What is Trip Hop? Generally it's interpreted as Psychedelic Hip Hop. While Hip Hop is based on Black Music in the U. S., it sounds quite different from Hip Hop as Trip Hop seems to stem around Acid House in the U. K. Many Jazzy, Ambient and Downtempo Breakbeats, too.

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<Info. from Joeri> Trip-Hop/Alternative Pop oriented band from Belgium.


Felix van de Vorst氏からの情報>僕は、オランダ出身のトリップホップ系テクノ・ユニットであるMadcapの片割れです。日本でMusic For Speakersレーベルのレコードを見たことが有りますが?このレーベルのアーティストは、David Caron、Sonar Lodge、Aardvarck、Sandor Caronそして Madcapです。貴方のサイトをとても楽しみ、多くのアーティストに対して親近感を持っています。80年代前半での僕のお気に入りは、David Bowie、David Sylvian/Japan、Tears for Fears(最初の2枚), Scritti Politti、The Cure、Joy Division/ New OrderそしてThe Associates。ここ何年かで音楽の嗜好性はかなり変わりましたが、これらのアーティストの幾つかのレコード、特にBowieの「Low]と「Hero」、The AssociatesそしてSylvianとJapanのクラシック等は大好きです。

<Info. from Mr. Felix van de Vorst> I make up half of Madcap, a Triphop - Techno - wave kind of outfit from Holland. Did you ever come across any Music for Speakers records in Japan? Music for Speakers artists are: David Caron, Sonar Lodge, Aardvarck, Sandor Caron and Madcap. I did really enjoy your site and feel a certain affinity with many of the artists you talk about. During the first half of the eighties my favorite acts were, amongst others, David Bowie, David Sylvian/Japan, Tears for Fears (first two records), Scritti Politti, The Cure, Joy Division/ New Order and The Associates. Over the years my musical taste developed and I have been listening to radically different things, but still some of the records made by the aforementioned artists rank amongst my favorites, especially Bowie's Low and Heroes, The Associates' catalogue and some classic Sylvian/Japan recordings.



From Bristol where is important from a New Wave point of view. While they may not be a creator of Trip Hop, they are a central figure of Trip Hop boom. They created the style of Trip Hop featuring female vocal.


this is... trip hop

[1996] 3 CDs; Beechwood Music

「this is...」のシリーズ物として、「this is... acid jazz」、「this is... house」、「this is... techno」等がリリースされていると思います。この3枚組CDは、Howie B、Future Sound Of London等のトリップホップ系アーティストのトラック及び、New OrderやSt. Etienne等のトリップホップ的なトラック(トリップホップ系アーティストのリミックスも含めて)を集めたものです。

As a series of "this is...", "this is... acid jazz", "this is... house", "this is... techno", etc. were released. This 3-disc CDs comply the tracks by Trip Hop artists such as Howie B, Future Sound Of London, and the Trip Hop tracks by New Order, St. Etienne, etc. (including remixes by Trip Hop artists).

Music For Speakers Compilation 1

[2000] Music For Speakers

01. Sonor Lodge: confetti check a-o.k.
02. Sandor Caron & Kirsty Hawkshaw: hidden agenda
03. David Caron: long wait
04. Madcap: nocturnal mammals II
05. Sonor Lodge: no words
06. Aardvarck: ambi pur
07. Sandor Caron: agenda
08. Madcap: do you like the way i feel ?
09. Sonor Lodge: l.o.v.e.
10. Sandor Caron: a.s.u.
11. Madcap: envelope pusher
12. Sonar Lodge: to have and to hold
13. Aardvarck & Roomtone: implant


This is a compilation of Trip Hop sent by Felix of Madcap with Madcap's debut album.