ニッチポップ・ブーム(?)の立役者、復活したPOP IND'Sとも言える雑誌STRANGE DAYSによるSTRANGE DAYS LABELです。ビートルズの遺伝子を受け継いだ日本のモダンポップ系アーティスト達の良質な作品をリリースしています。

This is STRANGE DAYS LABEL by the magazine STRANGE DAYS, a revived POP IND'S which created Niche Pop boom (?). They released the high quality works by Japanese Modern Pop-oriented artists who took the gene of the Beatles.

Boostars, The | Candy Rider | Fabienne | foo-gram | Matsuo, Kiyonori(松尾清憲) | Nagai, Rui(永井ルイ) | Rui's Hipslips(永井ルイズ・ヒップスリップス) | Rolly's Rock Rolly | Sister+(シスター) | Yokoo, Dai(横尾大) NEW!
Omnibus Albums
Tune Of Stange Days

Boostars, The


The Boostars is a solo project by Mr. Ken Takano. Under Rui Nagai's production, he created the new generation of "the Buggles meets ELO" like Techno Modern Pop world.

Fabienne / Koga, Morio(古賀森男)

Nagai, Rui(永井ルイ) / Rui's Hipslips(永井ルイズ・ヒップスリップス) / Rolly's Rock Rolly / Candy Rider


It must not be only me who was moved by Tanpopo's "Otome Pasta Ni Kandou" which was arranged by Mr. Rui Nagai. He is a hidden talent in Japan who created animation songs such as Sailormoon's "Otome No Policy". It's revival 70's Pop with the essence of the Beatles and Modern Pop like 10cc, Piliot, ELO. He nicely looks like Glam Rock.


ギターポップmeetsテクノポップ的二人ユニット。ちょっぴりNew Order的楽曲もあったりします。

They are a "Guitar Pop meets Techno Pop" like a duo unit. There are some New Order-esque tracks.

Yokoo, Dai(横尾大)

プロデュースは、永井ルイで、とてもStrange Days Labelらしいビートリッシュ・ポップ職人系。愛嬌のあるスキンヘッドの人。

His work was produced by Rui Nagai, and he is a Beatlish Pop craftman that can fit Strange Days Label very well. Skin head with good charm.

Omnibus Albums

Tune Of Stange Days

[2001] Strange Days

01. Kiyonori Matsuo(松尾清憲): Yuutsu To Iu Nano No Ame「憂鬱と言う名の雨」
02. Kiyonori Matsuo(松尾清憲): Eden No Minami「エデンの南」
03. foo-gram: Shin-en「深淵」
04. foo-gram: Linger Ring Cycle
05. SISTER+: Charlot「シャルロット」
06. SISTER+: Shiro No Chouhatsu「白の挑発」
07. THE BOOSTERS: Koisuru Stalker「恋するストーカー」
08. THE BOOSTERS: Asu E No Step「明日へのステップ」
09. Dai Yokoo(横尾大): Perfect Sun
10. Dai Yokoo(横尾大): Nemurenu Otoko「眠れぬ男」
11. Rui's Hipslips(永井ルイズ・ヒップスリップス): Mr. Adventure「Mr. アドベンチャー」
12.Rui's Hipslips(永井ルイズ・ヒップスリップス): Tsuki No Hikari「月の光」
13. Kiyonori Matsuo(松尾清憲): Mr Renaissance「マイ・ルネッサンス」
14. Kiyonori Matsuo(松尾清憲): Moonlight Girl「月のような少女」


The collectionn of Beatlish Japanese Modern Pop. Vetrans and new comers who capture the essence of Pop co-exist without incongruity.