ロンドンの一介のレコード屋から第一級のインディー・レーベルになったラフ・トレード・レコーズのアーティスト達を紹介します。東京の西新宿にもラフ・トレード・ショップがあります。リンクはRough Tradeです。

This page presents the artists of Rough Trade Records which became a first class indie label from a just small retail record shop in London. There is a Rough Trade Shop in West Shinjyuku in Tokyo. You can link to Rough Trade.

A. R. Kane | Cabaret Voltaire | Chris And Cosey | Dislocation Dance | Princess Tinymeat | Sudden Sway | Scritti Politti | Smiths, The | Virgin Prunes | Young Marble Giants
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A. R. Kane


This is an ambient pop duo consisting of Alex and Rudi. Later they became successful in the dance floor with M/A/R/R/S formed with the member of Colourbox in 4AD Records.

Cabaret Voltaire / Kirk, Richard H. / Mallinder, Stephen / Watson, Chris

  • Albums (Sandoz = Richard H. Kirk) :
    • Digital Lifeforms [1993] Touch
    • Intensely Radioactive [1994] Touch
    • Every Man Got Dreaming [1995] Touch
    • Dark Continent [1996] Touch
    • God Bless The Conspiracy [1997] Alphaphone
    • Sandoz In Dub : Chant To Jah [1998] Touch
  • Albums (Electronic Eye = Richard H. Kirk) :
    • Closed Circuit [1994] 2CD; Beyond
    • The Idea Of Justice [1995] Beyond
    • Neurometrik [2000] Alphaphone
  • Albums (Nitrogen = Richard H. Kirk) :
    • Intoxica [1997] Alphaphone
  • Albums (Dark Magus = Richard H. Kirk) :
    • Night Watchman [1997] Alphaphone
  • Albums (Trafficante = Richard H. Kirk) :
    • Is This Now? [1998] Alphaphone
  • Albums (Al Jabr = Richard H. Kirk) :
    • One Million And Three [1998] Alphaphone
  • Albums (Agents With False Memories = Richard H. Kirk & Guy Van Stratten) :
    • Agents With False Memories [1996] Ash
  • Albums (Peter Hope & Richard H. Kirk) :
    • Hoodoo Talk [1987] Native
  • Albums (Sweet Exorcist = Richard H. Kirk & DJ Parrot) :
    • C.C.C.D. [1990] Warp
    • Spirit Guide To Low-Tech [1994] Touch
  • Albums (Stephen Mallinder) :
    • Pow Wow「パウ・ワウ」 [1982] Fetish/[1984] SMS(Japan)
    • Pow Wow Plus [1985] Doublevision
  • Albums (Chris Watson) :
    • Stepping Into The Dark [1996] Touch
    • Outside The Circle Of Fire [1998] Touch


キャバレー・ヴォルテールを初めて聴いたのは、'91年にアルファが無謀にリリースしていたボックス・セット「ボックス1」「ボックス2」を買ってからでした。これは本当は「ボックス5」まで出る予定で、内容、発売日などもチャンと決まり、告知までされながら結局発売されずじまいでした。3〜5はCDだけでなくビデオとか本まで付くことになっていたのに・・・。残念。最初聴いたときは衝撃でした。「こんな音楽があんのか」と思いましたね(「これで食ってく気なのか」という意味ですけど)。とにかくこの人たちは(というかリチャード・カークは)リリース量が多くとてもフォローしきれません(僕が聴いたのはCV、ソロ含め20枚程度)が、初期のノイズ〜インダストリアル系からエレポップ、ブリープ、ハウス、テクノ、アンビエントなど貪欲に色んなスタイルを取り組んで頑張っており、尊敬します。カークは12インチだけの変名もすごく多く、Wicky Wacky、Citrus、Papadoctrine、Multiple Transmission、Chemical Agent、Robots+Humanoids、International Organisation、Cold Warriorなどがあります。好きなアルバムはCVでは『The Voice Of America』、『Groovy, Laidback And Nasty』(音はモロにハウスで、ヴォーカルはスクリッティっぽい。初期の面影はゼロ。ビル・ネルソン参加)、カークのソロでは『Virtual State』(アンビエント・テクノ。気持ち良い)、変名のSandoz『Intensely Radioactive』(当時よく聴きました。スペイシーなテクノ)あたりです。Sweet Exorcistとしては、YMOの『ハイ・テック/ノー・クライム』で「Shadows On The Ground」のリミックスをしていましたね。

Cabaret Voltaire who is considered to be the origin of Industrial Noise was formed in Sheffield in '74. They also released the love album as "Pressure Company". In late '80's, they shifted to Dance & House.

<Correspondent Ara> (The discography was added.) Richard Kirk has many works with different names.
The first time I heard Cabaret Voltaire is after buying box sets , "Box 1", "Box 2" released by Alfa restlessly in '91. This was supposed to be released up to "Box 5", but the rest have never released although the annoucement was made with the content and release date. Box 3 to 5 planned to have not only CDs but videos and books... Unfortunate. It was so shocking when I first listened. I though why this kind of music exist (meaning if they are serious in making money with this.). It's impossible to follow them as they especially Richard Kirk have too many releases (I listened about 20 albums including CV and solos.), and it's respectable that they challanged various styles such as early Noise/Industrial, Electro Pop, Bleep, House, Ambient. Kirk also have many 12" single releases with different names such as Wicky Wacky, Citrus, Papadoctrine, Multiple Transmission, Chemical Agent, Robots+Humanoids, International Organisation, Cold Warrior. The albums I like are "The Voice Of America" and "Groovy, Laidback And Nasty" (The sound is very House and the vocal is Scritti-like. Nothing like the early image. Bill Nelson joined.) in CV, and "Virtunal State" (Ambient Techno. Very pleasant.) and "Intensely Radioactive" with Sandoz name (I listened a lot. Spacy Techno.) as Kirk's solo. He also remixed "Shadows On The Ground" in the album "Hi-Tech No Crime" by YMO.

Chris And Cosey


This is Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti (they are married) who left Throbbing Gristle in '81. They called their music Techno Primitive.

Dislocation Dance

マンチェスター出身のジャズ・ファンク風ニュー・ウェイヴ・バンド。セカンドの『Music Music Music』ではエレポップ色が出ています。サードの『Midnight Shift』はラフトレードからリリース。

This is a Jazz Funk-style New Wave band from Manchester. The second album "Music Music Music" has the shade of Electro Pop. The third album "Midnight Shift" was released from Rough Trade.

Smiths, The


The Smiths is the legendary band with intelligent and introspective rock'n' roll sounds contensed in 3 minutes delivered by the powerful song-writing combination Morrissey=Marr which can be called as 80's Lennon=McCartoney. In their record jackets, the stars whom Morrissey loves appear. After 5 years band activity, Morrissey became a solo and Marr joined The The and Electronic.

Sudden Sway

<Harry Mook特派員>タイトルが思い出せませんが、同じ曲のシングルを約8ヴァージョンリリースした英国の前衛エレクトロニックいたずら者。

<Correspondent Harry Mook> British Avant-garde Electronic pranksters who famously (or not) released eight (?) versions of the same song, the name of which escapes me now.

Virgin Prunes / Princess Tinymeat

ヴォーカルのGavin Friday率いるダブリン出身の前衛演劇的ユニット。ワイアーのコリン・ニューマンはファースト・アルバム『If I Die, I Die』をプロデュースした。同郷のU2とも親交が深いらしい。Pricess TinymeatはBintyのソロ・ユニット。

This is an avant garde performance unit led by Gavin Friday from Dublin. I wonder if they are Punk or Industrial. Colin Newman in Wire produced their first album "If I Die, I Die". They have close relationship with U2 who came from the same country. Princess Tinymeat is Binty's solo unit.

Young Marble Giants


This is a Post-Punk Strange Pop trio featuring rhythm box and Alison's amateur-like vocal from Rough Trade. They released the album "Collossal Youth".

Omnibus Albums

Rough Trade Shops electronic 01

[2002] 2CD; Mute

Rough Trade Shopのスタッフによってコンパイルされた電子音楽系2枚組CDコンピ。初期電子音楽、プログレ、ニューウェイヴ時代のエレポップ、そしてテクノから音響派まで幅広く抑えているマニアックな内容。よりニューウェイヴなコンピ(4枚組CD)として、「Rough Trade Shops - 25 Years」というのも前年にリリースされています。詳しくは、Rough Tradeまで。

This is a 2-CD compilation on Electronic Music compiled by the staff in Rough Trade Shop. It includes maniac content ranging from early Electronic Music, Progressive Rock, Electro Pop during the New Wave era, Techno to Sonic Freak. "Rough Trade Shops - 25 Years" as a more New Wave compilation (4 CDs) was released a year before. For more details, pls. check Rough Trade.