元バグルズのトレバー・ホーンが設立した最も革新的なレーベルと称されるZTTレコーズのアーティスト達を紹介します。オーケストラヒットを多用す故か、マシンガンの音を表現するZang Tumb Tuumを名前の由来とします。ホーンのプロダクションの才能とポール・モーリー(クラウディア・ブラッケンの旦那)のマーケッティングの才能によりフランキー・ゴーズ・トゥー・ハリウッドは84年に大ブレイクいたしました。公式ホームページはZTT Recordsです。

This page presents the artists of ZTT Records, the most innovative label, which Trevor Horn, ex Buggles founded. The name came from Zang Tumb Tuum describing the sound of machine gun as they use orchestral hits quite often. The combination of Horn's production skills and Paul Morley (Claudia Brucken's hus.)'s marketing skills made Frankie Goes To Hollywood an outbreak in '84. The official home page is ZTT Records.

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Omnibus Albums
IQ 6 Zang Tumb Tuum Sampled | Insignificance | ZANCE
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808 States


Manchester-based 808 State from ZTT Label led Techno scene collaborating Bernard Sumner, Biork, etc.



ZTT label band formed by Simon Underwood formerly in Pig Bag inviting Angella as vocal.

Jones, Grace

ジャマイカからニュー・ヨークへ移住した、アートしている肉体派モデル兼歌手です。ホーンがプロデュースした『Slave To The Rhythm』がヒットしました。98年に2枚組みコンピレーション『Private Life: The Compass Session』がリリースされました。

She is an artistic physical model and singer who moved from Jamaica to New York. The song "Slave To The Rhythm" produced by Horn was a hit. In '98, 2 CD's compilation "Private Life: The Compass Session" was released.

Pigalle, Ann


French-born female singer from ZTT label found by Paul Morley.

Poppy, Andrew


ZTT's solo artist featuring Classic-based sound.

Omnibus Albums

IQ 6 Zang Tumb Tuum Sampled

[1985] ZTT

01. The Art Of Noise: Closing
02. F.G.T.H.: Disneyland
03. Propaganda: Femme Fatale
04. Anne Pigalle: Intermission
05. Instinct: Swamp Out
06. The Art Of Noise: Egypt
07. Andrew Poppy: The Object Is A Hungry Wolf (extract one)
08. Propaganda: P:Macinary (beta)
09. Anne Pigalle: Looking For Love
10. The Art Of Noise: A Time For Fear (Who's Afraid)
11. F.G.T.H.: Born To Run
12. Andrew Poppy: The Object Is A Hungry Wolf (extract two)


This is a ZTT's sampler like omnibus album. It was released as an analog disk and I've never seen CD.

ZANCE - A Decade Of Dance From ZTT

[1985] ZTT

01. Grace Jones: Slave To The Rhythm (Blooded)
02. Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Relax (Ollie J Mix)
03. Seal: Killer (William Orbit Mix)
04. Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Brothers In Rhythm Rollercoaster Mix)
05. Seal: Crazy (William Orbit Mix)

06. Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Two Tribes (Fluke Magimix)
07. Propaganda: Duel (Bitter-Sweet)
08. MC Tumes V 808 State: The Only Rhyme That Bites (Extended Mix)
09. Shades Of Rhythm: The Sound Of Eden (X-Press 2's Vocal Mix)
10. 808 State: Pacific 707
11. Art Of Noise: Moments In Love (Beating Hart's Mix)

<サトル特派員>ZTTレーベルのリミックス集。国内盤も出ていました。1993年にリリースされたF.G.T.H.のニューミックスによる再発からの流れで出されたCDの様です。Grace JonesのSlave To The Rhythmが、新たにミックスされたバーションをプラスしてシングルカットされていました。Propagandaが1曲だけなのは寂しい。

<Correspondent Satoru> This is a remix compilation of ZTT label. Japanese version was also released. It appears that this was released following a new mix of F.G.T.H. released in 1993. "Slave To The Rhythm" by Grade Jones was single-cut with a new mix version. It's a little pitty that there is only one track of Propaganda.

Omnibus Video Clips

ZTT the value of ENTERTAINMENT「ZTTショウ〜噂の個性は集団の全貌」

[1986] LD; PolyGram MusicVideo

01. Propaganda: Dream Within A Dream
02. Instinct: Sweat To Pay
03. Anne Pigalle: He Stranger
04. Propaganda: Dr. Mabuse
05. Art Of Noise: Beat Box

06. Art Of Noise: Close (To The Edit)
07. Instinct: Keep The Dream
08. Anne Pigalle: Via Vagabond
09. Propaganda: Duel
10. Propaganda: P.Machinery