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Propaganda formed by 4 German with Claudia Brücken as a vocalist made debut in 1983 from ZTT Label by Paul Morley (became a husband of Claudia later) and Trevor Horn in Buggles formerly. Because Horn was busy for FGTH, their album was released in 1985. Ralf Dorper was formerly in German band called Die Krupps and returned to it later. They performed the first live with Forbes (ex-Simple Minds) and Jansen (ex-Japan). In '86, Claudia did a duet with Glen Gregory from Heaven 17 for the soundtrack from ZTT. Unfortunately, they went to the legal battle with ZTT, and the band was in the air. Later, it was rechartered with American Betsi Miller as a vocalist and released "1234". Claudia formed Act with Thomas Leer, then pursued a solo career. Reformed Propaganda is rumored to released a new album with Gregory of Heaven 17.