみるとHeaven 17、Dead or Alive、Information Societyは、完全にレギュラー化してますね。そこに Berlin、Gene Loves Jezebel、Gary Numan、Sigue Sigue Sputnikさらに Annabella、Tiffany、Dale Bozzioなどの女性ボーカリスト、コーラスのみですが Boy George、さらに Front Line Assembly、KMFDM、Die Kruppsら、インダストリアル〜エレボ系まで、80'(エイティーズ)ファンにとっては凄い(または、なんじゃコリャ的な)面子で、このシリーズ目が離せません。次はクラフトワークのトリビュートか?Platinum
<Sonic Boom氏>(Virgin Voices 2について)ジグジグ!!フロックオブシーガルス!!ミッシングパーソンズ!! 今年はいったい何年かと毎回疑問に感じます・・・。

<Correspondent Satoru> All the above were released as a tribute series on Cleopatora. As I look at these, Heaven 17, Dead or Alive and Information Society are totally regular members. In addition, Berlin, Gene Loves Jezebel, Gary Numan, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, further more femal vocalists such as Annabella, Tiffany, Dale Bozzio, and Boy George though chorus only, moreever Indutrial and EBM such as Front Line Assembly, KMFDM, Die Krupps - the line-up is amazing for 80's fans. A tribute to Kraftwerk may be the next?
<Mr. Sonic Boom> (About Virgin Voices 2) Sigue Sigue!! A Flock Of Seagulls!! Missing Persons!! I wonder what year this year is....
<Correspondent Satoru>