Snakeman Show(スネークマンショー)
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Snakeman Show

No. 1 Band, The


Radio Heaven

New Snakeman Show

Snakeman Show Enfants(スネークマンショーの恐るべき子供たち)


Snakeman Show 21 (S21)

Eve, Masato(伊武雅刀)





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Snakeman Show is originally a radio program (Raido Osaka -> TBS) and it broke out among New Wave boys and girls with the insertion to Y.M.O.'s mini 25 cm album "Multiplies". This was an outstanding work by betraying the expectation of ordinary people as a plan after a major hit of "Solid State Survivor". It made Masato Eve who was a voice actor for the President Deathler and Katsuya Kobayashi who is a master of English very major thanks to Moichi Kuwahara as a brain.

About how Snakeman Show started... Moichi Kuwahara was deeply inclined to the movie "American Graphity" released in the early 70's which Wolfman Jack appears while working the Japanese edition of "Rolling Stone", an American counter-culture magazine. Katsuya Kobayashi was producing the BGM for the bar "Scotch Bank" run by VAN, men's clothing brand leveraging the mimic of Wolfman Jack. Kuwahara was so impressed by Kobayashi's mimic and Kuwahara asked Katsuya Kobayashi to be a main personality of the radio show which started after discontinuing "Rolling Stone". Kuwahara was exploring the program which can inspire the imagination by creating an imaginary character (admiring Wolfman), and Kuwahara convinced Mr. Kobyashi to call Snakeman Show by Snakeman, not Katsuya Kobayashi, as he happens to be born in the year of snake.

Ibu released the New Wave Kayo album "MON-JAH" with the support from Yoshiaki Shirai and Seiji Toda, and Kobayashi released "MOMO" forming Number One Band. Here are memorable phrases from Snakeman Show:

This is the end of Snakeman Show I know, but they released the albums up to now with the name of Snakeman. If you know more about it, please let me know. The New Wave Gags of Snakeman Show streamed into S.E.T., Bikkuri House (Sound Version), Geisha Girls, KOJI 1200 and Rocketman.