Y.M.O.(Yellow Magic Orchestra)
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Y. M. O. (Yellow Magic Orchestra)

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All About Japanにて『YMOの遺伝子〜第1回』記事を2003年1月15日に掲載。

All About Japanにて『YMOの遺伝子〜第2回』記事を2003年2月5日に掲載。
All About Japanにて『YMOの遺伝子〜第3回』記事を2003年2月26日に掲載。
All About Japanにて『YMOの遺伝子〜第4回』記事を2003年3月26日に掲載。

  慶一 「幸宏、悲しい歌って何かないかな」
  幸宏 「悲しい歌ねぇ・・・、あ、ヒューマン・リーグが歌ってる『君に胸キュン』」
  慶一 「え、ヒューマン・リーグがやってんの」
  幸宏 「うん。♪君に胸キュン〜 のとこだけ日本語なの」
  慶一 「それは悲しいね」


Japanese rock/pop finally became the global one thanks to Y.M.O. Y.M.O. firstly made themselves to the leading edge of global musical trend while there were some Japanese bands who made some success overseas. Techno pop seems to meet the Japanese environment. It is symbolic that their songs have the combination of exotic melody and Japanese high-tech rhythm. Many young boys of that generation including myself had 'techno-cut'. Personally, I like the new-waved middle period after BGM. They parodied techno with Techno Kayou by themselves and they disbanded in 1983. I like stylish Yukihiro Takahashi most among the three. Needless to say, many of techno pop artists in Japan are related to or influenced by Y.M.O.

In 1998, 12 titles of albums with paper sleeves were relesed on Toshiba EMI, and on February 22, 2003, 10 titles with paper sleeves were released on Sony.

<Correspondent Ara> The highest rank in Original Confidence chart is added in the discography.
Several years back, there was a TV program "Moguranegura" by Keiichi Suzuki and Anju Suzuki on TV Tokyo. There was a special called "Sad Songs Best Ten". The following is the dialogue between the two when Yukihiro Takahashi came as a guest. (They were on a fishing boat, not in a studio.)
Keiichi "Yukihiro, do you know any sad songs?"
Yukihiro "Sad songs.... "Kimi Ni Mune Kyun" by the Human League."
Keiichi "Did the Human League did it?"
Yukihiro "Ya. "Kimi Ni Mune Kyun" part only is sung in Japanese."
Keiichi "That's sad."
I recall that I was not able to laugh. But, Yukihiro was listening to it.

<Correspondent Ara> Previously, I featured "The Comments About Gary Numan By Various People", and this time I'm featuring "The Comments About YMO By Various People". As I find more, I would like to add.